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  • Yeah, no doubt its all because of the a6400 debut.

  • The comment section for even the most benign and non-threatening Sony launch keeps on getting more and more twisted and out of control. There is genuine and palpable hate for Sony from a vocal...

  • Yet another overly wordy and misguided comment from Thoughts R Us only underscores, reinforces and validates my original point.
    While I may or may not take a liking to excessive use of make up,...

  • Rob890: yup he wastes time on DPR

  • NJOceanView,
    top tier IQ at high ISOs? That's a low bar, if you need it to be a Canon it's easy. You can buy a 5D4 today.
    I thought you had some more demanding requests.

  • It's ok, you only joined a couple of months back. I have seen a lot worse.
    Believe me! ;-)

  • Decooler,
    Are you seriously complaining about excessive make up and calling it sexist?
    I have been known for a foot-in-mouth every now and then but this comment of yours is either a joke or you...

  • Funny how?

  • sosh,
    Agreed, M100 and M50 are nothing. Hence, NJOV earnest.

  • "the way I understand it, Sony buys it's sensors from Sony"
    sandy b,
    of course they do. Ever heard of the concept of 'cost center' and how companies do their internal bookkeeping?

  • Same old, tired Canon apologist point of view.
    Can you please stay put until Canon releases yet another crappy camera and then come out to sing its praises?

  • CanonSharpShooter needs to consult the eye doctor.

  • Wait for what? Xmas?

  • Richard Butler,
    yes. It's clear that sony sells sensors to nikon and others but they keep their state-of-the-art, particularly ff, to themselves. I don't even think nikon could afford that and...

  • keeponkeepingon,
    I can jack-off while watching a video...does that count?

  • vscd,
    you are reading a heck of alot from the release of an updated mid-low end APSC model. My suggestion: try rotating your bowl of tea leaves by 90 deg, do another reading and report back your...

  • bocajrs
    I read that the D750 successor is coming...maybe go for that?
    I am hoping that camera will have the video capabilities of the Z6 and the D850 3D tracking sans the banding.

  • turbsy,
    I don't know what purpose is served by propagating this 'legend of the two sonys' but the nonsense has to stop. A corporate creature that in your mind would have its right hand shoot in...

  • sandy b,
    sure I wait for the Olympics, then what? The Worldcup in 2022, US prez inauguration in 2024?? Get real!
    I don't have that many quadrennials left in my life...and zero I want to spend...

  • Decent camera and I agree with the reviewers for the most part. However, I feel the score should be something like 88% ...of the D850 or D500 score. Cameras that can actually do focus tracking,...

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