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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 First-impressions Review (154 comments in total)

After reading the review of the Nokia with the 41MP sensor, that seems like a more refined way to go, and closer to being practical. I think a sensor in the premium small sensor category (Panny LX-7 size) would be a whole lot more practical. The 'year later, paid down fixed costs' price needs to be about $200. If the module were smaller it would work better as a standalone sports vid camera, maybe with a housing. Lots of potential, but this seems like an over-reach in terms of the sensor vs. quality tradeoff. I doubt Sony will go away on this. They clearly are doing the interesting stuff, leaving Canon (in particular) spinning out in the curves.

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Panasonic has had some very confusing (aggressive) pricing on the GF3. It was offered around Christmas with the kit zoom for $300, with a two lens system under $500. Panasonic seems to get minimal credit for iA, though Jeff Keller calls it the best auto system around. It's a camera to use on iA, basically, even if you use raw to touch things up a bit. This series seems to attract a lot of criticism, but if you buy these cameras at the right price, they are pretty impressive. Panasonic came out with the 1080 P60 Camcorders a couple of years back. The first year, the models (differentiated by memory mostly) blew reviewers away. The second year was a minor refresh, and the reviewers turned against Panasonic. Now, the third year, Panasonic does another minor refresh. But, it's a value camcorder like this is a value camera. I completely respect what Panasonic does, and own their cameras. They do a lot of good things and they can be cutting edge. It's your money.

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery (409 comments in total)

I printed an ISO 100 shot at 8 by 10. The output is very nice. The lens seems quite good. Under a 3x magnifier, I compared it to an 8x10 from a Canon S90. The S90 is not tack sharp, but it is far from unsharp. Fine detail is blurred, but the effect without a magnifier is not unpleasant. The G1x is crisper and the lens seems to offer more contrast, therefore more texture in the printed output.

Of course, the S90 is kind of a step brother to the G12. On balance, I would take the S90 output with the S90 form factor. Did Canon really fail with the S90 or G12? Not with me.

Relative to a cheap mirrorless, the Panasonic GF3 with kit, for daylight shots at mid-apertures I can see little advantage to the G1x. Again, two roughly letter size prints under a 3x magnifier. So, you might buy an interchangeable lens mini, Pen EPM1, Panasonic G3 etc, to save money. The G3 has a nice EVF.

The G1 is basically a $500 lens, somethiing like that.

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (767 comments in total)

No EVF. Surely there is some mid res version of an EVF to replace the useless tunnel. Price is way more than what they sold the REB X3 for here, around $440 over Christmas. Way back DPR said Pro 1, an EVF 2/3" camera, was doomed by cheap dSLR's. So I don't know why this camera isn't doomed, or at least problematic. The Fuji X100 has the nice EVF and some real refined qualities. The X10 is maybe a better G12. Canon has had one strategy, protect the old 35mm lenses and systems. Now it is catching up with them. If this sells then all the buyers will be outside 'the system'. Maybe Canon needs a $1200 and reasonably compact full frame. Sony innovates. Fuji innovates. Panasonic has nice small mirrorless options at great prices. The GF3 was kicking around at $300, depending on the package. Compare that to this, value for money. Canon tries to protect entrenched positions. I like a lot of Canon cameras, but they constantly seem to make cameras I like a little less, or that seem expensive.

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