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The thing that really "grabs" all of us is that fact that every time they change the size, is that it also changes the size of the "holster" in which we carry our phones. This is mostly a "man" thing since women have a purse in which to carry them. Men need to add another $60.00 - $80.00 to the price in order to get anything worth a damn!

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I have looked at the pictures, and I don't see how this connects to a ball head and or tripod, with mounting a camera to it at the same time. What am I missing here folks?

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On article Manfrotto unveils Digital Director for iPad Air (46 comments in total)

How does this digital director connect to the tripod. Does it connect to all Manfrotto tripods and or ball heads?

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Doesn't sound any different than any other wealthy company. Arrogance on their part seems to be the prize!

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Charles Baxter: In my humble opinion this should have won or placed very high. Oh well! Charles Baxter

Thank you Charles, Jamie

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santamonica812: Love the composition. The trees are a really dramatic contrast to the illuminated mountains. The lazy and meaningless title does detract from the overall impact of your entry.

Thank you for the compliment and I understand the importance of "entitlement" on images. This image just didn't have any "pop" so, I just kept drawing a blank. I guess in thinking a little bit more about it..... "Final Approach" may have been pretty appropriate. I do thank you for your comment "santamonica812"..... and Merry Christmas to you from Alaska! Jamie

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My apologies! This photo was taken on the Kenai River in Kenai Alaska in July 2012. We all were out fishing for King (Chinook) Salmon. It was a beautiful sunrise with fog lofting off the water. I took the image with a Nikon D300s with the 18-270 mm zoom tamron lens. Let me know if there is any other info. you'd like to know.

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ARShutterbug: I wonder if Nikon will guarantee fail-safe operation, and accept liability if its lens-lockout "feature" prevents the legitimate use of the lens for an important job.

I don't know why they don't come out with a "GPS" chip that will locate a stolen lens. That would certainly put a damper on stolen Nikon equipment. It could be serial number sensitive.

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Beautiful clarity! What lens if I may ask?

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This is a very beautiful video! What would be interesting to me is to see what the video and images looked like prior to the "post-processing" of this video so as to see the differences. Thank you much for providing this video. I'll bet its nice to be in a vibration free environment.

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I personally would like to see the issue of "noise" levels with digital cameras be addressed since it can be a drawback in a lot of instances. Thank You. capelyons

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Thank You very much to the both of you. For your information, this image was taken on the Kenai River in Kenai Alaska. Although you can't see it, my boat launch is in the darkened tree area. In September, we always seem get some unusual cloud formations along with really strong and beautiful "cirrus" cloud formations. Again, Thank You, capelyons

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Ruth, Thank you for the info on the Euro. Wasp. I will certainly keep in mind about their ability to sting. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you! capelyons

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pen araneae: A beautiful scene of serenity. Very neat tonality, no washed out highlight or loss of detail in the shadow! How is this accomplished?

I would say that HDR came into play on this image. It certainly is a nice scene for photography though. Beautiful scene!

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