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Pat: Dear Sony ... some of us (including moi!) really want BOTH an EVF and a touchscreen for touch focus/shutter purposes. I would use both depending on the situation, and would also be willing to pay extra for both. As it is now, you have me torn between the NEX-5R and the NEX-6. Why can't we have it all? Especially when all is doable (as you admit)? Please reconsider your arbitrary stance. TIA!

Well, it is not the first time Sony is playing this game in positioning products. Look at current mobile phones offering: 2 models with similar price, one has front facing camera but lacks SD card reader and another one the opposite...

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intruder61: nice and all, if your into head shots....otherwise a useless FL.

Very true! I was exactly missing this FL and brightness when recently shooting at my daughters' performance. Black background, light on faces only. Oly 45/1.8 was doing very well but was too short.

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Ropo16: Forget this hatchet job. Look at Robin Wong real world samples:

Thanks a lot for thi link! Photos are great and the review much more in-depth!

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