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Using cameras:
- OMD E-M5, 12-50, Panny 45-200, FL36 flash.
- Pentax Q7 with 02 and 06, Pentax AF-200FG flash.
- Panasonic ZS50/TZ70

Equipment used in the past:
- Panasonic LF-1
- Panasonic G5, 14-45.
- Canon T3i, 18-55 II and 55-250, Yongnuo YN565EX.
- Panasonic ZS15
- Pentax Q. Better than the reviews indicate.
- Oly E-PL1 with trashy collapsible lens. Good riddance.
- Oly E-300, 14-45, 40-150.
- Olympus C-5060WZ with underwater housing.

Really old stuff to play with once in a while:
- Nikon FG-20 and EM 35mm.
- OM 50 F/1.4, 200 F/4, 300 F/4.5.
- Koni-Omega Rapid 6X7 with 90mm, Voightlander Bessa 6X9, Ansco 6X6.


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Wouldn't the sensor need to be re-calibrated for flat plane and rotation if you took it off it's mount like that? How would you do such a thing without specialized testing equipment?

The host site's name is "Ifixit" - does Panasonic even sell parts to the general public to repair a camera like this by yourself?

Other than "Ooooh, that's cool!" is there really a reason to do this? Guess I don't get it.....

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS15/TZ25 Review (4 comments in total)

I loved my ZS15 too - I bought the ZS50 to replace it because I love viewfinders, but it's just not as good; the images from the ZS50 are noisier and not as sharp especially in the corners; the camera is significantly bigger - I was so disappointed. The viewfinder was not worth it; too small. If you've got one, keep your ZS15 close to your chest, don't let it go..... I'm hoping the ZS100 is going to be the one to replace it.

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On article Opinion: Enthusiast compacts have finally come of age (471 comments in total)
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Mato34: Panasonic LF1?

I am hoping the ZS100 is up to the LF1's performance - I loved that camera! It may have had issues otherwise (battery drain!) but the 28-200mm lens was excellent and the 1/1.7" sensor was really good; it rivaled my Pentax Q's image quality (which in turn was superior to any non-dSLR I've ever owned.....). 25mm short end will definitely be useful, too.

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On article #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE (278 comments in total)

Oh, blah. A horrifically expensive cell phone camera, just what I needed - now I can throw my OMD E-M5 in the garbage, thank goodness! The absence of zoom, lack of manual controls, requirement for a $600+ cell phone to work, and garbage ergonomics must really make it fly off the shelves. Honestly, it looks like a stupid test to me.

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Lab D: Just read nerd2's classic comment abour how since f2.8 on m43 is really f5.6, and so apsc with an f5.6 lens is better. I bet he still doesn't get why that is so funny.

Sorry, I don't usually get in the way of trolls, but nerd2 - just.... wow. You don't really understand what the equivalence issue is about, do you? Perhaps you need to re-read the DPR articles. Spewing misconceptions and half truths again, again, again.... makes you look like an....

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ecm: What? No WiFi means no printing from a phone.... Who does canon think their market is with this printer? Not a typical dSLR owner, I have an inkjet printer for my photos so I can print larger than 4x6.

I got the Selphy 910 for my daughter just a few weeks ago specifically because it prints directly from an iphone. She's having a blast with it; its with teens like her they've got a real market; she loves sharing prints with friends.

It would if it were an android.... She could also download her shots to iTunes and print from there, but she doesn't want to f around with flash drives and computers and whatnot, she just wants her photos to print. Too many companies make the mistake of thinking that their customers appreciate, understand and enjoy technology as much as they do - but 99% do not.....

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What? No WiFi means no printing from a phone.... Who does canon think their market is with this printer? Not a typical dSLR owner, I have an inkjet printer for my photos so I can print larger than 4x6.

I got the Selphy 910 for my daughter just a few weeks ago specifically because it prints directly from an iphone. She's having a blast with it; its with teens like her they've got a real market; she loves sharing prints with friends.

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Nice, Sony's filling out their FE line. Too bad this one is so expensive, $1000 for a consumer speed super zoom? Hopefully it's sharp as a tack....

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On article Lytro plans to shed jobs as it shifts focus to video (506 comments in total)

Shame to see them struggling, and a darned shame that people will be hurt. I never thought their product made sense for me as a stills shooter - I always want to be in control of the focus point as part of the artistic process - what's in focus and what's not is part of the story being told. But I can certainly can see that in a professional video environment it would be freakin' awesome, a directors wet dream.....

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Very cool. Underwater equivalent of a game camera - wonder if it has a motion detector?

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On article Panasonic releases trio of compact superzooms (102 comments in total)
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Biro: ZS50: Less MP for better low-light performance and a much-improved EVF at a price below that of the ZS40. Now that's progress - at least in this class of camera. One has to be realistic about what ZS50 can do but it appears this is now a viable option for a take-anywhere, always-have-it-with-you camera.

@Biro: I agree with your sentiments. The ZS40 was exciting when it was announced, but that nasty VF and sub-par image quality made it's price a joke. Looks like they addressed those issues specifically.

There's a rumor at that the sensor is the same as the one in the FZ150 and ZS15 - if so, an outstanding sensor.

This may be the camera that will pry the beloved ZS15 from my "cold, dead hands".... Now where are those image samples?

Link | Posted on Jan 21, 2015 at 21:01 UTC

I still wish there could be some older cameras added as comparison points - it would make the samples so much more relevant and useful if I had in hand any of the cameras in the list....

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On article Motorola Moto X (2014) camera review (21 comments in total)
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photospots: I see one major issue with the Motorola X 2014 ( as a camera phone and that is the lack of MicroSD card. This a major issue if you just shoot a good deal of pictures and videos. Then you would have to sync them elsewhere pretty often as 16/32 GB storage is quickly used by a little bit of pictures, videos and what you have of apps on the phone.

I agree. They (that is, Android and Google) need to reconsider the removable storage thing; I lived with an 8gb nexus 4 for a year and the lack of storage drive me completely nuts. Not all of us can afford unlimited data, and data is a battery hog; some of us live and work where cellular data and WiFi is poor to non-existent. I've never found "the cloud" to be a good thing. Trading that "pure Google experience" in for a G3 was the best thing iever did - replaceable batteries and removable storage completely change the game.

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On article High-end pocketable compacts roundup (2013) (261 comments in total)
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TJ Mills: I own the LF1 as my backup camera to Nikon DSLRs. I also have a Note 3 phone that takes a photo but isn't anywhere near the quality of the LF1.
What I like about the LF1:
- 7x zoom range to 200mm and it fits in a shirt pocket or hiking shorts pocket.
- decent lens quality. Wide angle and up to 100mm is great. Beyond that is still very good. Consider that most of the other cameras don't even have optical zoom above 120mm.
- exposure is accurate. Amazing how many small cameras often over expose.
- records on raw. It's all I shoot unless it's just party pics in which case jpg is fine.
- Takes great video. I used it to record my dad's 80th birthday and of all the people's videos with phones and other small cameras everyone wanted mine because the video was sharp and the sound was great.

What could be better:
- wider aperture at long end of lens.
- chromatic aberration with backlit subjects. Lots of purple fringing that can't be fixed entirely in Lightroom.
- battery life is only good for several hundred photos. I find of I don't use the camera for a couple weeks the battery must be recharged. I wonder if I got a weak battery or if this is normal.

Overall the LF1 has been a good camera. If I can only take one camera and want to travel light it is my choice. With the zoom I won't miss a photo of something far away like wildlife. It works very well from 28mm to 100m ansf includes adequate macro ability. I have yet to see a camera since the LF1 came out that gets good reviews on image quality, has the zoom, sensor size and is pocketable.

I just picked up a used LF-1 a couple days ago, an I was wondering about the battery too - I took maybe 50 test shots (15 day return window, so I gotta know whether it's working right) and the battery meter was already down to 2/3 bars. I'll have to pick up an extra battery on Amazon.
If there is something that's draining the battery when the camera is off, I would hope that Panasonic will find it and issue a firmware update. Good way to kill lithium batteries, drain them to zero and let them sit for a while....

@ TJ Mills
I see the CA at full zoom too, it's kinda weird though - at least in jpegs it is absent from the background lighter areas but is readily apparent in the darker foreground object that's inducing the CA - I think it must be corrected (partially) in the camera; it must be more difficult to correct the CA that bleeds into dark areas though. Have you tested raw to see if it's better/more fixable? I haven't tried it yet, I'm hoping that jpegs will be good enough.

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ginsbu: Amazon has a note on supported raw formats:
"Supported RAW photo formats include: Adobe (dng), Canon (cr2, crw), Epson (erf), Fuji (raf), Kodak (dcr), Minolta (mrw), Nikon (nef, nrw), Panasonic (rw2), Pentax (pef), Sigma (x3f), and Sony (srf). Other RAW formats may be supported, but we cannot guarantee them fully."

So basically everyone but Olympus. Argh!

I just tried it; it didn't work for my raw files - I downloaded several gigs of .rw2 (panasonic), and .cr2 (Canon) files and they showed up as regular files, counting against my 15 GB limit. Disappointing, and not very useful (at least to me).

Link | Posted on Nov 12, 2014 at 22:34 UTC

I appreciate the sense of fun and adventure this camera provokes, but like the reviewer here I wonder at the pricing. It's there something about the instant film that requires a lot of fiddly mechanicals? Otherwise it's just a moderately fancy rubber lightproof box.... I feel that I might be missing something.

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ecm: Interesting news, but I'm very disappointed that my RAW files are going to be excluded - makes it useless to me as an off-site backup. Not sure what else I would use it for.

I have an LG NAS with two 1.5gb drives in RAID 1, cost about $200 to put together. I would still like an off site backup - that NAS won't help if there's a fire, flood or lightning strike. I have a stack of blu-rays tucked away at work, but it's a pain to keep a physical archive like that up to date.

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Interesting news, but I'm very disappointed that my RAW files are going to be excluded - makes it useless to me as an off-site backup. Not sure what else I would use it for.

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On article Tiny fps1000 high-speed camera boasts 18,500fps (119 comments in total)
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zonoskar: 18000 fps at 64x64 pixels. Very usefull. NOT And only 200 fps at 1080p, you'd almost better get a Gopro Hero 4 (but that's only 120 fps at 1080p).

For a scientist, yes, useful. For a videographer, no, not what you want.

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