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2012 is going to be our 4th Major Switch-Out of ALL our digital Gear, to be replaced with all new equipment... We have sold all or our Digital Cameras and Lenses, except for one, which we sent to Canon for a check-up and cleaning... The wonders of being a Canon CPS member... Therefore we are looking at ALL the possibilities, including Canon, Nikon and SONY.... yes Sony, as their SLT-a77 got our notice several months ago... 2.5mp EVF, 24mp imager, 12fps, 60fps HDTV full 1080p video capability... We are testing the a77 presently, and are amazed at the still and video capability... Not a "kids" camera by any means. It's a keeper... The big question is with the Canon 1Dx the 5D3 and the SONY SLT-a99, which bodies to invest in for our our Pro-Bodies. One of the advantages with SONY Alpha cameras, is ZEISS is making lenses for this mount. We will fill in with ZEISS glass. If we choose the A99 when it arrives, we will add more ZEISS glass. If we re-Build Canon 5D3 bodies, we will add only "L" IS zoom lenses where at all possible. JimW (updated 3/23/2012)


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On article Sony announces NEX-FS700 '4k-ready' E-mount camcorder (231 comments in total)

Oh come on a riprap... Get a Novoflex Grip, and you're good to go handheld...

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My comments are... The Nikon looks very good,but watch out for SONY, their A77 looks incredibly inviting, and the FF model, the A99, later this year, at 37mp, and 12fps, 2.5mp EVF, full 1080p recording up to 60fps for super-smooth HDTV videos... And we have yet to see what Canon has in store for us. This is the year, that these big-3 players better put forward their very best stuff, or folks will be switching around a bit... Self included... I've been a Nikon guy for 20 years, and a Canon digital guy for the last 15 years... And I'm getting itchy for a possible change, except if Canon get really aggressive with their 5D3 and 7D2 replacements...

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On article Sony NEX-7 high-end APS-C mirrorless camera first look (352 comments in total)

I must admit that we are really taking a very hard look at SONY's NEX-7 with all these features, true in camera HDR, 60fps video at 1080p, etc., packaged into a compact, very high resolution 24mp imager... I've always said to my students, "keep an eye on SONY" as they too make their own imagers as does Canon...

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BTW, I'm taking a really hard look at SONY's newly announced NEX-7 with it's 24mp imager and incredible still, HDR, and video features...

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On photo DSC03178 in odobo's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Looks really good product shot...
Amazing from such a zoom lens.

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What they now call "mirrorless" will be the wave the future... The "shutter flapping and mirror flapping" will go away, sooner or later, hopefully sooner. These electronic LCD viewfinders, EVF, have such high resolution... Like upwards of a million pixels in a 20mm mini LCD screen... The real advantage is in low light... Where traditional pent-prism viewfinders, you cannot really see well... But with a modern EVF the seen appears illuminated due to the camera's ability to auto-expose the proposed image... If anyone has seen SONY's EX-3 video camera... Albeit a video camera,,, the viewfinder is totally amazing... Hopefully the pro DSLR will adopt some of the features of today's digital video cameras... JimW.

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