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A few weeks ago there was a large format De Vere cold Cathode enlarger for sale, he was asking £25,000 for it! I asked him if it was a mistake, he said no. I don't for one minute think he got £2k for it.
But the thing is all the film cameras I've bought in the last 10 years have gone up in value by quite a margin, even the humble box brownie. All my digitsl have dropped like a stone. Now I ask you if you dropped dead tomorrow what would you prefer your children had a bag of to sneak out? 3 year old Canikons or 20 year old Leica's?

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kpaddler: How many sony a7s will fetch $10 for any purpose 20 years from now, never mind 40-50yrs

Why would a Sony image last longer than a Leica image, if its film we are talking about film is a proven medium. I wonder if you stored your early digital images on floppy how easy they are to read today.

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In the Raw: If there is one thing to learn from the rate of change in this world of rapid technological advance it is this. If you nail yourself to the mast of any one camera today, tomorrow you will go down with the ship.

Best to be on your own vessel, however old, take photos of the latest Titanic marvel as it sinks and post them here. :-)

If there is one thing I've learned after years of watching ground breaking rapid technological advance....is.... it doesnt matter, it will not make a bad picture good or a good picture better Fuzzy pictures of sharp ideas better than.....etc.
Just get what works and forget about it.

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I don't see my homemade Large format pinhole up there, is there some glitch in the system?

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BaldCol: ...and the award for Most Predictable Comments on a News Item 2017 goes too....

How happy will they be if down the road they can't afford to pay, so can't access the raws of previously edited images, or can't find them because the dam doesn't work. Or the price structure changes so the package you need is double the price etc. Basically, (especially if you are dumb enough to store in Adobes cloud or any cloud for that matter) Adobe has control of your images.

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ADOBE slogan --We make ransomwear look sexy.

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What exactly is it that makes up image quality ?
I've just bought a film Leica and looking to get the Zeiss sonnar 50mm to go with it. It would score really low on anything DXO judge quality by, then again I'm looking for atmosphere not numbers on a graph.
I have plenty of digital cameras to use should I want to. The M10 would be on my list not because of a red dot, neither because it costs a lot as a piece of jewellery, its on a par with my Canon bodies price wise. I would buy a M10 because of the way it works, less computer more camera. But slowly moving back to film having not to please clients these days so not likely to be a decision for me to make.

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(unknown member): A fixed focal length lens is like a one octave keyboard to a pianist. Discuss!

Irvin Berlin did alright with his piano.

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Pixel Pooper: You would a hope a company that makes lenses would know the difference between depth of focus and depth of field.

A larger format, telephoto lens and wide aperture increase depth of focus, now how do you increase depth of field?
Do you still think they are the same?

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Jack Jian: Sometimes, I wonder how people can live with manual lens, or is leica meant for slow subjects and just "class". I know the rangefinder type Manual AF arrangement but still, it won't be able to keep up fast subjects. I think of it as an "iPhone' of a camera world, without the technology part though.

I have Canon that shoot 12 fps, you can point at something hold your finger down and it will nail the focus on your subject for the entire sequence, yippee, I have just bought a Leica M4 P. I don't need auto focus or auto anything.
Still the M4 does have a rangefinder where as my Rollei 35 relies on guess work for focus. It must be luck I get sharp pictures I suppose. Gadgets, bells and whistles will not make pictures, they do often get in the way of them.

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KAllen: Wrong
"As the depth of focus of the Noctilux-M 75 mm f/1.25 ASPH. is even shallower than that of the Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 APSH., it allows even more precise isolation of subjects. "
Depth of focus is greater on a 75mm than a 50mm, depth of field is less. Its a Cones of light and circles of confusion thing

They both come down to acceptable circles of confusion.
Light when it passes through a lens makes a cone of light, sharp focus is at the point where the cone is smallest before the cone projects beyond that point...actualy to save a lengthy typing session, this is a wiki

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"As the depth of focus of the Noctilux-M 75 mm f/1.25 ASPH. is even shallower than that of the Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 APSH., it allows even more precise isolation of subjects. "
Depth of focus is greater on a 75mm than a 50mm, depth of field is less. Its a Cones of light and circles of confusion thing

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tangbunna: when rich people can not wear "I am rich" tag, this Leica gears does the job.

No one on the street would have a clue what it costs. Its not the same as buying a cheap T shirt with D &G in big gold letters all over it for a stupid amount of money.
Besides like I said earlier cheaper than all the top end throw away Canon or Nikon or Sony junk peeps work up a sweat about.

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aftab: Leica makes excellent lenses and there are people who would buy this lens even if it was priced higher. Some talk about 'Leica look', I am not sure what they mean though. But thousands of people seem to enjoy using them and a lot of them take them as status symbol. Kudos to Leica for making excellent gears and making some people believe that there is nothing like Leica.
But in the back of my mind I can't help but wonder how many elephants that much money could have saved from poaching or how many hungry mouth it could have fed. On the other hand, I use many expensive Canon lenses, so I am not a good world citizen either.
In any case, there appears to be some CA wide open.


Maybe, Leica should have done better for that price.

How many pairs of shoes do you really need? you cant compare buying a lens to saving the planet. Heck if people collected expensive lenses and not ivory think how many that would save.
Its nonesense to transpose a scenario like that.

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Lets see I have a range of Canon cameras II, III D s and X plus L lens , the older cameras are worth sweet fa, the lens are a bit better but not great. Now if I had bought Leica the story would be somewhat different. In reality that new lens is cheaper than anything Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus ...etc produce.
Just bought a Leica M film camera for fun, if I could swing it I would swop my Canon for M10 and lenses, but the Canon aint worth enough to trade in. So who are the mugs if cost is the complaint?

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hteasley: No one complains about the prices of Hasselblad or Schneider-Kreuznach lenses, or Alpa bodies, or Phase One backs, and equivalent arguments can be made as far as bang/buck. But for whatever reason, Leica gets the treatment.

It's all just meaningless venting.

The bit that always gets me is when they say its people with more money than sense that buy them. Yup successful people get there by making stupid decisions.

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Chriscotech: I don't understand why a 'hair-thin depth of focus' is a selling point. Does the writer mean "depth of field"? It is a common misconception.

Depth of focus is the area of sharp focus behind the lens and the only important thing here is that it needs to include the location of the image sensor for the picture to be sharp. (This is a more complicated issue when we are discussing lenses with tilt movements). Depth of field, on the other hand is the band of focus on the subject side of the lens and can be used for creative effect. I am guessing that this is what the writer meant.

I wondered that myself, depth of focus increases with focal length as depth of field decreases. Someone is caught within a circle of confusion.

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clicstudio: I wish Aperture would come back. It was amazing. Much better than the crappy Lightroom.

I was an Aperture user from day 1 and lament its passing, I now use LR, no I do not like it as much as Aperture, its a bit Frankenstein bolted together but it does somethyings much better than Aperture. So not a disaster.Anyway thats for my commercial work, my ownstuff to keep me amused I shoot film.My images are not at the mercy of corporate tax dodgers, but mainly I just enjoy the journey more from eyeball to print.

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samfan: I'm conflicted. On one hand I hate DxOMark and what they are doing to photography - it's again just about the numbers, like people used to obsess over MPx and lines per mm now they obsess over marks.

On the other hand I'm pi**ed they missed out on this great camera and didn't do it justice when it was the most current.

Never looked at DXO for anything. If I want to pick a camera I go look at one first, stick a lens on and shoot with it.
The most interesting figures on the Pentax are the price for body and three lens kit. About £7k with vat back.

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Do people really care what DXO think?

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