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  • Finding a job should be a full time job for an unemployed person like Lyle.
  • I think it's the censorship chip we implanted in your brain that is blocking the bad news from reaching you.
  • Your entire post is full of lies. The Clinton Foundation only gives 10% of it's money as grants because it does it's own programming. 87.2% of its operating budget goes to programming. https://www. ...
  • The DNC was hacked by the Russians, not Clinton's server Lyle.  Try to keep up. Her foopah?  Are you talking dirty about her now, Lyle? You know she's a grandmother, right?
  • She never received any marked classified emails. The FBI confirms that emails she received were marked incorrectly. She has said that the talking points were shifting on an hourly basis, confirmed ...
  • Again, as with all the blather you write, there is not a single piece of proof.  Please provide some...
  • Because, as usual, the numbers are a total lie. They only show disbursements in funds as grants. Charity Watch says the total distributed by the Clinton Foundation is above industry standard at ...
  • Really?  Explain the 64 Republicans who sent the letter to the IRS to investigate the Clinton fund then.
  • In November’s Fox Business Republican debate , Trump went out of his way to defend Putin, and played up their relation based on having once met. “I got to know him very well because we were both on ...
  • Because he can never accept responsibility for a mistake he now says he never met Putin, so he is either lying now or was lying earlier in the campaign when he said they were "pals" and "I got to ...
  • Bull. You know that's not what the FBI is saying. The DNC email system is not a government system.  But if you are concerned about state secrets you should definitely not be voting for Trump.  He ...
  • Good luck with that. 64 Republican lawmakers are already pushing for another investigation over something that is a joke.  You can almost hear your taxes being flushed down the hole again. http://w ...
  • No, now the story has shifted to a reality TV star trying to have the Russians cyber attack his political opponent. If this isn't the equivalent of shooting someone on 5th Ave it's pretty close.  I ...
  • Which hacker would this be?
  • So Homeland Security is lying?  You believe a opinion columnist named John Cruddle over the FBI and NSA? Yeah, right.
  • Even a stopped clock can be right twice a day.  I have a hard time believing that Trump ever did any actual research on the subject.
  • You should inform Congress.  That is something she could be arrested and charged with.  What's your proof?
  • Replied in Can Hillary?
    Ed the concern troll returns. You weren't gone long.  Are you a black veteran or an asian Republican this time or something totally new?
  • You should vote for Hilary then, she wants to get it out and it is in the party platform too.
  • Replied in Jill Stein
    Get with the program, lownine. You're stepping all over rstone's concern trolling.  He thinks posting on the Off Topic forum will convince Democrats to vote for Jill Stein.
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