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  • Your point it is not overheating and Canon is protecting the electronics. I am good with that.
  • EOSHD is the opposite.
  • ilza
    You failed math.
    Sony said in the slide the -9 includes the +11 made by mobile. To remove what mobile made you must subtract 11 from -9. So Tvs and cameras lost 20.

  • Last quarter Sony EP&S (Mobile, TVs, Cameras) lost 9 billion Yen.
    Sony said Mobile made money during the quarter.
    Look up the Q1 financials and do the math. Cameras had to lose a lot with 54%...

  • fair enough. He didn't say it in the video at all that I can see. PetaPixel said he told them that at it was a quote to them. Seems overly dramatic to me. And both cameras are great. What is a ...
  • Canon's camera division is still profitable. One of the few camera makers that still makes money.

  • I like that the R and R5 protect the sensor when changing lenses.   You read about a lot people with other cameras scratching sensors and getting them dirty in the field.
  • If you have a lot of Sony glass there is no reason to change.  Its a hassle to sell and replace lenses. I think though we are see a lot of people who kept their Canon glass switching back to Canon, ...
  • That might be a better way to put it, the sensor division needs to cover the blood bath over in EP&S.

  • Matt is a Sony shooter and it was fun to watch him struggle complementing the Canon. The one comparison he spent the most time on was the silliest and least useful, but darn it he was able to get ...
  • They need that money from PlayStations, Sony's latest financials showed a blood bath for EP&S (Cameras, TV, Mobile). Ironically Sony showed a profit for Mobile, so just TVs and Cameras in the red.

  • No matter what brand you use, you got to laugh at the Sony people complaining after flooding the Canon comments section with hundreds of anti-Canon comments, about all the comments here that this...

  • Like I said, for almost everyone, even a "lowly" EM10/3 with great stabilization is enough. Even an iPhone is great for vlogging and family videos.
    But if you are going to make a "film", that...

  • I think most people who shoot video these days spend under $1500 and probably under $1000. More people will shoot video with an M6 or an XT3/Xt4 than an A7Siii. The best selling camera today in...

  • So you think people who buy Arri cameras care about AF?
    That shows how little you know PanSony Fan.

    Everyone can understand,
    If you shoot a film in 2:1
    The S1H video will be 5888 x 2944.

  • Nope, AF will not work with the MF lenses most film makers use, like PL mount lenses. If you wonder how Arri cameras focus, don't worry about it.
    I doubt there has been a Best Picture winning...

  • If you shoot a film in 2:1
    The S1H video will be 5888 x 2944.
    Many 4K cameras will give you 4096x2048.
    The Sony A7Siii will only be 3840x1920.

    Almost no oversampling and a bayer filter mean the...

  • I don't think 8K will do much on a smartphone. HDR derived from 8K might look better though. On a 5K monitor there will be a nice improvement.  If you've cropped for video for any reason, starting ...
  • Typo.
    Like I said the first time, and maybe you didn't read, "Near 1/100th of a second " . So 10ms. Not bad for almost 50% more pixels

    Bill Claff explained if you have a LED light source you...

  • 4k 60p over sampled from 5.1K is about 1/1000 I think. Not sure of ms.

    Panther what are they for the crop mode which is more comparable (17MP vs. 12MP)?

    8k is about 4 times the data so that is...

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