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Fujica: Could this mean a price increase?
I mean the only important player left would then be SanDisk.

I find this news very unfortunate

And for XQD? Lexar 64Gb - 110 euros, Sony G series - 125. Yes, Sony card less expensive, then 3 month ago, when I buy D500

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I'm ready to get something for 2400 euros. Especially Df. Nikon+sellers want ~3200.

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dombi: There are two types of users.

- Professionals who use Photoshop on a daily basis (8 hours/day).
- Hobby users, who use Photoshop occasionally (maybe 8 hours/week or /month).

The current pricing might be good for professional users, who make a living using Photoshop. But it is too expensive for the hobby users, who don't use PS that much.

Adobe could come up with a "pre-paid" type user fee for the hobby users. Because hobby users probably don't want to pay the same price as the professional users, since they don't even use the software as much and probably as extensively.

Lets assume that a pro user uses PS on an average about 160 hours/month (20 days * 8 hours). They currently paying 10 USD for this, which comes to about 0.0625 USD/hour.

With this, how about a pre-paid plan, where a hobby user could open an pre-paid user account with a minimum of 10 USD, and then be charged by the hours of use. The hourly rate could be double of the pro: 0.125 USD/hour.

I'd sign up for it

This is action or similar, Jamie. Look at adobe site for Europe & non PS before users. In my country monthly paid is 60 euros. This subscription is for good paided photographs or complex suite for big international agencies, not for freelancers

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Why entry dslr?
As a cyclist, I use compact (today LX5). Please make compact with P3XX, RX100 body, atleast CX sensor 12-14 MP, clean pics at ISO 800; F1.8 at wide end, 24-120. I'ts not difficult.
For action & everyday use please, D400 :) with 16-85 F4 II. If it will happens 2 years ago, today I'll be ready for 300, or 80-400. Who will buy big glass with D3xxx or weaker camera?

Nikon goes your mistical way. So many big photographers & persons in Europe and Americas tolds everywhere around - make tools for photographers, don't make toys for barby girls.

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Sam Carriere: The RX100 had a serious flaw which is replicated with this new version, unfortunately and that is the placement and too easy availability of the "movie" button. I can't count the number of times I have inadvertently hit that button. Video on a still camera is a gimmick I would very happily do without altogether. If I ever decide to shoot movies, I will get a video camera. This camera would be greatly improved if this button were not there at all or, at least, if it could be disabled.

I'm too outdated.
For 10 years captured ~10 pics with phone. 2 times filmed with my LX5 (not bad video).
Finally, I'm not categorised - move out video from camera :)

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Where is a Media player?

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As allways, Nikon have a better skin tone.

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... one S30 for my work car, one for private, one .... , but we allready have cameraphones ...

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drabina: Does anybody know if the flash on P310 needs to be manually raised or if it pops up automatically when needed?

Manualy, not written about new feature.

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Month ago , choose P300 for begginer (lady). My opinion: small, light, fast, wide etc. Asked about raw, postprocessing, the answer is no no (but she works with PS daily). I show my LX5 with so many buttons and menu on 8 pages, answer is exactly, no. Ok, no many questions, P300 is my choice - reasonably good menu on 1 1/3 page, fast in daylight, on 100mm good sharpness, no CA, good colours.
We easily learned basics of A S M modes, there are 2-3 good scene modes too.
What Nikon miss - fast ISO change (maybe 310 have this), live exp. simulation or live histogram, maybe better grip in front. I'ts tiny strip not serious. I don't need 16mp, full HD; then better be RAW

P300 is a good bargain, why Nikon release P310?

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SweetPotato: My experience with cameras is enough to choose a path and understand enough to learn. I would like to be able to take a portrait shot in auto and not have it overexposed. Also holiday indoor photos. Outdoor scenes in our travels.
Pretty simple, I am willing to go more in depth if I have to. I had the Canon AE1 before. Now with digital I am using a Canon Power Shot sd1100, when used on auto, I am not happy with the results.
The Canon SX40HS has been recommended to me.
I don't have to stick with Canon, I am open to others.
I have heard once shooting in raw, one does not go back. Wondering if this is something advisable for an everyday shooter?
PSE knowledgeable.
Looking to buy another camera...any suggestions would be helpful

Choose Fuji, if price not important, Nikon - for zoom or Pana for small camera with good fast lens.
Cheap and simple is Nikon P300, if you don't need raw, but prefeer PSAM

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Images not important. Easy accsess, manipulations, speed is way to go. Good pictures produce many cameras.

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Inars: Looks like Nikon puts all eggs in one basket.
B&H and Adorama shows only D3 models out of stock

... and Japan's manufactury damaged from earthquake? Or R&D centre.

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Looks like Nikon puts all eggs in one basket.
B&H and Adorama shows only D3 models out of stock

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