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Father Bouvier: Here is a better picture: http://cdn.all-that-is-interesting.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/john-quincy-adams-1843-first-presidential-photograph.jpg

Bouvier, there is no negative. The article said it was a daguerreotype.

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Mango Smooth: Worthless!!
Dxo rated the DR almost as low as pics taken by the new 6D mark II.

Even worse, what was the equivalence with the "real" full frame? And how many photons fell into the wells? Why is the bokeh so poor?

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Rensol: What is the point of this article?
I thought they will give some suggestions on how to buy say $2000 lens for $1500 only. Or what particular brand not do buy on eBay/imported versions.
Instead author offers to buy a flashlight! :)
Or colored plexiglass...... What if newby wants to be a landscape photographer?
Can they purchase plexiglass sheet big enough to cover background shot with fisheye lend?

If you are writing an article for a newby then would be wise to suggest reading books about composition, get familiar with paintings of medieval time painters works, go to museums, develop taste for what's beautiful, etc...
Yes this is longer path and buying red plexiglass is faster and cheaper.
Everyone to their own.

What is you problem? What is the point of your comment? The author suggested inexpensive purchases or items to help with photography. These are excellent suggestions.

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Reilly Diefenbach: Remember competence and honesty?

Unfortunately, we have seen so little of it coming out of Washington in the last 7 months, I have almost forgotten. Fortunately, most government agencies are run by career civil servants, scientists, and specialists, and they run reasonably well with their own staffs. And many have directives from their upper management to essentially ignore the rantings from the White House. They know it will blow over, probably sooner rather than later.

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Father Bouvier: Of all people, DPR should know how to apply crop factor to aperture conversions. The f/240 on 8x10 camera is equivalent to f/32 on FF, or f/22 on APS-C, or f/16 on m43. Where is the sensation?

@Father, Porky is right. Put a film of ISO 100 in a Minox, a 35mm Leica, a Rolleiflex, and a Deardorff 4x5. Your hand-held light meter suggests 1/125 at f/11. That will be the same for all sizes of film. That will be the exposure (with some variations in development technique, chemicals, etc). "Equivalence" only applies to depth of field.

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Tardyvar: Wow, M42 mount..

Oops, Glen, minor error. As far as I know, Leica did not use M42 at all. Leica used the M39 (with the Whitworth 26 tpi thread) for the screw-mount cameras and enlargers, Leica-M bayonet for the post-1954 rangefinder bodies, and the Leica-R for their R cameras. And currently they have the S-mount and TL mount for the electronic cameras. And one camera had 4/3 mount.

Link | Posted on Aug 16, 2017 at 22:20 UTC
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Battersea: Waiting for diffraction and DR comments.

Waiting for equivalence and number of photons falling in the well depth comments. And how Canikon model xyz could do it because it has an OVF.

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DotCom Editor: And no smartphone for calculating reciprocity failure.

Watch it, most of this crowd has absolutely no idea what reciprocity is.

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Tardyvar: Wow, M42 mount..

Excellent points, Glen. FujiFilm and Yashica also used the M42 mount for awhile, turning out some excellent lenses in the 1970s. Also, there were a few Rodenstocks in that mount. But the real bargain today are the Pentax Takumar M42 lenses. Some, like their 50mm f/1.4 lenses, are still about as good as you can find until you buy the newest Zeiss or Leica 50s. The mechanical quality of the Takumars is superb.

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M Chambers: The myth that having a $500 DSLR will automatically turn the owner into a skilled professional photographer will always keep the market alive.

It is even more of a myth that the hulking $5000 DSLR and 1-ft cannon of a stabilized lens will make a guy a "pro." Much of this crowd believes that stuff.

Link | Posted on Aug 15, 2017 at 19:13 UTC
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mxx: "once smartphones can do a reasonably good imitation of things "

No thanks. Why would I want fake photographs?

Don't forget, this bokeh stuff became a fad about 15 years ago. Maybe it was a function of digital capture and the rise of the techno-guy, who cared about technical details, rather than photography. In the film era, few photographers bothered about it, although possibly because of the way light refracted and diffracted in the film media, out-of-focus areas tended to look pleasing. I never heard people complain about "bokeh" from Rolleiflex and Hasselblad lenses. If the new phones make "bokeh" look pleasing, so what?

Link | Posted on Aug 15, 2017 at 03:34 UTC
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xoio: It's like a race to the bottom.

Oh, we already won that race in the USA.

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photophile: erm....ounces ? pounds ?? WHY ?? Don't people learn scientific units of measurements in school anymore ? Linearaity and scale in base 10 people!! Eye of newt and toe of frog next.

Hey Old Cameras, sometimes the units are mixed. The Leica thread mount is 39mm but has 26 turns-per-inch or threads-per-inch (tpi), which is a Whitworth standard. Some people have Whitworth spanners in their tool boxes as well as Imperial and metric. So funny.

Link | Posted on Aug 13, 2017 at 00:22 UTC
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Stu 5: Just shows it is all down to the photographer and not the camera.

Anton, well-stated. That certainly applies to most of the techno crowd here.

Link | Posted on Aug 12, 2017 at 14:19 UTC
On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 sample gallery (229 comments in total)
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jackspra: Not very sharp photos.Show some shots using a good prime lense.

Good point. But then the standard crowd of "photographers" here would come out with their insightful business observations of "the prices are ridiculous, absurd, too costly, in Leica territory, should be $xxx." Sigh....

Link | Posted on Aug 12, 2017 at 03:13 UTC
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arthur01: Great work. My dad used to do this sort of stuff on a Kodak Retina 35mm camera which was the next big leap after the box cameras. A good idea. All the scoffers should have a go and find out what it really takes to be a photographer.

No, most of the crowd here is looking for an excuse to but the latest hulking DSLR camera with 20 frames per second and huge stabilized zoom lens. And how would you calculate equivalence of the Brownie camera? And the bookeh? Oh, it would be a nightmare.

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On article Vintage lens shootout: three lenses, one model (76 comments in total)
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JacquesBalthazar: It feels to me as if the attraction of this hardware-based optical weirdness is similar to what motivates the resurgence of film: digital has made the whole photographic process "idiotensicher" and a bit too easy. An ignorant click in Snapseed will transform any snapshot into something that - to the untrained eye - will look like what would have taken years of experience and many hours of research and labouring in the "old days".

By going vintage, we try and go back to the days where the photographer needed training, know-how and experience - on top of a creative vision - to produce something out of the ordinary. However, by doing that on sensor based cameras, we opt for a lazy hybrid approach. To make this a bit more interesting, we should probably abolish raw from the process: you either get it right in camera or you failed.

No raw, no digital filters, fixed ISO, aperture-priority or full manual settings, and we are closer to what photography used to be. Not that it matters.

Jacques, most of the crowd here on DPR hate that. After all, 1000 pics with the great hulking DSLR and it's perfect stabilized zoom lens, and one or two might be meaningful.

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On article Vintage lens shootout: three lenses, one model (76 comments in total)
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deep7: The Canon 50/1.4 looks good in the supplied picture. I used to use one but actually preferred the 1.8 version, though can't remember why now.

Just a few days ago, I picked up a Canon FTb with a 55/1.2 SSC lens. I have to say, that lens REALLY makes me want to go out and experiment. Pity film is so expensive! Just curious if anyone uses that lens with digital?

Film is expensive? If so, so what? Just go use it and have fun.

Link | Posted on Aug 9, 2017 at 04:01 UTC
On article Fujifilm GF 23mm F4 sample gallery (90 comments in total)
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Charlie Jin: It is only F4 and why is this lens so expensive? It's around $2,500. Is there anything so special about this lens ?

$2500 is expensive for a premium, relatively low production, brand new lens? Other top optics, such as Leica, Zeiss, and Canon's shift lenses are similarly priced. What do you think these things should cost?? Why does $2500 seem expensive to you? If it is, why are you even considering medium format?

Link | Posted on Aug 7, 2017 at 04:16 UTC
On article Nine new lens adapters announced for the Fujifilm GFX (90 comments in total)
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Sdaniella: mmmmm ...

manual focus
manual aperture
manual zoom


Manual Focus will be fine as long as the magnified digital live preview is flexible enough to work

There is something wrong with manual focus, manual aperture, or manual zoom? And won't most users select single focal length lenses?

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