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About me:

Using cameras:
- OMD E-M5, 12-50, Panny 45-200, FL36 flash.
- Pentax Q7 with 02 and 06, Pentax AF-200FG flash.
- Panasonic ZS50/TZ70

Equipment used in the past:
- Panasonic LF-1
- Panasonic G5, 14-45.
- Canon T3i, 18-55 II and 55-250, Yongnuo YN565EX.
- Panasonic ZS15
- Pentax Q. Better than the reviews indicate.
- Oly E-PL1 with trashy collapsible lens. Good riddance.
- Oly E-300, 14-45, 40-150.
- Olympus C-5060WZ with underwater housing.

Really old stuff to play with once in a while:
- Nikon FG-20 and EM 35mm.
- OM 50 F/1.4, 200 F/4, 300 F/4.5.
- Koni-Omega Rapid 6X7 with 90mm, Voightlander Bessa 6X9, Ansco 6X6.

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  • You'd be better off with modern kit lenses; I know it's heresy around here but most of the kit lenses are pretty good - not great, but better than a travel zoom.... The real deals in old lenses is ...
  • Obligatory I Am Not A Professional Photographer. I have a close relative who is an artist, who regularly (every year or so) goes through my computer to pick out a few of my shots to paint. She then ...
  • Replied in AMAZON WARNING
    There's lots of sellers with that many reviews; it's not a red flag at all. "New Seller" with zero reviews, OTOH, is an invitation to get fleeced.... The first thing I thought when I saw the 6000 ...
  • Very, very important point. I've had good luck with Amazon and "fulfilled by Amazon" sellers, and too-frequent terrible interactions with "Amazon Marketplace Sellers" -  mostly because the Amazon ...
  • I've used a Panasonic 45-200 for years, first on an Oly E-PL1, then a Pana G5, and now on my E-M5, it's a perfectly good lens especially for that price. IIRC I found it for US$250 brand new. If ...
  • Other. I don't take photos in "illegal places" - I don't fancy myself as a photojournalist nor a protester willing to go to jail for my convictions. Possibly that would change in the future, but ...
  • I have my E-M5 sitting beside me at the desk, ready to go in it's sling case. It's what I take on vacations and when I'm hiking in the woods around here; if I want an "art shot" or a shot when ...
  • Try - I've had some success with them when looking for out-of-print books. It's supposed to be world-wide, but I've never used it anywhere but in the US and Canada. I checked for ...
  • I'm waiting. I ask myself what the mk II has that I can't do without right now , immediately , and the answer is, very little. The mk II brings a few things I want , things like better/faster AF, ...
  • Replied in adapt or die
    The most unpleasant purchasing interactions I've had, EVER, have been with camera store clerks. I don't miss the small brick and mortar shops in the slightest, good riddance IMO.
  • @ Samaistuin - LOL.
    @Redzone - My understanding is that it was deployed, but it was the wrong answer to the question at the time it appeared - it took too much memory, too much processing power...

  • Of my current cameras I'd take my Olympus OMD E-M5 with the Oly 12-50 and Panasonic 45-200 that I own. Takes excellent photos, rugged, moderately sized and water resistant; could depend on it ...
  • Have to say, I'm no big help. I gave up buying the best and the brightest many years ago and now I only buy well used - makes me a parasite on the industry I guess. I'm never willing to pay the ...
  • Replied in Pocket cameras
    I'm gonna respectfully agree, and then disagree with you in the next breath..... My "carrying" camera is a Panasonic ZS15 or ZS50 (one in each car.....) and I get pretty good but not perfect photos ...
  • I don't know of any forums with your specific interests; nor do I know of any forums that eschew all mention of equipment or technique. A couple suggestions to try out and see if they fit your ...
  • Second this. I have a 565ex and it's every bit as good as any brand name flash I've owned.
  • That's.... so weird.... did they happen to be your in-laws?  Anyone who said something  so churlish wouldn't get an invite into my home a second time, that's for damn sure. I have numerous photos ...
  • It's a combination of good (appropriately chosen) exposure and being in the right place at the right time. In the first the photographer has allowed the forest to be underexposed, to bring out the ...
  • This was a great series of cameras by Olympus - I still have a C-5060 that I still pull out on occasion. As long as I keep it at ISO 80 or 100 it produces lovely photos that easily hold their own...

  • +1

    I still have an Olympus C-5060WZ bought in 2004, it still takes great pictures even now. It cost $500 - I've taken thousands of good photos with it over 12 years, and I'll get thousands more....

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