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glacierpete: I would be very surprized if it is a new lensline. I don't think they do have the capacity do produce a new lens line by Leica Germany. The introduction of the S2 line and lack of capacity for 3 lines (S2, M, R) was the reason for discontinuing the R Series. This was mentioned in one of the Leica product management interview movies on luminous landscapes.
Something outsourced to Panasonic like Zeiss does it with Cosina might be more likely. But than I would rather prefer a Sony NEX with an adapted original Leica M lens.

That's a good point. A new lens line means it takes a long time until the whole system of camera+lenses is ready for real use.

I expect them to be backwards compatible with M lenses by doing image plane focusing in camera (like the Contax AX). That way you can autofocus with M lenses!

From a systems perspective, they would also create lenses that only work on the new camera. These lenses will be cheaper, since image plane focusing means fewer moving parts in the lens.

IPF would also bring the total weight of the system down, compared with systems that have focusing motors in every lens.

Cheeper, lighter, and autofocus. What's not to like.

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