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On article Flashpoint Budget Studio Monolight Review (45 comments in total)

Do the modeling lights stay on while the strobe is recharging? I have seen several cheap lights that turn off the modeling lamp while recharging and its very irritating!

Sorry if this was mentioned in the article and I missed it.

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Olympus and Panasonic engineers have to be laughing their butts off at Canikony.

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Detail Man, at some point companies will stop writing code that runs on obsolete operating systems. Windows XP is now an obsolete OS.

There's no excuse for companies to sell software that doesn't take advantage of 64 bit processors and 64 bit operating systems. Photo and video editing software are two of the best examples of software that show huge performance gains running in 64 bits.

Microsoft stopped offering full support for Windows XP over THREE years ago, except for once a month security updates. And even that low level of support ends in less than two years.

32 bit OS's were great in their day, but that era is over, just like the 16 bit era is over. Its time to update your hardware so you can run new software.

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On article Olympus releases firmware v1.1 update for OM-D E-M5 (41 comments in total)

Hey! Check out all the idiots whining about an update being available before their camera arrives!

They must think the software engineers stop working the day the product ships to the first customer.

They must think every software flaw is known and fixed before the first camera is shipped, and version 1.0 is all anyone will ever need.

Maybe they want Olympus to delay software updates until everyone who pre-ordered an OM-D gets one.

Maybe they think Olympus shouldn't have shipped a single OM-D until Oly built enough of them to fill every pre-order in the world.

Whining crybabies...

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On article Eye-Fi contests SD Association's Wireless LAN standard (41 comments in total)
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maxnimo: Just a bit of info: All of our technology through the entire human history came from the following action... imitate and improve, and imitate and improve, and imitate and improve, and imitate and improve, and imitate and improve, and imitate and improve....

If it wasn't for "imitate and improve", we'd all still be living in caves.

raincoat spewed forth: "Soon after Sony filed for bankrupcy protection."

Trinitron used one electron beam instead of three, using an aperture grill instead of a shadow mask. Trinitron was a much brighter, more vivid picture.

The costs of developing Trinitron were huge and took years, so why shouldn't Sony be allowed to profit from it?

Zenith created the Flat Tension Mask in the mid 80's long before the Trinitron patents expired, the FTM was perfectly flat from corner to corner. I had one and the screen was just stunning, but also heavy and expensive.

Your timeline is fiction, as are your "facts."

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On article Tamron and Tokina join Micro Four Thirds (76 comments in total)

A lot of zooms and primes are made in focal lengths that make sense on APS but a little less on mFT and FT. OM-D will only accelerate ILC's eating into sales of DSLR's, and I'm looking forward to the day when lenses are made with mFT crop factor in mind first, and then adapted to APS instead of the other way around.

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mediokre: wish this lens were stabilized. i'd gladly pay $200 more and bear 200g more weight for it. (for video work.)

Why on earth would Olympus make a stabilized lens when all Olympus cameras offer image stabilization?

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On article Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (281 comments in total)

As an owner of multiple 4/3rds bodies I have listened to more than my share of crap over the size of my image sensor. So forgive me if I LOL over people defending a new lens mount and $800 camera that for some crazy reason features an image sensor 1/8th the size of the one in my Olympus.

Unless Pentax has managed to achieve a several order of magnitude breakthrough in image sensor technology, it is an absolute 100% GIVEN that the high ISO performance of this camera is going to suck hard.

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On article Panasonic launches FZ47/FZ48 24x superzooms (98 comments in total)

RAW gives you the freedom to repair sins of hyperactive noise reduction and image compression.

The fact is ALL P&S cameras start off with a RAW image and then crunch it into a jpg, so allowing people to save the RAW cuts a lot of steps off the process of saving a photograph.

I figure any company that won't ALLOW you to save the RAW image obviously doesn't want you to see how bad it looks before they massage the noise out of the bits with their jpg engine.

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On article Olympus PEN E-P3 announced and previewed (84 comments in total)
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TrapperJohn: What? No CF card slot. Strap lugs aren't where I like them. No LCD panel on the top. No 3D video. Can't AF my old Tamron lenses. Won't fit in the pockets on my designer jeans. No GPS. No telephone. Won't play Angry Birds. Anything else I can nitpick about while I feel my bluging EgoCam slipping towards the ash heap of obsolescence? Oh dear, I might not have The Right Camera!

It's a winner. Retains all the things about the EP1 I loved: small, unobtrusive, excellent IQ, beautifully made, and fixes all the things I put up with: slow AF, blackout during shots, no eye level VF, weak low light AF.

Actually, there's one thing I may not like about the EP3. When I run into a gearhead in public with their bulging camera bags, their obnoxious banter, and their absence of compositional skills or imagination, I'm going to feel smug as all get out with this sleek little package.

Ah, I'll learn to live with it.

I wasn't aware the desire for a mirror (or at least a built in EVF) meant the shooter was the owner of an "EgoCam" with an "absence of compositional skills or imagination."

The new Pens are all nice piece of hardware, but its not the form factor for everyone; mere ownership of a Pen does not make one a skilled shooter.

You seem to display the same crass snobbery you claim to disdain in others, the attitude that your selected hardware is the only hardware worth using, there are no legitimate reason why someone would want or need to shoot with anything else, and everyone shooting with anything else is clearly a bumbling photography fool.

Give me a break.

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