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deep7: These samples are really impressive! Easily good enough for the target market - i.e. almost everyone.

One important thing to note, you're comparing stand-alone point and shoots to a camera phone. Guess what people are more likely to have on them for a shot? That's right, their phone. So the fact that camera phones are competing against even $50 stand alones is a good thing. You can own the most expensive camera in the world, but it doesn't mean squat if you don't have it to take unplanned pictures. I think the samples look amazing considering it's a camera crammed into a multifunction device. They'll only get better as time progresses too. People have illogical expectations and are comparing apples to oranges here (no pun intended).

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latz: The entire discussion appears to me like bashing a new product without considering the facts. Least of all can I understand why the Coolpix A should be overpriced. Comparing all currently available wide angle compact cameras with at least 1” sensor size, only two products are less expensive: The Fujifilm FinePix X100 and the Sigma DP1 Merrill. None of them is as small and lightweight as the Coolpix A. Moreover, based on DxOMark data, the Coolpix A seems to have the best low-light performance among those cameras.
Since I use Capture NX 2 for editing DSLR photographs and do not want to switch software, I am happy that Nikon finally offers a compact camera with good low-light capabilities. This is definitely the one I have been waiting for.

@Timmbits Half the cost and half the image sensor and not nearly the ISO performance. Do you not realize this?

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filmrescue: I can get the no viewfinder but if you're skipping the viewfinder then at least have a flip screen. Pretty boring offering from Nikon here.

Lots of people don't seem to grasp the point of this thing. It's meant to fit in your pocket AND have an APS-C sensor in it. Unprecedented and it gets no credit because people can't appreciate it's primary strength.

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