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On article How I built a large-format (8x10) video camera (222 comments in total)

Wonderful! The MGB GT I mean. I had one, wish I still did...

But impressive pics as well.

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MightyMike: Read some comments then watched the video... I think everyone can agree the guy was doing something stupid, that he shouldn't have and that it seems he was warned not to do. However despite all that unless the video was in slow motion I would have though he'd have ample time to get out of the way of that car, he just had to move what 2-3 feet as soon as he realized the car wasn't stopping. Someone commented that the tree would have been a safe place to shoot from behind, I agree, what was that just 2 steps away? I get that some people freeze when in imminent danger but if you're that type of person then maybe you shouldn't put yourself in dangerous situations. Any normal person would have just jumped out of the way as the car approached.

Looked like he was concentrating on getting a shot not what the car was actually doing.

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There's nothing to prevent Nikon producing a short flange MC, + an adaptor, together with an F mount version for those who are interested in MC but also just want to keep on using F mount lenses. Overheads in doing so would be fairly small. Whether it's worthwhile is another matter. I suspect they'll just keep on producing DSLRs in parallel with MC.

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AshMills: Go on, be a DX sized sensor, with an included speedbooster mount adaptor to G mount, so you can use FF Lenses without loss if you wish, their new optimised compact mirrorless lenses when you can. 3rd Parties can work out adapting everything else.

Make the Z mount adaptable from Sony E mount and Canon glass too.

Make the handling really really ergonomic, not too small please. Make it fast as heck, with a DX sized global shutter.

Make the EVF the very most awesome you can fit.

Make it £1500, I'll pre-order.

I'd go with the decent grip and large top quality EVF. And take the price hit to match.

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marc petzold: I have a should look like a classic Nikon S2...Rangefinder.

My other dream is busted, since the "Elphi" Hamburgs Elb Philharmony was being created, i dreamed about making a picture with it into the morning mist...2 days ago, somebody uploaded exactly this...but maybe someday i am doing my own....kudos to him, it's a great picture. He used a D500 with 16-80 VR Zoom.

Please no. Rangefinder is style over substance. A mirrorless can be relatively compact AND have a good grip and large EVF. That's where Nikon need to go.

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sharkcookie: Dear Nikon,
please ignore all the requests from people who want to tell you what you should do. Last time you did, you made the Df. Everyone said they want a camera like that and then no one bought it.

Have you any figures to support that? I bought a Df, other people I know bought a Df. Df users appear to think it's great. I certainly do.

I suspect Df sales are around what Nikon expected.

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LGO: This was posted at

Some interesting info here:

Mount Flange Distance / Mount Diameter / Sensor Diagonal


Nikon FX........ 46.5mm ...... 44.0mm ......43.3mm
Nikon DX ...... 46.5mm ...... 44.0mm ...... 28.4mm
Sony A ..........44.5mm ....... 49.7mm........43.3mm
Canon EF ..... 44.0mm ...... 54.0mm........43.3mm
43 ................. 38.67mm .....44.0mm.........21.6mm


Nikon Z ......... 16.0mm ...... 49.0mm ..... 43.3mm
Nikon 1 ......... 17.0mm ...... 40.0mm.......15.86mm
Fuji X ............. 17.7mm ...... 44.0mm ...... 28.4mm
Sony FE ........ 18.0mm ...... 46.1mm ....... 43.3mm
Sony E .......... 18.0mm ...... 46.1mm ....... 28.4mm
Canon EF-M . 18.0mm ...... 47.0mm ....... 26.7mm
m43 ............... 19.25mm ..... 38.0mm ..... 21.6mm

Interesting stuff. Wonder if Nikon 1 was designed with a larger sensor option in mind.

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Fujica: Now look back 6 years to find out that the DSLR is nearly diminished in sales volume. Yes it still outsells MILC, but not by much anymore. The MILC segment has not declined not growed much over the same period.

However due to the drastic decline of the DSLR sales we are now reaching the tipping point fairly soon. Give it a year or so and the DSLR sales will be even lower then MILC sales.

Still many people think the DSLR is not on its last legs...
Canon and Nikon are still asleep. Sure dream on people its ending like analog camera's have ended. In the end the DSLR will be nothing more then a camera for those that favour antique.

Sales volumes of interchangeable cameras are now comparable to what they were in the mid eighties of last century. Within the last 6 years we have stepped back a near 30 years in revenue by camera manufacturers.

Both DSLR and MILC have their plus points. MILC being a lot newer, there's more of a market for people wanting MILC plus points. However, DSLRs have an optical viewfinder which is the preferred choice of a lot of photographers. What we're seeing is a market correction; in time the relative sales of each will stabilise.

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On article Buying Guide: Best cameras for landscapes (158 comments in total)

I'm a Nikon shooter myself, but I do know a lot of people using Panasonic, some of it MFT, for shooting landscapes, to very good effect. In particular, the colour response seems very well suited to UK mountains, moorland and coasts. I like it, whereas Fuji in comparison looks decidedly unnatural (no, the colour isn't excellent), and even Sony has problems (greens don't seem to integrate with other colours).

For a landscape camera shortlist, something like the GX80/GX85, or G9 if you must have the latest, is a no-brainer. And while you're about it, put an Olympus OM-D E-M1 ii on the list as well; excellent camera.

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On article Buying Guide: Best cameras for students (68 comments in total)

What, only one MFT camera? If the student can afford to buy new, what's wrong with say a Panasonic G80/G85? Rugged, handles well, good lens range, good output, good for both video and stills. Knocks a T20 hollow.

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You can't measure true image quality, only certain aspects of it. It's how the end result appeals to you that matters. That's one reason why some people are still using 10-year-old cameras. Does M10 output press the right buttons? It's an individual thing.

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Great! I too hate bokeh. Why waste a load of the pic's real estate on mush? Go for depth of field and use the background.

And I'm a fan of older digicams as well. I still use the 2005-ish 8mp Nikon Coolpix 8400 because it gives me a look which more modern cameras don't; I know several people using Canon cameras of that era and they're still giving outstanding results. The race for more pixels has been at the cost of much more internal processing and it shows. If 1" sensors were just 6mp the output would be outstanding.

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On article Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III sample gallery (78 comments in total)

Don't like the new gallery format. Stick the details back in the sidebar where they're always available, not blocking off part of the image.

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On article Best cameras under $1000 (159 comments in total)

Nikon generally produces great jpeg and raw output, and its ADL feature is better than what anybody else produces; the D5600 is fully in line with that. That's 95% what you want out of a camera, particularly in this price range. For the remaining 5% other cameras may offer as good or better, but overall the D5600 is a worthy winner. Doesn't mean that some may not prefer other cameras; choosing a camera is a personal thing. But the D5600 is a good place to start.

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On article Buying Guide: Best cameras for landscapes (158 comments in total)

Perhaps the article should be retitled "Best cameras for (some) professional landscape shooters". These are great cameras but way over the top for what is necessary for shooting landscapes. Even 24Mp is more than you really need.

What is important is that you have lenses which match the resolution of your camera, and that the camera retains the detail which the sensor is capable of providing, rather than smoothing it away with over-processing as some cameras do.

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Hits the nail on the head. Photography is as much about the buzz, the sheer satisfaction of taking a pic, which is why there's a lot more to gear than specs and technology.

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On article Panasonic Lumix G9 sample gallery (145 comments in total)
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JoaoPedroAB: Hi, I do enjoy your reports. However, I am a big fan of Jpeg files and according several tests, rarely the Raw ones deliver better results. Then, I think that is somewhat unfair that you present Jpeg ('directly from the camera') and Raw ('treated to taste'). It induces the readers that Raw is much better than Jpeg, which is not the case for the majority of photos. In the actual pictures presented in your report, I would say that Jpegs 'treated to taste' would deliver equivalent results as Raws treated the same way. It is minor criticism: I do like your work.

Think the OP is right, in the sense that jpegs can be improved by post-processing, a lot, and it's possible to shoot jpegs in a way which gives you maximum latitude in post-processing. So comparing unprocessed jpegs with "processed to taste" raw is a bit unfair. IF you know what you're doing and have the time, incentive and skills to do it, then raw will give you even more latitude, but how many people have those things?

Using jpegs allows you to get fairly close to what you want, simply and quickly, by using the camera's in-camera jpeg settings, just leaving a bit of tweaking to do in post. A quick and valid way of working.

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On article Panasonic Lumix G9 sample gallery (145 comments in total)
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Mateus1: Not impressed with IQ, is too much for tiny m4/3 sensor, even 16mp is too much to have good IQ, seems 12mp is the border. colours still so so,Panasonic has worst jpgs engine.

Matter of opinion about jpegs. I've always liked Panasonic's, still use my G1 occasionally because of that, even though I generally shoot Nikon.

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Wow! I've long been a fan of Panasonic output, have a G1, and was contemplating adding a G8 to my Nikons. This looks a terrific camera for those wanting a weatherproof pro-quality outfit. The G8 is still more suitable for what I want though.

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IdM photography: Nikon are stopping DIRECT sales in Brazil... not stopping sales... Does Nikon have direct sales in the USA or in Europe? No...

Had an idea that Nikon US is actually a franchise operation; might be wrong. Nikon UK is part of Nikon; on the few occasions I've dealt with them had very good service. But Nikon UK does not sell directly, and I think that some of it's operations like some repairs are now farmed out to its approved UK "partners".

Whoops! Just checked the Nikon UK site; they do sell directly. I'm sure they didn't used to.

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