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Most cinematographers will be renting these, not buying them. And if you have to ask how much they cost to rent/buy then they probably aren't for you. If these lenses are able to produce the "look" you want, cost is generally irrelevant.

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These tutorials can be quite helpful in learning how to light a subject with various tools. Vendors who add these types of tutorials to their website not help customers and future customers...but it helps build brand loyalty. "Take care of your customer, and your customer will take care of you."
As someone mentioned below, The Strobist website is another great resource. I also really enjoyed Joe McNally's "Hot Shoe Diaries" and Syl Arena's "Speedliter's Handbook". Both books are somewhat brand specific (Nikon and Canon) but are helpful no matter what you use.

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I find these portraits to be interesting and mesmerizing. The postures and expressions, although at first glance appear to be bland and lazy, speak volumes. I understand the disappointment of the DPR disgruntled masses...this is, after all a "gear" site, not an "imagination" or "creativity" site. These portraits are not about extracting the potential of modern, highly-capable gear...hence the hate. These portraits are about extracting the potential of the photographer's vision. And she has succeeded.

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villagranvicent: Arri Alexas has been use in several award winning films like "The Revenant"along with Zeiss Master and Leica lenses... Just a piece of info for those who still think a Lumix GH5/Sony A7rii has a chance against these machines.

"Upstream Color" was filmed (?) with a GH2 and I think it's beautifully shot. One of my favorite movies. Looks wonderful on Blu-ray.

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On article DPReview and the TWiT Network team-up to talk cameras (24 comments in total)

Nice work, Dale! I enjoyed watching you and the crusty old guys talking cameras and film.

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vscd: ...I'm interested how the fifth will be named ;)

X100F+1. Duh.

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AstroStan: "color distracts you from the image"

And goosed-up color, even more so. I can't help but notice that nearly every photo in the recent awards is hyper-saturated. But I suppose that's what grabs the competition for eyeballs, even if it's only a 1-3 second glance. This aesthetic runs rampant in pretty pic astro-imaging.

Hmm. Last I checked, we live in a world of color. I do believe you are the jaded one.

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I wonder if the overheating problems have been addressed.

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Has he finally switched to a digital workflow? Maybe his pictures will be in color now.

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How about adding an embed feature? Until then, Google Photos is useless to me.

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odpisan: I found my own way .. I've made diferent greeting cards of my photos & I send those selfmade cards by email.

Not very useful if you're on the road or on vacation and want to send a postcard to friends or family.

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Although these cameras are enticing...I'll stick with my Merrills. The matched lenses are excellent and they are small, simple cameras. Not an all-purpose camera but a top-notch performer if applied and used correctly.

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On photo December 20, 2013, Sea Wall, Iloilo, Philippines in the December sky challenge (1 comment in total)

Nicely done.

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On photo DSE_7593 - Remain of a Pencil in the What would that look like up really close challenge (2 comments in total)

You have taken an ordinary object and made it interesting. Nicely done.

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On article Beyond the ordinary: Tim Dodd's Everyday Astronaut (102 comments in total)

Very nice series. Creative, interesting, well executed. Enjoyed!

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On article Surf's Up: Clark Little's incredible wave photography (55 comments in total)

You can tell this guy really loves the water and the waves (who wouldn't in Hawaii??). These are very nice photographs...he has captured some special images that are interesting both creatively and technically.

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On photo Wai'anapanapa Beach in the Sea to Shining Sea : Hawaii challenge (3 comments in total)


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On photo Wai'anapanapa Beach in the Sea to Shining Sea : Hawaii challenge (3 comments in total)

Thanks. It's a single image...not really HDR.

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On photo DP,Pen & Paper (BAL7293) in the Pen & Paper challenge (2 comments in total)

Wonderful concept and nice execution.

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On photo Fountain Pen1 in the Pen & Paper challenge (6 comments in total)

Two "0.5" votes? Hmm. Methinks I smells something fishy. Of course, many of these challenges have a disreputable, low-tide odor. Nice image!

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