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I'd love one of these, maybe one day!

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That 150mp sensor is going to make a lot of glass look bad! Dynamic range should be interesting.

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rfsIII: Lars,
I'm confused why this particular computer got singled out for special attention? 16gb of RAM is barely adequate to run Photoshop let alone Premiere and there is no mention of the GPU which is as important or even more important than the CPU for imaging editing.
Did I miss something?

16gb of RAM will easily run PS , the only issues you might have is if your working with stitched files from an 80mp back.

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On article The whole nine yards: Canon 35mm F1.4L II USM review (339 comments in total)
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Nick Brundle - Photography: It seems simple to say it, but photography should always be fun. It is great to have ones work published on the internet and nice to make money from it, but at the same time, one should always enjoy the process of taking the picture.
Buy this little beast of a lens if your really serious about your passion. 5 years from now when you see the results you'll look back and say to yourself "Glad I bought that lens"

An added bonus is that if you buy it at the right price you could sell it in 5yrs without a loss.

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noflashplease: Just how much cost cutting is acceptable in a $2,200 lens? For this price, I'd expect a ring ultrasonic motor, not a geared micromotor. The rest of the build looks cheap and old fashioned as well. This is what I'd expect from bargain bin 3rd party lens of yesteryear, not a Nikkor at this price level.

And yet the optional performance is top class.

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Ben Stonewall: My man servant thinks it's ghastly.
He much prefers the Billingham 550.
"Everyone knows you're a proper photographer when I carry the Billingham Sir."

Billingham canvas is excellent and waterproof, leather isn't great in the rain and its heavy.

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Tazz93: Half a million in Canon glass... you would just think there is a more efficient way to get this done.

But it's definitely interesting.

Average cost of a scientific telescope is $25 million, or you could go all in for the James Webb telescope at $8 billion.. ;-)

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Mordecai Papamichaels: 1000$ too expensive.

By next summer you'll pick it up for $2400.

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otto k: Ouch, two things. It might be ocd speaking but I just find it uncomfortable to see a camera (especially such a camera) resting on the lens hood.
Second, while I understand the price of the camera itself due to much larger sensor, etc, the price of grip just makes no sense at all. There is virtually no reason for that price other than profit.

Like Hasselblad & Leica S, the market is small for this camera and this drives up prices for everything in the system.

I read recently that developing a lens costs between 1 & 3 million dollars.

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On article Nikon 105mm F1.4E ED sample images (279 comments in total)
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Scorpius1: I've ordered one of these, Lloyd Chambers is also very impressed with it!

@c45 , where did you get the 51% figure from?

@MikeF4Black, do you really think I'll buy a lease just because someone else told me to?The lense is getting very good reviews , the test shots look good and my dealer who is very brutally honest also said its very good, and if it turns out to be a be a dud or bad sample I'll return it, which wouldnt be the first time!!

There is nothing wrong with taking some advice on equipment!!

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On article Nikon 105mm F1.4E ED sample images (279 comments in total)
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Scorpius1: I've ordered one of these, Lloyd Chambers is also very impressed with it!

I trust his judgement , he is on the money far more often then not, but regardless of Lloyds opinion I do think its great anyway.Kudos to Nikon for making it!!

I'd bet the price will drop in a few months as well, like it does with most new Glass!

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On article Nikon 105mm F1.4E ED sample images (279 comments in total)

I've ordered one of these, Lloyd Chambers is also very impressed with it!

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DavidsfotosDotCom: What's the dynamic range?

14 stops.

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mosc: 0.64 crop right? So that 150 would be 96mm f1.8 equiv? I'm confused. Is the sensor even bigger than I'm thinking?

That's slightly more depth of field (smaller aperture) than the 85mm f1.4 sigma art that just came out.

This system can shoot at very shallow DOF in bright light, your 35mm system would need ND filters to do the same!!

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Ugo78: I've always heard that medium format was THE way for the shallowest DOF possible. Maybe it is correct for the analogic medium format, but it seems that it's not true anymore for the digital one, usually sporting a "mere" 0,6... crop factor (if not higher).
The FF system seems more capable of providing the shallowest DOF, offering lenses like 24 f1.4, 35 f 1.4, 50 f1.2, 85 f1.2, and so on...
Am I missing something?

For fashion photography these MF lenses can do shallow DOF in much brighter light.

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I tried this app for the first time last week and very impressed, its a real bargain at the price !!

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1175 comments in total)

Kudos to Hasselblad for this new camera,its very interesting and will get even better in successive generations, now for some fast primes with good wide open performance.

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stevo23: So I'm wondering...should I get the D5 now, or wait for the D6 when it comes out? (I love it when people ask that question, couldn't resist.)

Wait for the D7!!

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On article Serious spec: HTC 10 camera review (33 comments in total)

I digress but this phone is selling really well with music lovers because of its ability to play high res 24bit files ,it also has apple airplay which is a first for an Android phone.

For most buyers the camera is good enough!

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Sad news, life is so fragile, RIP Michael.

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