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This bodes well for a new book on her work - I don't think there are any decent, affordable, in-print career retrospectives - so I hope they produce one to accompany the show...

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DuxX: Fantastic camera but I can't shoot without OVF. Sorry Sony.

I'm with T3 on this - I can't shoot WITH an OVF now that I'm used to EVF! But admittedly it will vary depending on what you shoot - for me, I shoot macro and wide-angle landscapes, and use a lot of vintage primes in manual focus - EVF is far superior to any OVF I've ever used for this stuff. For action, telephoto, sports, birds, not so much - I get a headache when I use anything over 100mm on my GX7. Let's hope they keep getting better.

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Rupert Bottomsworth: Why would a camera bag for a mirror less camera be any different for any other camera? What a pile of horse poo.

Well, the fashion-flap feature does have a whiff of horse dung to it, but the idea of a mirrorless bag is NOT just a marketing scam - my bags designed larger DSLRs often aren't a good fit for my GX7 and smaller lenses, even though you can move the dividers around it's still not ideal - I' not sure about these ones, but I'd love a bag designed for the size of mirrorless.

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agc73: After having a look at the submissions I think the request should be:

"Submit your best portrait"

This would ensure a bit more quality hopefully.

I agree - some OK stuff but people are spamming that thread with heaps of mediocre and, more to the point, repetitive photos.

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jorepuusa: How to tell for whom this site is made.
It is easy. Look at the picture of bald guy shooting with canon.
He makes three fundamental ergonomic mistakes when holding the cam.
First. His left eye is shut. Professionals and hardcore amateurs know that both eyes should be open.
Second. He has his fingertip on release. Nope. It should be his first joint.
Third. Left hand should be palm against the cam body.
These are the basics.
But then, site is for amateurs about cameras, not about photography.

Jore Puusa
Teacher of photojournalism.
Helsinki, Finland.

You beat me to it, George! I thought Jore Puusa was just trying to be funny, then I thought maybe this was serious… I kind of hope it was, because that makes it even funnier, picturing the “Teacher of photojournalism” typing out angry messages in the dark Helsinki night. As a member of the bald community, a one-eye-closed shooter, AND a photography teacher, this puts me in a real quandary….

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larrytusaz: PBase for me.

I post my images in PBase--yes, PBase--and LINK to them. I've had a PBase account since mid-2004, they've always worked well for me--why would I suddenly start uploading them to social networking? To "tag" people? Meh. People don't always like to be tagged anyway.

Besides, photo-hosting sites to me do a better job. I can easily load multiple images by ZIPping them first. Metadata is shown. There are far more size options. I can control the layout far more.

Maybe other people like Facebook for photos more--I have no desire to do like them just to follow what's currently "the thing."

What I really like about PBase, though, is one of the things others criticize them for--they have changed very little in the 7-8 years I've had them, but frankly, I LIKE it that they have stayed the same. Facebook changes everything WAY too often. Something works, leave it alone and quick tweaking it every 5 seconds.


Thank you PBase for that.

Good point about constant change vs stability. Pbase is predictable, customizable, and I have yet to find any photo sharing webpage that looks as good and is as easy to use.

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