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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III review (1719 comments in total)
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TorsteinH: I find it strange that Olympus reviews always get such an enourmus ammonunt of comments. It must be the most popular brand in all of the world....
What else can it be?

1400+ comments on a brand which is declared "dead" by many. I always wonder why some people need to bash a brand just to reassure themselves that they have made the right choice (the right choice being : not Olympus).
I see the same thing on a forum dedicated to cars : each time a subject speaks of a Fiat or Alfa Romeo, you see a herd of trolls coming just to bash those brands and polluting the comments.
It just shows how many (really many) people are insecure and need to destroy the reputation of any brand which could "threaten" the brand(s) they cherish.
It's also very significant IMHO that the brands they attack are often the ones who are genuinely "different".
Makes me think of Peter Gabriel's song "Not one of us".

Link | Posted on Jul 31, 2020 at 11:45 UTC

"anonymizes images to help protect the innocent"
The burglar to the policeman "Sir, the app has protected me so that's evidence I'm innocent".

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c_at_light: Thanks, now I can finally look as good as my colleague with the Canon :) (within the limit of the human hardware). Thanks Olympus!

@ Karroly : OK, I get the joke (nice one) since French is my mother language, but one could argue that with the Olympus, you look...olympian (or in olympic shape) ;-)

Link | Posted on Jul 3, 2020 at 06:58 UTC
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entoman: .... and the bottom line is:

Assuming that Olympus cameras appeal to you, would go still go ahead and dive into the Olympus system after reading about the JIP transfer?

Serious answers only please.

For me, same answer as Quiverbow

Link | Posted on Jun 30, 2020 at 08:01 UTC
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Olymguy: Olympus owners, at least one good news is your cameras will be considered as collectible someday!

Not so sure about that, but I have a C-4000, an E-500, an E-30, an E-M5 MKII and an E-M1 MK II (and of course several 4/3 and m4/3 lenses) and all of them work faultlessly. I'm 61 and maybe it's reasonable to hope that I can still take (very decent) pictures with those cameras for the next 20 years at least.
I may even consider buying several other m43 lenses or even a small, stylish body like the Pen-F.
So yes, it's sad news but it's not going to change my photographic life.

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phoenix15: I had olympus EPL-1, that was around 10 years ago. Small, but sluggish, with terrible image quality. Cant reccommend anymore for micro4/3 sensor of interchangeable lens system. Bought only Panasonic LX100, with great video. The one that is missing from Olympus. I wish they change their game, not only micro4/3 but also fullframe.

@ phoenix 15 : excuse me but how can you make a comment on m43, based on your experience of an amateur camera, and on top of that, a 10-years old one ?
A comment based on a more recent model like E-M5 MkI or II, or E-M1 Mk I or II, would have been more significant IMHO.

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wats0n: And I thought Fuji had class: Windows really ? I get you like being retro Fuji and admiring old stuff, but Microsoft ?

Windows, old stuff, really ? You must have been working on a Mac for too long.
There is a thing called "evolution" but obviously it doesn't apply to many people forever stuck in "Apple Land".

Link | Posted on May 29, 2020 at 08:33 UTC
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J A C S: Too bad. I do not see the point of expensive small sensor cameras but this is just me. Olympus pushed the technology very far and understand photography.

@ Mariano : please come on... I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is a very good "photophone", but it is far, terribly far, for taking the same kind of pictures I can take with my Olympus cameras.
But if you take casual photos of your cat, your cup of coffee, your wife or occasionnally a landscape without any need for fine details, yes, Samsung is very good and has the advantage to always be at hand.

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Morvegil: Not sure whyd anyone buy a Olympus

@ Morvegil : then stop asking yourself the question and just use something else.
Personally, I'm not sure why anyone would buy a BMW. But it's really not a problem for me, I have just bought another brand, of which I'm totally satisfied.

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LightBug: Mirrorless and m43rds markets have too much competition and no brand loyalty. Hope Olympus can stay in business after some hard decisions and cost cutting.

I completely agree for the "too much competition" but I strongly disagree for the "no brand loyalty". Once you've been used to the pleasure of using M43 cameras and some of their excellent Pro lenses, you might have difficulties going back to something else.
I have E-M5 Mk II, E-M1 Mk II, and a couple of their Pro lenses (+several "non-pro") and I still have to learn at least 50% of their possibilities. This is far more interesting to try and learn new things with what you have than constantly blaming the camera for one's own shortcomings.

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phatgreatwall: I tried to like oly twice and both times i gave up trying. You need an advanced IT degree to learn their menu system. About 50 clicks to change any setting, and half of the icons they use does not make any sense. M43 is mostly a beginner camera, and they failed at the beginner part.

Wow... Most settings are available with the use of just one button and the use of the wheels at the front and the back of the camera. Only sophisticared settings (the ones that you don't need to change very often) are available throught the menu. And yes, the menu can be overwhelming if you don't take the time to learn the numerous possibilities offered by those "beginner" cameras.
Do you have eyes ? Or, maybe, intelligence ?
Obviously if you can't use a beginner camera, try to at least become a beginner first.

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FuhTeng: I really enjoy my TG-5. Perfect for use at the beach and when it got sandy, it received a salt water bath, and then fresh water bath back at the hotel.

My 5 year old loves it. He adores the microscope mode particularly with the new flowers coming up.

My 2 year old loves it that he can make photos like daddy.

They're really good and fun and no, not for ultimate image quality but the 8x10 prints I have look nice.

That's why many people here miss the point of that camera : it has a great "fun factor" , you can take it anywhere and don't have to be afraid to leave it in the hands of children. And IQ is good enough to look at the pictures many years from now and remember nice memories.
To people who say "my iphone takes better pictures", I ask the question "how many iphones have you seen with plenty of cracks on the screen and scratches everywhere, looking like cheap crappy smartphones ?". I have seen a lot.

Link | Posted on Mar 28, 2020 at 08:32 UTC

Amazing and beautiful. I love madness (and we *need* madness) when the purpose is to create beauty and make us feel like little kids staring at stange phenomenons with their eyes wide open.

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Rigucci: One thing I would have liked to ask Olympus is why not creating an APC size camera? Or even better a full frame one?

Same question as "when will Ferrari produce a diesel pickup ?". Or "when will Apple devices run on Windows ?"
After *many* years, some people still don't understand that Olympus have chosen the m4/3 path and will stay on that path. If you don't like it, just choose another brand...
I have no interest in using full frame, but I have an interest in carrying a small package (body + lens) with very good (I don't say "the best", very good is enough for me) IQ, super-fast AF, tons of features (some of which I will probably never use), excellent build quality, a choice of superb lenses and all this at a reasonable price (especially if you don't want to absolutely have the latest model).
Is that not enough for you ? Pay the price and go FF with another brand.
So simple.

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On article Into the wild: Olympus E-M1 Mark III sample gallery (159 comments in total)
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cxsparc: Lovely portrait of the girl, but busy distracting bokeh background in my view. Not so much different than those portraits in the Iphone gallery linked below.

Bokeh absolutely not distracting in my opinion : sufficient to isolate the subject and present enough to be able to tell where the picture has been taken. Too much bokeh and your end result is a picture that always looks more or less the same (a face with an ultra-blurred background), telling nothing about the environment where it has been shot. If that's what you like, then good for you ! As far as I'm concerned, I always prefer to have a sense of the environment where the picture has been taken.

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NikonD2X: Just my 5 Cents ;-)

550 historical digital cameras from almost 30 years. Almost all of the presented cameras had been used to take fotos – at least once!
(Please use Google Tanslate)

My (pretty) final canon, "What am I going to take today?"
(Please use Google Translate)

Out of Competition
FUJIFILM X-E2, FUJIFILM X-T20, Fujifilm X-T30, Nikon D4
(The X-T30 is my only new bought DSLM from 2019)

The actual canon – First choice (in alphabetical order, whereby I now prefer the lighter and more compact mirrorless cameras!)
Canon EOS 1D and 1Ds
Nikon D1X, D2Hs and – yes (!) V1
Olympus E-1, OM-D E-M5, PEN E-P2
Samsung NX11

Second Choice
Kodak/Nikon DCS620x, Kodak/Nikon DCS760, Nikon D90
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1
Olympus E-330
Sony Alpha SLT-A33

@ NikonD2X : this is a rather unusual choice, and and I always appreciate what's unusual :-)
That's one of the reasons why i'm an "Olympus guy" (some people are going to laugh, I really don't care). I still have an E-500 (don't use it but I'm sure I will feel the need to use it some day), an E-30 (same comment), a E-M5 Mk II and an E-M1 MkII.
I prefer to invest in nice (and expensive lenses) from the pro range than in new bodies. To be honest, the two m43 bodies have so many functions that I can easily spend several months experimenting them and using them correctly.
So, to quote the title of this article "love the ones you've got" : definitely yes.
The E-330 was a strange beast but I'd really like to have one and try it...doesn't matter if it's completely obsolete.
And I forgot to say, I still have a very old C-4000 (4 megapixels !) and a C-8080.
Can't explain but they are more than just cameras to me. Same thing with all the objects I love (motorbikes, watches, fountain pens ...)

Link | Posted on Mar 12, 2020 at 19:55 UTC
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Reactive: Be glad that a major website like DPReview has done its job and run this story. I think it's hilarious that Huawei has caused *more* damage to its reputation by publicly proving itself untrustworthy, just when it needed a good news story more than ever.

The Huawei reputation is so badly damaged that if I were to buy a new smartphone, there's a big chance that it would be a Huawei. Or Xiaomi. Or One+. Well, you get the point : a chinese one. And zero chance that I would buy an iphone despite the immaculate reputation (?) of Apple.

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(unknown member): If Olympus were to follow Panasonic into full frame, they would be competing against Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Is there really room for that many companies in that market? We already know that the market for ILCs is shrinking. So I admire Olympus for taking a different track - a smaller camera that actually makes getting the photograph easier. No, its IQ won't match what a D5 with a lens of the corresponding reach that actually makes use of the full frame sensor will be able to do. But what it does - smaller size sports photos and prints - it will do very well and at a fraction of the price.

" No, its IQ won't match what a D5 with a lens of the corresponding reach that actually makes use of the full frame sensor will be able to do"

That's what everybody is thinking but event that assumption is questionable when you see this video :

On large prints, the guy of the photo lab fails to see any quality difference between the pics taken with a Canon 5D mark IV and the ones taken with a E-M1 II.

The Canon is almost twice the price and almost twice the weight.

Full frame cameras are the equivalent of dinosaurs and, as everybody knows, dinosaurs have disappeared.

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Aroart: To the Apple haters.. I bought a Toshiba laptop and after 3 yrs the hinges need ducktape to be held together.. I've bought 2 samsung note tablets and were terrible with art aps and batteries crapped out on me in about 2yrs. My 2 yr old Lenova yoga is falling apart as I speak.. My old ipad first gen retina 8yrs old is still alive and kicking.. My 3 yr old first gen ipad pro 12.9 is still awesome with running art aps.. My 4yr first gen retnina mac pro is still a speed demon.. oh and my iphone 6plus is still doing fine.. Hate on Apple all you want All my Android and Pc's are in the trash after 3 yrs...Oh and one of my coworkers is still using a 10yr old mac running photoshop non suite version..

Seems you use your Windows equipment in such a way you destroy it, just to prove that Apple is better quality...
I have a 6-year old HP laptop at home, fully made of plastic, use it everyday and it works absolutely fine (and it was far from being a top-of-the-range computer). Also have an 8 years old Dell XPS, never had a problem and MUCH faster than the iMacs (even more recent ones) we use at the office (many of them have been replaced by Dells) .
Lots of stories about the superior quality and reliability of Apple computers, but I have never been able to find evidence of it. Just the contrary in fact...

Link | Posted on Nov 4, 2018 at 13:24 UTC
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ChrisKramer1: I wanted to move away from Apple because I didn't like the look of the new laptops. I tried the following windows machines and returned them all. They were unusable.

dell XPS 13 (trackpad didn't work)
dell XPS 15 (loud coil whine)
Acer Swift 5 (noticeable coil whine, dim screen)
Lenovo 720 (loud whining fan, dim screen)
Erazer Stealth 13 (whining fan, dim screen)
Lenovo 920 (hot base, dim screen, base not flush with table)

In the end I bought a Macbook 12 and 15 both with 512 GB. I simply had no choice. No coil whine, no fan noise, bright screen. The keyboard does suck though.

That's really a lot of bad luck.
I have a cheap HP (net price 700 EUR after a rebate of 100 EUR) which was used by the store for demos. I use it professionally for almost 5 years.
It was rather well equipped at the time I bought it (Core i7, 8 Gb RAM, 750 Gb hard disk, DVD reader/writer, 3 USB ports, card reader etc) but it's entirely made of plastic.
Well, never experienced a *single* problem with it.
A comparable Apple MacBook was, at the time, 3 times the price, and probably less reliable. Oh, and I forgot to mention that my screen is a little more than 17" wide, while with Apple you're stuck with a small 15.3" screen, which is not really comfortable when you work a lot of time in Excel.
... and no dedicated numeric keyboard.
But, yes, Apple MacBooks are cute.

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