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LJ - Eljot: So, prints from commercial version be less permanent?

Moreover, "less permanence" doesn't mean "instant fading". The previous version of Epson Ultrachrome HDX inks has been rated at 200+ years by Wilhelm Research, and black and white prints are expected to rate 400+ years. And that's before the new version of Ultrachrome HDX, with expectations of longer life.

So claims that the colour will change on the way to a client are serious hyperbole.

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shortchord: Well, while we're at it, let's pick our caterer based on the brand of frying pans they use, our wedding bands based on what brand of strings the guitarist uses, and our florist based on what make and model of van he or she drives. Those things are all about equally likely to be predictive of the quality of service those vendors can provide.

To me the "wedding bands" are the rings the bride and groom exchange - I'd never choose those based on some random guitarist :-)

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The man who shot my wedding used Hasselblad. Gosh, I guess I picked the wrong photographer!

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$110 billion, of which phone cameras constitute $100 billion (maybe $105 billion!)...

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AustinMN: "Bring Me That Awesome Camera Lens, Friend." has worked for me...when I follow it.
Bring - Batteries
Me - Memory Card
That - Tripod (use "My" for monopod)
Awesome - Adapter (I use a lot of adapted lenses)
Camera - uh, ok, I'll admit it, I'm old enough that I have forgot it.
Lens - Yep, that too.
Friend - Flash.

Oh. I thought you called your assistant "Friend".

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On article GearEye is an RFID-based gear management system (45 comments in total)
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panzini: It has a range of...two meters.

That's pretty good for RFID. If the range is too long, all it knows is that the items are in the same room, rather than in the bag.

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On article GearEye is an RFID-based gear management system (45 comments in total)


How does it tell that you've put the charged batteries in the bag rather than the depleted ones?

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sirhawkeye64: If we're questioning whether $8000 is enough, I would say that and a mandatory jail sentence for trespassing on an area of land that's off limits. 1 Year should be enough. Or make it 1 year and a heftier fine, like $10,000 or $15,000. Because, with only $8000 fine and an "unsupervised probation" someone is probably going to make back that $8000 in photo sales to pay back the fine. If you're going to punish someone, it had better be good, like mandatory jail time. May increase the jail time if they are caught vandalizing.

Perhaps $8000 + all income they get from their criminal behaviour? Plus the cost of the auditor to ensure that they don't manage to hide any of the income.

And a little bit of jail time (maybe 90 days?) to make it clear that actions have consequences.

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AlexCHStudio: How much harm did they make? Just walked where it was prohibited? Jail for that?
Well the state itself gives a perfect example of what extreme overreaction is. Then why only jail? Why not boil them alive in a hot spring? No surprise then when someone kills innocent strangers just because he had a bad morning. He was properly educated by the law enforcements how to get to extreme.

You are an idiot, Alex - there was an extensive explanation of the lasting damage they did in the original article.

They acted in ignorance and bravado.

Sounds like you are the kind of idiot who thinks the law is just to interfere with your "fun". Sorry, but that's not the case - there are a lot of laws that are in place to protect you against your own stupidity.

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gehairing: Very nice ... concept...with nice names.
Please make another report when it is usable in real world ;)

It seem's that this photographer doesn't use tools a lot.
How can you access screws with this huge thing ? :-)))

Merry Christmas to all.

It's for nuts, not screws - nuts cannot be countersunk :-)

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dennis tennis: I hope that West Germany deported that soldier who illegally immigrated from East Berlin into West Berlin. I would feel sorry for West German tax payer, footing the bill for his health care and him stealing a job away from a legal West German citizen. I'm glad that there was a wall to prevent such atrocities from happening. We in the US can learn a lot from Soviet / Russian leaders, then (Stalin) and now (Putin).

I think some people may not get your "subtle" political commentary...

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MSTR Photography: Most camera batteries come with a plastic cap to cover the contacts for transporting. Keep the caps and use them. Then you won't have to get gum from tape all over the batteries.

Just bought a Sony A7R II - sadly, its batteries do not come with caps, but they have recessed the contacts a fair way - you couldn't short them with a screwdriver or car key, at least.
Would still like caps for them, to keep the dust out, at least.

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MSTR Photography: Most camera batteries come with a plastic cap to cover the contacts for transporting. Keep the caps and use them. Then you won't have to get gum from tape all over the batteries.

Every DSLR battery I have purchased, including the ones that came with cameras, came with plastic caps. However, batteries for Go-Pros, for example, don't come with caps.

When I'm travelling on a plane, I do put each capped battery in a separate zip lock bag - I've used sandwich bags before, but I found a source for smaller bags, which are more convenient.

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On article This film camera is 100% 3D-printed, including the lens (137 comments in total)

Looks like the next direction for the tomography crowd.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Canon EOS 5D (225 comments in total)

The 5D RAW files were only 12-bit, too. From memory, the 1D III was the first camera I bought that offered 14-bit RAW - made a surprising amount of difference.

I enjoyed using the 5D, and my first foray into full-screen 35mm digital.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2092 comments in total)
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straylightrun: Only 30MP? Come on, its 2016!!

Anyone noticed that only Canon has created a 35mm DSLR with a 50 megapixel sensor? It has been out for a year, and none of the others have matched or beaten it. And yet people claim Canon is always behind.

This new camera is the first one with dual pixel RAW - another feature that Canon is the first to create.

Gosh, they must be so far behind!

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aramgrg: I wanted to post "The new video camera killer", but then I saw that MJPEG.
And after all, may any of Canikon introduce a new body? No doubt this is a great camera, but we seem stuck in 90s body wise. Same green top lcd, same body, except touchscreens(finally).

I suspect they chose MJPEG because they wanted to offer that "grab a still from the video" feature - can't do that without capturing each frame as a whole, right?

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VisualUniverse: Glad to see they finally added built-in wifi and GPS, both of which I appreciate in the 6D. Bummed the rear screen is fixed. The Nikon D500 rear screen is both adjustable and touchscreen, allowing me to select focus.

Here's to hoping the Canon 6D Mark II will have an adjustable screen.

It is touchscreen, though.

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Cameracist: Many displeased and dissapointed comments, but what is ACTUALLY missing? May be IBIS? But that's not probable in a Canon anytime soon...

Doesn't have an articulated screen - there'll be some whiners complain about that.

Oh, and it doesn't come in a range of colours to match their nail polish.

I think that's everything it's missing :-)

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On article Throwback Thursday: when studio lenses retire (202 comments in total)
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marc petzold: My lenses are as old as i am, and also quite older. Good mf lenses are some kind of investment, you can easily pass them to your kids, or even grandchildren, and with a bit TLC, they should easily survive decades, as long as they don't catch fungus. What's more - there is no built into electronics, which can develop whiskers ( over time, defective/non funktional AF motors, and/or capacitors which lost capacity, etc....they've been made just from glass elements / metal body, so they could last a lifetime, when being handled carefully. Also old lenses are very appreciated for their own character, type of rendering images...and it just makes fun to use it with the focus peaking feature on Sonys eMount system. Also, old lenses can be a great bargain, terms of price and image quality. I do also love the build quality on old mf lenses, they've been quite better being made some decades ago then just lenses today nowadays made...

With your surname, it's obvious you'd be into old lenses...

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