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I awe apple devices for their display, but offering a low res device doesn't seem like a smart move...

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The M-E is not as exciting, it's basically just a rebranded M9/P for sale. And geez, they could've at least upgraded the LCD on it. I really wanna bop the head of leica production/designer for JUST that.

The new M however is a revelation, but honestly, I'd wait for the NEXT M after this one, I foresee several potential problems on it. Happy that Leica is actually embracing the new technologies though. WTG Leica!

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Wow seriously those designs are very unexciting... I'm not sure what makes it "look" luxurious other than the use of wood and exotic leathers.

Again... wow... I'm speechless.

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Yes infact I just noticed it yesterday when I used iso 12800. Wasnt an issue with 8000 and below though. Despite that the banding is quite soft, but quite noticeable..

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Kipper, LOL, I must've set the date wrong. I'm taking pictures of the future.

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Sorry... but that just looks ugly... A Fuji X100, or X10, or a Leica M would suit it MUCH better.

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pjsalty: What is the function of the projector? To project images onto a wall or screen?

Is anyone really going to blow a bunch of cash on accessories for a camera with a 1" sensor? I'll be very interested to hear what the iq is before I leave my m4/3 cameras.

I think Nikons approach is geniunely interesting, however for a smaller sensor size, the lenses are quite large!

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