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I have had DXO for years. Their bed side manner is like a junk yard dog when you need upgrade support. They simply won't hear it.

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Aberaeron: Some time in the future you are seeing what will probably happen to our sun. It follows that the planet Earth will either fry or freeze as a consequence and that life here will cease to exist. Hence the drive to explore space with the hopeless aim of eventually colonising one or two other planets that rely on a different sun to our current one. In the [probable] event that humans do not succeed in this endeavour, the human species and all others currently known, will just cease to exist.


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PS to comment: I shot a late afternoon light shot of a guy at Chichen Itza (dressed in full authentic Mayan dress) with an Iphone 8 and it was placed into Lightroom with Canon 5DS-R 50 Mp no low pass filter sharp photos. It stood up perfectly in comparison. I was shocked!!! And my eyes (and mind) opened to the possibilities. You shouldn't dismiss an Iphone camera until you have seen the pixels. And the pixels are impressive! That was with an 8; the 10 is much better and the 12?... I can't wait to use it.

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I'm sorry but the tilt of the camera, in the sample photos, is amateur to the max. The photos are badly distorted and they should have been shot straight and level and then cropped. They are poor samples for the lighting and composition. This takes away too much from their presentation to allow for a decent evaluation. I am a huge fan of iphone photos as they are immediately useful and the ability is always at hand. remember the best camera is the one you have with you? I have top end Canon Sony and Phase One. I use the iphone the most. Looking forward to getting a new one for more fun and better everything iphone. ...really,,, what's not to like?!

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This is clearly a patent based on the existing drones. This is a total shame. Read the date of the patent may 2013, and then look at DJI and the industry prior to the filing. as an example.

The drones were clearly a large industry already.

This is absolute crap. They are extorting DJI by a scam filing.

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I can't see how this sells enough to make money? Who buys this? How is manufacturing this a good idea?

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He uses the term "exactly the same" rather loosely as I see a big difference in what he calls exactly the same.

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tonyz1: Nikon and Canon have both tried this with the complementary mirrorless approach (Nikon 1, Coolpix A, Canon M) and it has largely failed compared to the Sony FE cameras. Very few camera owners have more than one camera system or need that.

Are we talking about what we want in a mirrorless camera still? After buying the 5D4 and not feeling it was worth the money I bought an A7R3. Wow! So I agree; what ever they release needs to be better than the A7R3 and use the EF lenses. BTW I already have a capable mirrorless of the consumer grade in my iPhone X.

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Ramchi: After using my A6300 and RX 100 IV I forgot using mobile phones for taking photos. They offer decent performance, convenient to carry, high quality images, lens options pictures look nowhere near the digital camera images, nevertheless I use mobilephones occassionally for taking pictures and for scanning documents.

You are in for a surprise. Iphone 8 and X will shock you over the quality. I have High end Canon and Phase One cameras. After seeing the iphone 8 photos (I was using a 6 plus) I bought an iphone X. Love the camera but hate the X. shold have stuck with an 8...

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Aleksandr Pishchik: .... and Canon 5D Mark IV is not suited for landscape photography so it is not even mentioned? It is a joke I guess.

I have the 5D2, 5D3, 5D4 and 5DSR. The 5DSR is hands down sharper than any other Canon made. I can't see any reason to have the first 3 since the sharpest camera is my go to. And some of the photo file sizes exceed 50 Mb regularly. Crops are insanely great.

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The sharp images are fantastic. But they aren't pretty. There is some sumptuous quality that is lacking. I'm afraid that is still in the fat pixel domain of medium format. But, I can't be sure. Years ago pilots were offered more maneuverable fighters or faster fighters. They all chose faster. I want the photo that radiates and is not just accurate. I am torn now. The problem, in the big picture, is the rate of change in camera technology makes buying a super high end Medium format a big risk financially unless you're making your living with it. Imagine spending $57k on a Phase One with a 100 Mp data back and having it equaled in three years by Sony?

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FotoSharp: Hey everyone .. I still shoot with a Sony A850 and A77 and some OLD high quality Minolta glass. I'm concerned gear heads may soon be laughing at me when I'm out and about. Perhaps they already are, but silently?

Do I need to up my game and deplete my bank account so as to avoid the embarrassment?

No. The gnaw is for the quality. If you think you have to get more then do it. If you're okay with what you're getting then it doesn't matter. You don't want to attract attention shooting or carrying gear. So if your gear is a social lever you buy; if you need quality then you buy; if you think everybody is looking at you (they aren't) then you buy. But even your post is asking for judgment. I suggest thinking about it.

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Getty is pretty sketchy about legalities. Google 'Getty Images lawsuits' and there are over one million results. They sue everyone they can find using one of their images (sometimes not theirs) and they do it so much they bought the software company who provided the ability to do the searches. They have admitted in court however that it is standard practice in the profession and said that in their own defense.

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After reading several comments it appears most people think this is about making women look thinner. The photoshop'd images I've seen are a) badly done and b) make people look like they have crazy bodies that they don't have. Fixing flaws is not the problem being addressed but rather altering bodies in unnatural ways. This is a double edged sword. An image is just that... an image. A photo document is something else. You use the camera to create images that suit you and photoshop is a tool to use in the creative process. The banning of photo-shopped bodies stops the creative aspect at only being able to use actual bodies in commercial imaging. I do not agree fundamentally but considering the ill effects on people who are highly influenced by these distortions of reality, I can sympathize with the need to 'keep it real'. If the French feel that this is that big a problem that they pass a law then who are we to argue? Look at American bodies... we still need photoshop LOL!

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M Chambers: Another reason why Getty Images is a disgrace.

google 'Getty Images lawsuits' and you will be disgusted with their behavior (and business practices.)

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gordonpritchard: No articulated rear screen so the photographer has to lie on his belly in the dirt to take a low angle shot? I'll pass.

The databack used in this shoot cost $44K. That is the databack and not the lenses or the rest of the camera (which all come with a five year factory warranty and replacement lenders anywhere in the world during service.) If an articulated screen were important PhaseOne would make it. It's not. If an articulated screen is what is important to you then this camera is likely not suited for what you do. That's good because you saved a lot of money on a camera you would not have liked. I might add that a waist level viewer is available as well as the prism viewfinder Richard uses in the video. Perhaps you should try one out?

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Gionni Dorelli: The most expensive cars are the Mercedes and Ferrari used in the Formula 1 championship, and they are photographed every second weekend by thousands of any kind of camera, including a lot of phones....
Considering both teams have a yearly budget of about 500 millions USD each and they are, by the recent rules allowed to use only one chassis and 4 engines per season, they actually produce only two cars per team, we could easily state that those cars cost more than 100 millions each.

You can't buy one (an F1 car.) And you could not drive one on the street if you could get one (street legal or not) for several practical reasons. The cost of an F1 car includes the support teams. And you should know that among several of the most expensive "production (?)" cars in the world; that despite you paying to buy the car the rights to it's use and your access are limited by the manufacturer. The car in this shoot was introduced in 2011 and to date 100 have been made. At $1.4m it is not the world's most expensive car. The new Huayra BC is $2.4m, Aston Martin MA-RB 00 – $3.9m . The most expensive 2017 BMW BMW M6 G-Power Hurricane CS Ultimate Edition $800k and Mercedes AMG-S65 – $226,900.
But enough about cars. The Phase One XF is unbelievable for me and I want one. The cars I only like to photograph.

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RUcrAZ: The pics/video could have even been shot with a smartphone-cam, for showing on little computer monitor screens it would have been fine. But that would not allow the advertising "hype" that the piece's title tries to convey. But the "behind the scenes" piece on the shoot is very boring!

You could storyboard the shoot with a lesser camera but you cannot get the same result. It is not possible. And if you have never done a product shoot then you have never learned how technical they can be and in fact ...boring. But if you lose focus (no pun intended here) then you lose focus (again no pun) on what you are trying to achieve; and you can't go back later and get it. So sweating the details is critical for success.

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oldfashioned: I like his style. How advertising photography should be. No special effects, no unrealistic background/fiction from a retoucher, natural light instead, clean and beautiful . Bravo!
But I would've shot film with a 6x7 and drum scanned the selected ones. Better natural contrast , better "kick", better latitude, better detail . Too many limitations with a small sensor like the 100MP sony 4x3 in particular outdoors with strobes to calm the limited dynamic range of digital

Replay starting at minute 3. The shoot is designed to capture parts of images to be reassembled as "composites" (3:10). And in addition to the natural light, yes, you can see the two strobes and diffusers used to manipulate the lighting to the best effect. I can absolutely assure you there is a great deal of post production work involved in making the final images. The final images are so appealing as they appear natural, clean and beautiful.

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This is genius. Creative mind at work! This is clearly not too heavy, despite the whining of others, since people have been carrying heavy weights for many generations without ill effects; ie golf bags and backpacks.
(Lawsuits GeorgeD200?!? The only concern of a true american.)

At the end of the day you need to come home with some great shots and Jim Winters came to play. Hats off to Jim and his 'get the shot' determination and engineering!

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