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  • Ebrahim Saadawi
    " AF performance, that are beyond the limit of being absolutely usable"

    Yet the youtuber that actually used it showed it does not work well with live view and it's extremely noisy...

  • "Nah, Yongnuo is just using Canon's old Patents that have expired after 20 years"

    That's the point isn't it? Canon is still producing the same 85mm F1.8 that they did 25 years ago. 25 Years! If...

  • Really nice video review here:

    TLDR: IQ does not match canon's wide open but is close when stopped down. Does not focus well using "live view" on the...

  • No he hasn't used it otherwise he would not be recommending it for video.

    It does not focus well with "live view" and the focus motor is noisy as heck:

  • It's not 18mm, but close. Casio has a 19mm capable compact, the Japan-only Casio ZR5000

    Nice dpreview discussion...

  • I love my EOS-M 1

    Picked it up on clearance new with the 22mm for $200ish.

    The funny thing is..... I was shopping for a 20mm-ish prime lens for my A6000 and given this camera with exactly the...

  • Oldcameras regarding " Mirrorless cameras require an EVF "

    The M6 ships without and EVF. This is the stripped down model yet they are keeping the price the same as a much more complex DSLR.

  • For about the same price you can get an iphone 7plus. Apple quality, 4K bigger screen and it fits in your pocket!

  • Riddle me this:

    I thought the simplified design of mirrorless cameras was supposed to lead to reduced cost.

    Yet the T7i and EOS-M6 cost almost exactly the same (and the M5 is more expensive)....

  • Question: Can the A6000 take a picture while taking a video?

    Answer: No.

    Surprise surprise the king of video can't even match my smartphone or 4 year old point and shoot......

  • Unfortunately this has been a limitation on my original EOS-M and on my Sony mirrorless (A6000) Given the issue is crossplatform I'm guessing that AF assist beam implementation in the flash is ...
  • "Fuji XT-20 has it all at the same price" fuji is $899 body only, canon $779. Does not look like much but it's a big difference for mom and pops looking for something. ...

  • Canon has a 15-45 EF-M kit lens.

    Then if you have a few $$ there is the excellent EF-M 11-22mm one of the best APS-C ultrawides available for canon

  • While most are taking a nose dive, canon's remained profitable even though their compact camera sales shank by 44% last year....

    Canon's profitable:...

  • Doh!

    As smartphones tear through the low end Camera manufactures are increasingly throwing everything at the very high end while ignoring the consumer friendly lower and middle ground or anything...

  • Commented on article Sony SLT a99 II Review

    > After this review, I don't think anyone in their right mind could accuse dpr of being biased towards Sony anymore.

    Sony can't AF properly and they still gave it 85%

    That's only 2% less than the...

  • Wow. Nice pictures and it looks like a very capable camera. The last gasp of the minolta/sony era and it's going out with a bang.

    Betcha you were the only pro there shooting sony?

  • I'd try it out and see how you like it. I went with the 10-18 for both compatibility with my T2i (550D)  and my A6000 (with an adapter). I am very very happy with the IQ. I like/use it so much I'm ...
  • Oosting Ousted!

    You have to of at least considered that title?

  • Just looked it up, it's a lot bigger than the SL-1 (Canon 100D). In size, according to the specs, this is exactly the size of canon's rebel series. Doh. A bit disappointing if this is...

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