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shutterdragon: Finally!

I tried and the output result is mixed. While I like the color rendering on Aperture better than Lighroom, the detail suffers from color noise and other artifacts when viewed at the pixel level.

Adobe took many months to get it right, so I hope Apple keeps improving the algorithm. I think I'll hold on to Lightroom a little longer.

no problem now with aperture. i run all my fotos thru nik dfine first - noise - non issue

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Weyskipper: Just looked at it, very impressive first attempt. I prefer the Aperture workflow and it is good enough to work with. Thanks Apple!

agree. they have the sharpening down and there is no color bleed and they get the fuji colors just righto

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Seahster: Too little and far too late ... I've abandoned Aperture for Lightroom nearly 6 months ago due to the non existent support for Fuji RAW files.

aperture is now on target and i am developing raw fotos first developed in lr4.4 and there is an amazing difference. i now stay with aperture and do not go backi

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bradleyg5: How is it Sony hasn't been able to make a lens like this for the NEX system. This is basically a perfect mirrorless lens. great aperture and focal range, but not so overboard in pro-ness that it's unaffordable. Fuji is really making some smart decisions lately.

the more this silly debate goes on the more i wonder what people are really doing with cameras. i purchased the xpro1 and 18mm and 35mm lens for outdooor landscape where i live in rocky mountains. the xe1 and 18-55mm will be great for hiking etc and using light tripods. and the fotos will hold up against canon 5d3. if that is the kind of shooter you are - part with the cash immediately and never look back at all this fuss

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Van Boxtel: I'm very pleased with this Fuji news. I've been thinking of buying the NEX7 but due to the lack of a suitable lens range, I kept on waiting.
Knowing the Fuji lens quality from the past and their intention for the future, this will be a great camera system. And hopefully in my hands soon!
Well done Fuji, looks like a camera for photographers, who know what they want.

your comment are spot on. i await xe1 and 18-55mm lens for walk around in hikes in Montana where i from. found a blog that shows how to adjust sharpenss in lightroom 4 of the raw fotos and i am off and running now in raw only with xpro1 and 18mm and 35mm lens.this xe1 and xpro1 hold their own against canon 5d3 easily

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Essai: overpriced camera, overpriced lens, below average IQ.

How come they are still in business ?

sell me yours then

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AbeNader: Look the tests at

Its not so good...

Also tried Leica lenses on X-Pro1 with poor results.

..only the Fuji 35mm and tele lenses works ok....

Please look for other tests and you find out that its the same poor results for wide lenses.

I was looking forward to invest in Fujis new system....but not anymore.

i use the 18mm lens all the time. the camera is great and is the future of photography. sure there are problems and it does not work for everyone - so what - they all have some sort of problem we have to work around. i await adobe/fuji to get their crap together for lightroom and acr. then WE RIDE

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ZAnton: It seems that Fuji are one of a few Photo manufacturers, who understand what lenses are good.
23 mm f/1.4 and 55 f/1.4 are good

this is how i see it also. i would like to be able to process the raw files I have but it will come together sooner or later

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