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  • Monopoly money will sell better than bitcoin in 10 years...

  • "Testing" recharge time without testing the number of flashes per recharge is like testing an electric car's recharge time without testing its range - a pointless waste of time.

  • Replied in Oh dear...
    Nope.  It is the same reason that OOF highlights at the corners of the image are elliptical and why vignetting occurs.
  • Not at all.  When someone I am paying is shooting JPEG it's because they are too lazy and don't care about the final product.  It's all about getting the most from the gear you have.
  • Replied in Try this test
    Try this first. Close the lens down to f22 without it being attached to the camera (if possible) and then look through the rear element while the iris is closed down.  If the dust speck can't be ...
  • Replied in That's nasty!
    To be fair, they might have recently bought the camera used from an unscrupulous seller who didn't tell them what had happened to it.  Either way, someone wasn't being honest.
  • It's not the job of the customer to "understand your business".  As a customer, I'm entitled to request information on how you intend to do the job I want. As for "I can't be bothered to explain" - ...
  • I already knew you "can't be bothered" by your previous post.
  • Those "advantages" were very much tongue-in-cheek.  Can you name another?
  • Quite.  Personally though, I'd feel short changed if I paid anyone to shoot photos for me and they shot JPEGs on a 7D II.
  • See my reply to the other poster who said something like that, and name just one advantage.
  • First of all, don't put words in my mouth!  And secondly, I didn't say that JPEG "won't work well", I said there are no advantages, and that's still correct.
  • Apart from taking up less room on oh-so-expensive SD cards and hard drives, allowing you a greater burst of JPEGs only, and the ability to send those ground breaking news photos to your editor ...
  • He's not that good... :)
  • No, true.  There are no advantages to shooting JPEGs - period.
  • Perhaps if more people understood what "shooting RAW" meant, they would never choose to shoot JPEG. Of course it's simpler to say "I shoot RAW" or "I shoot JPEG", but simple in this case is not ...
  • Everyone shoots RAW.  Some people who have no idea like to save their images as JPEGs only, but that's their loss.
  • It leaves nowhere to put the red dot... :)

  • Great collection but why oh why would you choose to still shoot with a Kodak 110 camera - the "Lomography" look? Good recording of the Goldberg Variations by the way...
  • If the image made from the RAW file is being resized, that's your problem.  RAW files cannot be viewed directly and must be turned into an image file before viewing, usually a JPEG. There is no way ...
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