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On article Samsung is aiming to develop 600MP image sensors (221 comments in total)

Can't wait to see the glass that can resolve anything even close to 600mp.

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On article Alien Skin Exposure X4 software review (111 comments in total)
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melgross: Well, the overall review of 3.5 stars isn’t very good. From the writing, I would have expected at least a full 4. I’m trying to come to grips with what that means. But this is such a brief, and insubstantial review, I get nothing useful from it.

Is the 3.5 stars given as a comparison to Lightroom, which is better? What does it mean? Normally, I would never have an interest in something with that overall rating.

Best move is to download a free trial, only way to really know.

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So this investor wants to separate a successful component of Sony for a pump and dump.

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(unknown member): First, it's not leaked, that's a joke.
No AF for a lens with paper thin DOF is another joke.

I'm not buying one there's plenty of people in the world that can easily afford Otus glass and they do give fantastic IQ.

Personally at this price point I think I'd rather go MF or even Tech cam.

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On photo Portrait for Designer Olga Papkovitch by Tony Filson in the Female challenge (70 comments in total)

I like it, its really nice.

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(unknown member): Dear Leica ...A Day Late...The Bigger Boys are doing 100mp...and will cost less.

Fuji lenses have no leaf shutter option AFAIK!!

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Mariano Pacifico: 64MP for a medium format when Full Frames are now in their 50MPs, P&Ss 24MP and smartphones not far behind.

Well, Leica is a conservative camera. They start low and priced it high.

Pixel quality is far more important than pixel quantity. spacial resolution is normal thing.

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filmpoet: This is one of the best looking camera bodies in a while!

Is there any difference at all between this S3 and the S 007 body? or it is strictly a new sensor?

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On article Canon EOS R sample gallery updated with Raw conversions (514 comments in total)

At a glance skin tones look very good, super fast glass should make this popular with wedding and event snappers.

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Competition is great for us consumers, its a win win situation for us all in the end.

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Digital large format isn't so far away.

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Astrotripper: Guys, it's a gaming monitor.

Lots of games are using HDR and the input is 20ms, not amazing but respectable.

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Gimli son of Gloin: Putting brands aside this camera is really a lot of camera for your money. There is simply no other that is as well rounded, with enough features, great IQ for this price.

For those waiting to get into this system there is no better time.

I wouldn't argue with that but how good is Sony's selection? Canon & nikon have pretty amazing collections, (I use Leica).

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On article Apple iPhone X review (379 comments in total)
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Charlie Jin: I had iPhone 6 Plus, and then upgraded to 7 plus (mainly because of the dual lens). Unfortunately I dropped 7 plus from a 25th floor by mistake, and I had to watch it falling and hear the crashing sound :-(
Leaving the regrets behind, I immediately bought iPhone X, which was a great mistake. I should have bought iPhone 8 Plus or 7 plus. iPhone X is really annoying in every way. It is anti-ergonomic. I am not sure whether I would ever get used to this stupid device.

If you liked the big screens of iPhone 6/7 plus, let me say this - iPhone X is like putting two iPhone 4 screens up and down. And I just want the home button back. Everything is so ugly and unnatural. The quality of my mobile life became so low, which probably will probably improve my real life. But for my next iPhone upgrade will be iPhone 8 Plus (or 9 plus if it is available). 7 plus camera was good enough.

The 7+ really is superb, my favourite iPhone so far.

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Camera looks amazing, is the glass up to the job?

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Marcin 3M: C1P upgrade + affinity photo. Great combo. Perpetual license in price of subscription (comparing year cost).

@Aplhaville, Can't argue with preferences but at least if you buy it you can use it for as long as you want without upgrading, I still have a copy of CS for example and it works perfectly, with Subs you have to keep paying to keep playing.

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wildbild: buying it the day they will support Pentax’s 645 cameras

I wish they'd add support for other medium format cameras, I use it on Leica S files but its PS policy to not support other MF brands.

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1607 comments in total)

Anyone that's unhappy with this Adobe move should try Capture one pro, its excellent!!

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On article Canon unveils stabilized EF 85mm F1.4L lens (507 comments in total)
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Ruy Penalva: Tilt and shift are boring and perhaps unnecessary tripod lens. I had a 17mm and to control exposition was not easy. Maybe with live view, Sometimes you take a frame and see another completely different.

I can place the plane of focus accurately , I've used them on Nikon, canon, Leica S and also Hasselblads TS device.

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On article Canon unveils stabilized EF 85mm F1.4L lens (507 comments in total)
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panchorancho: I'd rather get this instead of Nikon's overpriced, cheap plastic 105mm 1.4 G lens retailing for over $2000 USD! Please Canon, show Nikon how to price their lenses!

The Nikon 105 1,4G is a brilliant lens, well worth the price.

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