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I'm going to hold out for the new NEX-5 1/2 N , unless Sony adds a can of WD40 in every box of the 5N.

Link | Posted on Oct 8, 2011 at 05:13 UTC as 8th comment

My 5N clicks also. :( And it's not only when I do sudden jerking movements with the camera or panning too fast. It seems if I pan the camera a little quick at first and then continue slowly moving, it continues clicking. So it's not just with rapid or vigorous movement.
Click click click
Got a Sony 5N
Move too quick
Gotta shoot again

Pan a little slower
Click click click
Now a little lower
Click click click

Move a little higher
Click click click
Getting very tired
Click click click

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Greg Gebhardt: The 5N is too good of a camera to turn your back on due to the clicking. Most will not even use the video function anyway. Regardless it is worth returning to get fixed even though my 5N is temp till the 7 arrives.

This is not the "PR Mess" you think. Sony has done the right thing and they will do quite nicely.

To many whiners here!

I agree about the 5N being too good to return but Sony does have a mess here. A lot of unhappy buyers. If too many people return their purchases it could mean the end of the 5N.

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Is it really true that it only happens when you move it vigorously? Because whoever records video that sloppily couldn't possibly care about a slight clicking sound. Is Sony trying to downplay it?

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