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So many are missing the point when they attempt to advance the argument by claiming that the ORBs haven't been a problem for THEM in the type of photos that THEY take. That would be akin to claiming that a car that has a fuel pump that fails when driving up hills greater than "x" degrees is not defective because its only driven in Iowa.

No camera, be it a p&s, a DSLR or whatever, should be so shackled as the X10 is.

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Every camera, like any piece of equipment, has its limitations. You can accept limitations and work within its parameters. Defects, whether in the nature of design defects or manufacturing defects are unacceptable no matter how you slice it. It doesn't matter how well the camera functions other than when it demonstrates the defect. I am an owner of an X10 since October. I love the solid feel of the camera, the color it produces and a number of its other fine qualities. But still it is a defective piece of equipment and, as such, there is no excusing Fujifilm for failing to take whatever steps are necessary to correct the defect. Recall, repair or replace the faulty hardware. Shame on them for failing to take aggressive action in this regard.

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