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On article Just Posted: Fujifilm X-Pro1 review (271 comments in total)
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plainwhite: I'm coming from a Nikon D700 with AF-S lenses and I can say that I am very happy with my X-Pro 1. Being a photographer that shoots almost exclusively on fully MANUAL and who is intentional on most every shot taken, I can't say that in my experience that the AF or any of the other "issues" have been a problem.

It is a joy to use and has left my other D700 and D7000 to collect dust for the most part. In fact, this summer I'll be going to Australia and plan only on taking the X-Pro 1.

Would you find it easier to manually focus between close-up and distance shots if the dial responded differently depending on how quickly it spun? For example a fast spin of the dial moved the focus from 2cm to 2m. Another fast spin to reach infinity. A medium spin moved the focus from 2cm to 50cm. A slow spin to make sure the focus covers every discrete distance position.

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On article Just Posted: Fujifilm X-Pro1 review (271 comments in total)
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ldog: Fuji Please Please fix the few bugs that separate this camera from high end hobby to truly pro. I own and truly love this camera but it is like the Mona Lisa with bad breath. The image quality is the equal of my M9-P (yes, really) BUT the handling quirks make it suck for dynamic pro situations. The slow AF and useless MF is well documented and my solution is to shoot with Leica lenses and use manual focus. Fast, Pro, Lovely. HOWEVER THE INEXCUSABLE flaw for a "pro" camera is that the EVF (a must use for 3rd party MF lenses) does not "refresh" or let go of the current exposure fast enough to stay "in the moment". Also you get no image preview on the LCD as you must shut off the image preview when shooting with the EVF. If the image preview was selectable independently for the EFV and LCD this would be golden. A few fixes would make it professionally useful and this camera would become iconic. Fuji, just give a bunch of these to wedding photographers and listen to them. C'mon Fuji!!

The manual focus is painful because a firmware fix is so simple. The control dial needs to respond differently depending on how quickly it is spun. A fast spin of the dial should move the focus from 2cm to 2m. Another fast spin takes it to infinity. A medium spin should move the focus from 2cm to 50cm. A slow spin makes sure the focus covers every discrete distance position.

In practice, there should not just be fast, medium, and slow speeds. Whatever the speed of the spin should determine how much more or much less quickly the focus moves.

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semorg: 20MP? Why not something between 10-14mp and use the extra pixel size for better low light performance. Lame!

To crop in to for the lack of zoom. I understand the zoom though. A worthy sacrifice to be so thin it fits in a cargo pocket.

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ogl: Intresting, but no EVF

But pocketable.

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (776 comments in total)
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Dennishh: Just another incremental upgrade designed to make money for Canon. I think Canon has lost its way and has no idea what's happening in the photography market. Photographers have been asking for a small full frame camera that takes very high-quality prime lenses with weight, size and quality of image being the main consideration. Sony, Fuji, Rico and Panasonic are listening. Canon is just to arrogant to pay attention to us. Studio photographers are demanding a higher megapixel 1Ds to compete with the medium format cameras, so they come out with a 19 megapixel camera and tell us it's good enough, what do we know. You're losing your customers!

If Sony, Fuji, Ricoh and Panasonic are catering to that market, why should Canon jump into a crowded field? Instead they've made a camera that has the market all to itself. This camera is great for people who want a great sensor but don't want to carry around lenses and all their bulk. The camera is too thick and heavy for a pocket, but so are the mirrorless compact system cameras in the same price range.

Link | Posted on Jan 9, 2012 at 21:44 UTC

Weight is wrong. 171 g = 6.03 oz

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On article Fujifilm updates firmware for X10 compact (47 comments in total)

I know it has great dynamic range, but the competition offers +-2ev bracketing and the X10 only reaches +-1ev. It would be nice if a firmware update added this for HDR. No I don't want to do the weird oversaturated kind. But I'd like to shoot a sunlit river through some well shaded trees and combine them so it looks more like what I see as my pupils get bigger or smaller.

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On article Lytro announces Light Field Camera (269 comments in total)

Can the final images have everything in focus from 1cm to infinity? Can they have two focused planes and out of focus in between? Can users determine how out of focus planes will be?

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nobblynoel: Eight megapixels...3264x2448. Backside illuminated sensor...73% more light per pixel than iPhone 4. 33% faster capture. Hybrid IR filter, better color accuracy and uniformity. Five element lens, 30% more sharpness, f/2.4 aperture. Face detection, better white balance, and fast photos.

In daylight iPhone 4 photos are clear, detailed, and well balanced. More than decent for viewing on a HDTV or computer screen.

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nathanleebush: I think it's the beginning of the end for the P&S market.

Wrote about it for Adorama's blog:

Potential silver lining: camera manufacturers will reorient their attention to the enthusiast/pro R&D rather than sweep panorama type gimmicks

~98% of P&Ss don't have a hotshoe so yes it's the beginning of the end.

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