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On article Recycled: the Dakota Digital single-use digital camera (54 comments in total)

The people complaining about throwaway cameras are wrong. Effectively Ritz were lending the camera to you to take your shots, then lending it to the next person to take their shots, and so on.

It could be argued that the people who modified them and kept them were effectively stealing them from Ritz, because they never returned them to be recycled.

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Rigucci: Too bad that the Nikon 750 has these problems. Has anyone had issues with the shutter on the Nikon 810?

I think the biggest problem with the D810 is that it uses Nikon lenses :-)

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XeroJay: Great. A TV cut in half. Wow.

Cut in half horizontally, not vertically. That way you get two monitors for the price of one TV :-)

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2726 comments in total)
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Kiril Karaatanasov: For Canon shooters you don't need to sell your lenses! You just get new Sony body an adapter and few native lenses that you feel make difference.

I never shot Canon and bought few canon lenses for A7m2

@Kiril - you are confused about Eye AF.
@dash2k8 - no.
The Canon Eye Focus thing was tracking the PHOTOGRAPHER's eye to try to focus where he looked in the viewfinder.
The Sony Eye AF is focusing on the eye of the SUBJECT - it recognises faces, picks out eyes, and focuses on those.

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2726 comments in total)
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weixing: IMO, I think the battery life of mirrorless camera is still a problem especially for wildlife photographer. For example, I do birds photography as a hobby and basically spend most of time looking through the viewfinder to look or wait for birds. I can do this without using much power on DSLR, but how long can a mirrorless camera last? May be dpreview can perform a test on A9 to check how long does the battery last when the EVF is always on.

Don't forget that they also announced that cute box which will hold up to 4 batteries (the big Z ones) - you can power your camera for 4 times as long that way (yeah, we'd still want to know how long a battery lasts in your case).

I wonder if that four-battery box lets you change batteries one-by-one? That would be kinda neat.

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2726 comments in total)
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Klipsen: Can anyone explain the logic?
Memory Card Slots:
SLOT1: Slot for SD(UHS-I/II compliant) memory card,
SLOT2: Multi slot for Memory Stick Duo/SD(UHS-I compliant) memory card
Why bother with dual card slots, when they're not identical?
I understand that there's a desire to be loyal to one's own technology (MS), but if the price is the loss of UHS-II, then the second slot is useless as a backup for anything that requires the higher speed it provides.

All the 1D series (and 1Ds series) up to the 1D X had a CF and an SD slot - that's a long way from identical. Some of the Nikon range had the same.

Slots don't have to be identical to be useful.

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FLruckas: I'm assuming they're in parallel and hot swappable....

@Eric Hensel - yes, there is another possible connection! As techjedi suggested, some of the grips switch from one battery to the next, rather than run all the batteries in parallel. Feel free to apologise to Flruckas...

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leonche64: As we speak, somewhere in Shenzhen, China there is a guy designing a grip for the A7 series that will fit two of the new Z type batteries. Should be ready by June 1st.

What shape do you imagine that 3 battery grip would look like? You won't fit 3 batteries end to end - they'd be too long. Can't fit them side by side by side - it would be too thick. The Z batteries are just too big.

Or did you mean three of the W batteries? Those might fit end to end.

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tbcass: This interests me. My problem is I can't use USB power and my remote control at the same time. This will solve that problem for extended video with my RX10iii. Hopefully Sony won't over charge for it. If they do I'll wait for a 3rd party knock off.

USB is designed to split like that - but it might need a hub to do that.

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On article Sony announces FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens (135 comments in total)
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thx1138: Ok finally a useful longer tele zoom lens in FE mount, specs are good, price is not which we expect from Sony. Hopefully it will drop over time.

The A9 is only 24MP, so 400mm won't cut it for birding, we need Sigma and Tamron to release FE mount versions of their 150-600 zooms and Sigma to release FE 300/400 f/2.8 and 500/600 f/4. The Sony versions will be ludicrously priced like their current 500 f/4 that no one buys, but will they even be released in this decade.

I've used the EF mount Sigma 150-600mm C with a Metabones adapter on the A7R II, and the combination is somewhat unwieldy - putting an E mount on that lens won't help the balance.

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On article Sony announces FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens (135 comments in total)
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wildpig1234: What does this overpriced slow lens bring to the table? aside that it's FE mount?

@ttran88 - if you are going to pick nits, at least pick legitimate ones. Sony marks lens as FE to indicate E-mount with full-frame coverage. You know that. Talking about FE mount is a concise way to say that. Even DP review has picked up on it, and the spec summary says "Lens mount: FE".

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On article Sony announces FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens (135 comments in total)
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captura: When (if ever) will Sony launch some new lenses specifically for the smaller NEX, A6000 lineup? It's been years since the last one.

Pretty clear that this lens was aimed at the A9 - can't have a sports cameras without a long telephoto zoom. And if it's for the A9, it has to be full-frame - simples.

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Foxy2012: I love how Canon serendipitously released their C-log firmware upgrade for the 5Div.

(Not sure if "serendipitously" is a real word.)

It is a real word. Not sure that it was accidental, though :-)

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junk1: Even if he was flying below 84 feet that doesn't mean he can shoot his property (the drone). If the shooter pulls into my driveway, can I shoot his car?

Actually, there is an expectation of privacy in one's own backyard, and quite a lot more than 0.0001% of people do indeed lie naked in their backyard to get an "all-over" tan.

If a drone operator thinks he / she is entitled to hover over a backyard to get nude images, well, they might get an up-close image of bird shot, like this operator did :-)

My understanding was that private airspace extended up to 500 feet, and this drone was far lower (the shot that took it down was from a light-weight shotgun - a #40, I think they called it). So it was definitely trespassing. It's like some one entering your back yard to take their photos, not just shooting over the fence.

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ewitte12: I'd be more impressed if they increased the efficiency of LOSSLESS compression.

The problem with lossless compression is that it's much harder to get good compression. That was why the JPEG was formed in the first place (the group, not the format named after the group).

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AlephNull: I'm not surprised that it achieves a smaller size at a significant cost in terms of time.

Given how cheap CPU cycles are getting, though, we might see this moved into cameras.

Yeah, when it's taking 28minutes on a desktop CPU, it's not going into cameras, but it's possible that the CPU makers might be able to build dedicated hardware to speed it up - Intel added special hardware to accelerate encryption, and I think they put in hardware to assist video decode (or was it encode?). I could see plenty of reason to spend a few transistors on accelerating JPEG encoding.

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I'm not surprised that it achieves a smaller size at a significant cost in terms of time.

Given how cheap CPU cycles are getting, though, we might see this moved into cameras.

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B&H have announced shipping will start 10 April - maybe May is when they start shipping to everyone else? :-)

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petros vittas: again no EF native mount and hunting with declick f ...
put these two things and it will sell like ice cream...

:-) I was going to point out that EF mount is definitely supported. Guess you meant FE mount, and had a typo.

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Zoom Zoom Zoom: Photography is dead. I'm surprised these magazines have survived for so long or that some are still hanging in there at all. There will not one left in a matter of a few short years. Not one. And this, along with no more compact cameras of any kind, no more video camcorders whatsoever, and eventually no more consumer dslrs or cameras of any shape or form. Nothing. The only "photographic machines" that will survive will be very high end specialized optical products and top end very purposes oriented professional cameras. Everything else will be just phones. That's it. As soon as proper pixel density is a bit higher & there are actual working zoom lenses inside smartphones (not dual lens gimmicks or digital zooms crap), it will be the final nail in the coffin of photography as it's still known today. There will be as many people owning an extra camera in addition to their cell phones in a few years from now, as there are people today still using VHS or Betamax to tape TV shows.

You said "photography is dead". Photography is capturing still images. It's booming - heck, you argue that yourself. So you ruined your own argument.

Hint: maybe you should have said something like "dedicated cameras are dead". I still think you'd be wrong, but at least your argument would be consistent.

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