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Augusto F S: This lens, Nikon AF-S 200-500mm f5.6E ED VR, does not come with crystal nano cover (2006 technology), but comes with integrated super cover (1970 technology). Could explain me why this regression? How is the correction of shadows and ghosts without coverage nano crystal instead of the old thecnologie (SIC)?

It's a sub-$1400 lens. IMO, it's a game changer for Nikon...competing w/ Tamron and Sigma for the inexpensive Super-Tele zoom market. I look forward to comparison w/ the Tamron 150-600mm

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On article Nikon D750 service advisory warns of shutter issue (339 comments in total)

Nikon certainly has had some bad luck. But for this issue, how many cameras are actually effected? I bought mine in November 2014. It has a low serial number, and according to the SN tool, it is not effected.

Mine does report the SN being one that is effected by the shadow issue, but I've never seen that problem in any of my photos, so didn't bother sending it in.

Personally, I'm not giving up on Nikon. For all their problems, Nikon does eventually recognize and address the issue. It's not a big deal to send in a camera for repair. I did so with my D800 for focus issues.

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artwine: Lesson 1 - which should be obvious by now - is that if you post anything on the Internet, anywhere, then it's now in the public domain. You have relinguished your rights to it, in essence. If you don't like it, don't post! There's a price to pay for "advertising".

Yes, kind of like leaving a $100 bill on the street with a note saying "private property, do not steal".

There is theory and there is reality. In reality, people on the internet have no respect for intellectual property, and that must be considered when posting such on the net.

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Epitaph_pmr: Any bets on what it will cost?

This lens should be roughly the same price as the 600mm f/4. Perhaps 10% more. The 600mm f/2.8 w/ TC-14II actually gives you a 840mm f/5.6 lens. This lens should have slightly better IQ than the 600 w/ 1.4, but that combo is already superb.

I still believe the 400mm f/2.8 is the most flexible of the super teles, which is why I chose it over the 600mm f/4, but if you have unlimited funds, and are seeking the highest IQ at 800mm, then this lens will deliver, I'm sure.

And yes...a 300mm f/4 VR with Nano coating is desperately needed. In fact, Nikon has released 4 different 300mm consumer zooms since the 300mm f/4 came out. 300mm is obviously a desired focal length....not sure what the marketing strategy is here...

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