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Been into photography over 22 years which started in my final years at school.
Since then I have worked for the past 20 years as a professional imaging
technician and prepress manager throughout the UK on many different projects
with various companies. I moved sideways from the mainstream print industry in
2004 and now run my own company specialising in digital imaging services for


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shakabra: One thing that I never ever understand in these camera reviews.....is that no one ever talks about PRINTING. I mean, you don't even need more than a 1 megapixel camera if all you do is post photos on the internet. All this tech talk and stupid arguing... and not one mention of the final output: THE PHOTOGRAPH!!! 10 years ago, no one ever argued about which film or chemicals were superior. Now look at you. You are all tech geeks yet you have all lost sight of what photography is all about. the D800 has 36 megapixels and not one mention of what the prints look like.

Just to fill in the gap here...

As a Nikon shooter and someone who prints professionally for other photographers on a daily basis, I was absolutely astounded what the test files from Nikon printed like.

The D800 gives an images that is just over A1 at 210ppi.
Printed on an Epson 7880 on gloss media the amount of detail this actually shows IN PRINT is amazing.

Looking at the images on screen can tell a fair bit about a camera's capability but once you get the chance to actually print the images the game changes completely.

Long live print! :)

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Morgifier: This is a concise but very informative review with great sample shots, thanks!

I guess a lensbaby setup for my Nikon would set me back $600-$700; Are there any older tilt-shift lenses that I could pick up which offer a similar feature set for a lesser price?


Maybe not a cheaper price but you could I've seen a couple of used Nikon 28mm Shift lens for around £450 or $780 dollars. Looking at the purchase price, image quality and resale value, why would you buy the Lensbaby over the true Nikon optic if you wanted a proper shift lens?

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On article Lightroom 4 Review (460 comments in total)

Having worked professionally with LR since the first beta I think the team deserve for listening to users and finally getting soft proofing into the app. This was one of the major gripes for me. However...
I've just found a new gripe to replace it. If you've got a lens that has a profile defined for it and the chromatic corrections are accurate then your going to be happy BUT if you have a lens that isn't profiled and requires a manual correction for chromatic corrections then it looks like you're out of luck. The sliders have disappeared from the manual section altogether so no manual correction can be dialled-in. Please Adobe give us back the manual chromatic adjustments!
Any just in case you're wondering it's the Nikon 28-105 lens that I'm very fond of and know many other photographers enjoy using on the D700 and D3 bodies.

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Wick Smith: The top of my wishlist for LR4 was to have relative adjustments (like those in the Quick Develop tab) available as part of a preset. I often want to make a whole bunch of images 20% lighter etc.

Does LR4 have that?


Just to clarify for you, JojieRT. The current sync option applies the same setting to each image but not in a relative form. Say you set the first image to +1 stop on exposure then all images will be set to +1 stop, but if you've already adjusted a set of images and - as Wick says above - wanted to lighten them all by say 20% from their current state then this isn't what LR3 currently does. It would reset all the exposure sliders to +1.
Hope that helps to clarify the difference for you, if not just ask and I'll try to explain it differently.

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tombiondo: The era of still photography has finally ended!...Our cameras now shoot stills as an afterthought. We will always be in video mode and we will extract the frame(s) we need (have you seen the quality of a frame extraction from the new iPhone 4S?). Get your camera running....head out on the highway... Lookin for adventure and whatever comes your way!

I've worked professionally with Macs since 1998 and whilst some may consider that this would automatically make me a "fanboy" I assure you I'm a much bigger Nikon fan. No way would I swop a frame from the iPhone 4s - or virtually any other camera I've had the pleasure to shoot in the past 20 years - for one from my D700.
Please don't tar all Apple owners with the same brush ;-)

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On article Book review: 500 Poses for Photographing Women (43 comments in total)
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HowaboutRAW: Oh great--irony--softcore books reviewed by dpreview.

Think the the OP might have meant soft cover. Weird how one letter can throw a whole different meaning on a post though :)

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Mark Alan Thomas: When I click a link to a review on the homepage it shouldn’t open a page with another link I need to click to take me to the review. iT SHOULD TAKE ME TO THE REVIEW.

Glad to hear that you're trying but above all else please give us the option to reverse the test to black on white.
I think this is a great site and have been following it for many years but the white on black text is a real pain, especially those of us who have any degree of astigmatism. Even with my best glasses on the text is still not that easy to read.
Come on, time to get with the plan as this has been requested by many readers over the years and surely can't be that hard to implement.

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