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On article Samsung unveils 256GB EVO Plus microSD card (90 comments in total)

I'm holding out for 500gb.

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aris14: I really can't see the needs of 100 Mp, but it's professionals cup of cake.
I really wonder who can see the difference of a 50 Mp image compared to an originally shot 100 Mp, no matter the final size to be printed.
Anyway, pros problems and tastes.

100mp will be sweet on an Alpa with Rodenstock HR glass!!This back is amazing and a fair bit cheaper than the IQ 100mp.

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Flashback: Despite all that's evolved in last 10 to 15 years, the very mention of Hasselblad, still maintains that promise of absolute quality.

Any of the Hasselblad Camers's I've tried over the last few years all rendered beautiful skin tones,still great camera's and Phocus is a nice app!!

Link | Posted on Apr 7, 2016 at 21:41 UTC

Nice to see Hasselblad back in the mix, Now they should go and revise some of the glass , they need more HC (as opposed too HCD ) glass of top quality to make the most of the sensor!

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On article Class 10 200GB microSD card on the way from Lexar (71 comments in total)
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tabloid: The way to go....

Always something on the horizon.

" This was first published in September 2005 " Obviously never took off!!

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Good news for Canon users but still lagging behind the best of Sony and CMOSIS!

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On article Macphun offers Aurora HDR Pro 3-month payment plan (39 comments in total)
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Lassoni: Subscription based software will never be overly popular. Ppl already hate adobe for doing it, this is not a very good strategy from the other software producers. Only reason adobe is getting some slack (by some people) is because it had been used by many in the past already (photoshop and their other programs), and because they're offering more than 1 software with their cloud.

It's not subscription based.

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nicolaiecostel: Why buy the Otus ?

@ stevo23 Point is why did the OP even bother to compare the lens to the Otus? The Otus is a different class!

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nicolaiecostel: Why buy the Otus ?

Futile comparison,the Otus is a tour de force in optical engineering,IQ is stunning!

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On article 1.4 and More: Canon EF 35mm F1.4L II comparison (250 comments in total)
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Daft Punk: A reminder that Canon lenses are the reason to stick with Canon.

The Cameras ? So so. If it was not for the lenses why stick around?

The 1DX mk2 sensor might change that.. we'll know soon!!

Link | Posted on Jan 23, 2016 at 03:11 UTC
On article 1.4 and More: Canon EF 35mm F1.4L II comparison (250 comments in total)

Canon L mk2 is the best,Sigma is very close for less $$$.. If money didn't matter I would take the Canon L lens without hesitation.

Link | Posted on Jan 23, 2016 at 03:08 UTC as 20th comment
On article Nikon fills in the blanks on professional grade D5 DSLR (538 comments in total)

I'm in for one of these with XQD cards,the D4s was great but this looks perfect for me,resolution is enough and I expect Sensor performance to be even better.

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Frank_BR: When you purchased a MF camera in the era of film, your photos instantly gained 4x more resolution regarding the 135 format. And there were MF cameras, like the Yashica MAT, that cost less than a good 135 camera. Now, when you buy a digital MF camera, the resolution is equal to or slightly larger than that of a camera FF, but you paid 4 to 10 times more. The future of the MF is in danger, no doubt about it.

No real substitute for the bigger sensor,regardless of resolution,DOF is different and color tonality too,I would always prefer a MF camera over 35mm for IQ,throw leaf shutters into the equation and the MF is a completely different tool.

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Wubslin: Typical of modern so-called 'culture' that the first instinct when presented with a new manufactured item is to tear it to pieces.

Sympomatic of the moral malaise which has overtaken our society I suppose.

LoL.. Surely this is a joke?

Link | Posted on Dec 10, 2015 at 17:34 UTC

The best just got better.. installed it today on 10.10 and its very good!

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On article Studio tests and samples: Leica SL (beta) (754 comments in total)
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GabrielZ: This is what I was expecting unfortunately...that the Nikon and its Sony sensor would outperform the Leica by what seems to be a considerable margin. How much longer can Leica get a way with this premium price/inferior performance thing? Even the new lenses are oversized and underperforming. Makes me start to doubt the image quality of their esoteric M and S series lenses too, are they really as good as everybody seems to think they are?

Have no doubt,the S system is really good!

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On article Studio tests and samples: Leica SL (beta) (754 comments in total)
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Jim Salvas: I expected it was not worth the money, but I didn't expect it could be outshot by cameras at a tiny fraction of the cost. That studio comparison test is devastating. It is outshot by almost every current full frame camera. The Sony A7R II destroys it.

And, for this, you have to give up not only the money but put up with a huge, heavy camera.

Same weight as a D810 and physically smaller,so not exactly huge.

Link | Posted on Nov 4, 2015 at 15:12 UTC

Canon should have bought this ,they need the tech!!

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On article 20:20 vision: Hands-on with Sigma's 20mm F1.4 'Art' (146 comments in total)
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Luke Kaven: Since the same questions have come up several times:

Sigma's design strategy with its ART primes is to use a greatly outsized image circle. You can retrofit a tilt-shift adapter through Hartblei, and get easily 12mm of shift and sometimes more. The result is superior edge-corner performance, and improved performance wide open.

In trade, the lens is likely to be larger and heavier than other standard primes. Several lenses have been employing this strategy -- the Nikon 14-24, the Zeiss Otus lenses, the Canon 11-24. They are all big and heavy, but they perform beautifully.

Basically using medium format glass on 35mm,its like using FF glass on APS-C,you get the best edge performance!!I like the Otus range but they're huge,anyway kudos to Sigma for turning things around in such spectacular fashion!

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