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piratejabez: What are the advantages of the Leica version over the Panasonic version?
- Red dot
- Better warranty
- Higher resale value
- DNG (?)

If there are more, please add them in the comments.

If Leica and Panasonic would use the same sensor, same electronics to digitize the analogy lights to 01s, and the same lens with same coating, same glass in the lens, the DNGs should not be different.
Long time ago Leica had used Leica glass in the lenses for some of their rebadged version of Panasonic cameras, but not anymore. I doubt that Leica would use different lens from Panasonic DC-ZS200 for this new C-Lux.
I would keep on reading reviews to see ... ;-)

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Cheng Bao: k-x, k-m, k-r, k-s, now k-p

who can tell which one replaces which one, which one is above which one?

k-x, k-m, k-r, k-s are all entry level DSLR. k-p, as I believe, is to replace k-5 for Enthusiast and landscape photographers. It does not have Dual SD/SDHC/SDXC slots and 8.3 fps Continuous drive as k-3 has, which are superior features. Its MSRP $1099 (body only) is also similar to MSRP of k-5.
The successor of k-s1 and k-s2 is k70. IMHO, k70 is about a 'k-s3', though, it sounds like a successor of K30, K-50. ;-)
Probably,PENTAX thought it is time for all users of k-x, k-m, k-r, k-s to upgrade their DSLR to a higher level DSLR, then just go for k-p! :D

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CaPi: This product rates as today'S "Most popular camera".
I am Amazed

On dpreview site "most popular cameras" are those most searched for & looked at cameras info, but NOT the most loved or most bought cameras.

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DiveDeputy: More rubbish from Panasonic . . .

FZ1000 street price is about $747.99 – $773.98 now. It is very funny that dpreview calls FZ1000 a COMPACT camera, even though its a such bulky and plastic box.
This ZS100/TZ100 is like a cut-down and simplified version of FZ1000, since PAN already figured out 4K video for 1" sensor electronically, anyway.
Panasonic should have made a smaller version of FZ1000 by keeping all the good features of FZ1000, 10x zoom and trying to put them into a slimmer and solid body to compete with SONY and FUJI.

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onezerosix: i'm debating on DMC-FZ1000 or Sony A6000. I'll be taking pictures at family events & scenery shots. which be better choice? i'm not really looking for 4k video.

I am thinking about the same. Sony a6000 + 18-200mm lens has the similar weight as Pan FZ1000. but, the APS-C sensor inside a6000 is a big attraction. The 4K video doesn't really bothers me, besides that a6000's video shooting is very functional. I have been wondering why Pan cannot make the FZ1000 not so bulky.

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When I watch the DPREVIEW video "PhotoPlus Expo 2014 - The Samsung NX1" and listen to the audio using a headphone, the voice of DPReview Editor Barney Britton is coming from the LEFT speaker of my headphone, and the voice of Samsung's Jay Kelbley from the RIGHT. :-)
It sounds so funny that the two people's voices would go crossing in the air to reach my ears separately !

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RichRMA: Your choices:
This camera or:
The latest Nikon DSLR with whatever QC problem it had this time.
The latest Canon with sensor tech from 5 years ago.
The latest Pentax, the K3 is a good one, but limited lens group.
The latest Olympus, you need to like m4/3.
The latest Fuji, mushy as the images are due to excessive noise reduction.
The latest Panasonic, if video is your main goal.
The latest Sigma, well, Foveon...
The Sony DSLRs, hybrids, mirror-less. Good choices

> "The latest Pentax, the K3 is a good one, but limited lens group."
Samsung's lens group is bigger?

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On article A closer look at the Nikon Coolpix P900 megazoom (191 comments in total)

If it is not a small camera, why could Nikon put a APS-C sensor in it?

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There are ALWAYS good, honest and trusted people, although sometimes we may not have good luck to meet them. :-)
Two years ago I lost my purse in Yosemite park with all my credit cards + $300 cash, and driver license inside. I reported the loss to the Park visitor center, but didn't expect to get my $$$ back. :-(
In a week after I came back home the visitor center called me and sent my purse back. I could not believe that everything completely came back to me, the 3 x $100 bills stayed & untouched in my purse! :-D
I am PENTAX user. As my understanding, your front-page story is to show the Waterproof Olympus camera has super quality, rather than to say "returns to owner" after being lost at sea. ;-)

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On photo Arctic Terns in the Birds. challenge (2 comments in total)

so beautiful! all baby birds open their mouths, ha ... ha!

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