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If you want to speed up, learn to use the software and try different appoaches.

If you want to use youtube for self-marketing, make this kind of video and hope for clicks...

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Retzius: I love the absurdity of this. Its the ultimate wealthy upper class solution to a uniquely first world problem.

well spoken. and this is really a statement of nil:

" exploration of contemporary culture, relationships, generosity and compassion, family structure, community-building, storytelling, meal-sharing, the economy and class, the relationship between technology and travel in the 21st century, social networking, memory, and the history of the portrait.”

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JackM: Good. Photography is not free of charge.

can you guys step down for a moment? no one, and especially no idiots, said it is worthless.

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Pavel Matousek: regarding Dynamic range (the most important factor in my opinion) - today DxO data,Canon%20EOS%206D%20Mark%20II,Canon%20EOS%2080D,Nikon%20D610,Nikon%20D750

right, because nothing like a wide DR makes a good photo.

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Lucas_: Buy a Sony...!

why? because of the hype in the forums?

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Satyaa: Why did he post it? Why did he do such a cruel thing to his girlfriend??

and something tells me, they are both in for the publicity...

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Nikon, the apple in photography...

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Woodyz: When I go to weddings as a guest, I just bring a little film camera or mirrorless.

I never want to be that dork who brings his serious gear when there is already a paid photographer...

or bring a x100 if you don't need the gratification of a FF sensor.

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Kaso: Once for naïveté. Twice for stupidity. There will never be a third time. I'd rather shoot my left toe than bend myself over backward to shoot weddings.

I thought the same.
But I met a photographer on the last wedding I attended and he produced mediocre images but at the event, he presented himself as a very talented and senior photographer and I did believe it. Until I saw the images.

What I am saying: attitude makes most of it! And he got the job and the money, so: mission accomplished.

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princecody: Better color pallete for weddings-Canon or Nikon?

I risk everything here: pentax!

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tkbslc: It will always be eye-so to me.


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larrytusaz: The thing I've noticed is post 2007 people seem more about games and consumption on their smartphones whereas earlier PDA inspired smartphones like the Palm Treo 650 & Blackberry models were about the PDA functions--notes, calendar, contacts management, to do lists. To this day that is much of what I use my smartphone for. I also have a "checkbook register" app for logging my spending
Camera--meh, I only use REAL cameras.

On the other hand I'm always seeing people jot down appointments and shipping lists etc with their phone right there making such unnecessary. It's kind of funny to me.

I actually know a lot of phd students around my lab here in switzerland, who use their iphones literally only for social media stuff (including email, sure), browsing and games.
Not a small number don't even bother for example with the calendar function or the actual telephone function (not kidding).

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mmcfine: From no phone product to world leader literally overnight. it's no longer a phone. Today, for many people it's the only computer they use.

like the president, who uses his phone to tweet very important and really meaningful things.

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supeyugin1: Never had an iPhone and not planning to pay premium prices for subpar hardware. Nokia and Samsung always had an edge over iPhones in terms of cameras. Before iPhone was released, I used HTC smartphones running Windows Mobile, then I switched to Android. Also tried Nokia smartphones, and while thier cameras were great, but the OSes were not as good as Android. So iPhone didn't affect me at all.

@Kaelis, please look at the benchmarks yourself. There are many, but I didn't find apple to be at the top. they are good, but sony, htc, oneplus, lg and more have a flagship that can beat the 7plus overall.
Don't get me wrong, the iphones sure are good in terms of performance, but they just are not the best by a landslide as some fanboys want us to believe.

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VadymA: Steve Job's dream was to "make a dent in the Universe" and he certainly did. With his vision for iPhone and iPad he completely changed the way we browse Internet, find directions, learn, read, and yes take pictures. Almost ten years since he's gone and there was nothing as revolutionary in consumer electeoncics as those two Apple devices. Not even from Apple themselves. I am sure without his vision for an iPhone, we would still be punching buttons on BlackBerries...

you are overly dramatic.

"he completely changed the way we browse Internet, find directions, learn, read, and yes take pictures"
Can you back that up with examples or is it just part of the religious-like apple cult?

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SnapHappy32: What it meant - especially in terms of photography was evident when talking to my 2-year old son physician yesterday.

I had a complete timeline of his birth, first crawl and first steps - with video and photos at hand. I have TB of data at home as well - but that's not the point.
It helps me relive the best moments in life whereever and whenever.

but that could have been done with a nokia phone or any product with a decent camera on board.
Actually, it was done all over the world before, in India, in Taiwan, and so forth. People used their phones to do the documentation of their lives.
Just happens that people with the money do it on an iphone (no judgment)

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minzaw: Zero....nothing ............ABA Anything But Apple...........

well, loving a company just because is very lame too.

Honestly: the price and the apple-crowd are my main reasons to not use it.
Then comes the lack of customizability and android really shines there.

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Toselli: I can't understand all the noise around iphone as if it was the original and only camera phone. Camera phones were around for years before iphone was even an idea on paper! The first iphone had the camera because every one else had one, and most even a better one. What really changed the status quo was a touchscreen good enough to browse the web, and consequently the fact that data plan started to be common, allowing instant share. But the first iphone didn't really have this purpose, a 2 mpx cameras, where the other competitors had at least 5, and a laughable 2G connectivity! And it didn't even have apps, so you were supposed to share with email...

well, they initiated a mindless gadget-movement that hails the iProducts in a cult like fashion. Not saying it is wrong, Apple is amazing in orchestrating such a victorious development.

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WGVanDyck: Some of the comments are funny. But, for photographers, I am puzzled by the negativity. This is photography; the art form that raised the “Nude” to its greatest heights. Photographers pay models to pose for all forms of female and male nudes and look on it as art! This is the medium that refined Boudoir Art. And, some believe that this couple’s request for “tasteful photos” of their first night can’t be done. Photographers take shots of everyday people on the street and turn them into art. Aren’t photographers people that think artistic challenges improve their ability? And, while it is a really strange request, that frankly I wouldn't take on, there are some great photographers out there (even on this forum) with the vision to make it something special. I can’t criticize DPR for publishing this article; they are more than just equipment reviews. DPR “Challenges” and many of their articles address the art of photography. And, don’t artists challenge common perceptions?

what the hell are you talking about?
Do you need to talk down to people from the US? Do you have to deal with an inferiority complex or what reason is there?
Oh and enjoy your anonymity, you brave internet knight!

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PieterB: Name me one camera that has a 100% success rate.

"My camera!" *rofl*

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