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Paul Farace: The price of cutting edge technology and a niche market is about $1600... if that's too high buy a fantastic X Pro 1 for $500... or keep using your Rebel XT on green square noobie!

very true.

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maccam: $1700 for an APSC body? I don't think I'll be going there even though I can afford it.

because for the money you want to have more sensor, right?
manly sensors! huge!

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dopravopat: Whoever wrote this marketing blurb was either an idiot or very smart. Either way, the customers who buy this are much easier to fit in the idiot/very smart dichotomy.

Uh can I buy a dichotomy too? awesome!

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PascallacsaP: Funny to see how, among all the high-spec, latest/greatest, gear there is apparently a market for lo-fi, retro-performance, stuff. And people are actually prepared to pay for it. Gosh, we're so spoiled.

Or can I offer you a cheap filter that makes your images more organic?

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Peter Bendheim: The best camera is the one that makes you feel creative and happy to go and take images.

The camera I take the best images with is not the swankiest or most up to date camera I own.

It has nothing to do with specs. It feels good in the hand, and you relate to it.

In the same vein, the best life partner is not the prettiest, sexiest etc etc on paper. But she/he is to you, and is your best friend as well.

well, even if your camera is annoying, you can work around it.
I had a V1 and it was quite inconvenient. I had to take my time to correct the camera to the situation.
so I started to find the perfect option for me in most of the situations which made me more aware of looking ahead, in a way.
so for me: a positive learning.

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AlexCHStudio: The best camera? Well, yes, that was quite a difficult question. I was lucky enough to find an answer. I know for sure now what is the best camera because I have it. I am serious. It is perfect! Every time I shoot with it - it is pleasure. It does exactly what I want and how I want. I love its size, its weight and its shape. I love how it sound. I know all its shortcomings but I can easily cope with all of them... Though I am not going to tell you anything else about it. Sorry. You have to find an answer yourself. :-)

I love the guy!

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tinternaut: I always have a hard time recommending a camera for someone else. Recently I've recommended the Panasonic G6 (budget conscious, Panasonic superzoom user) and a Pentax SLR (dirt cheap, at the time, and great low light performance for indoor baby photos). I rarely recommend the cameras I use and love (Olympus - too quirky by half, if you ask me) and almost never recommend CaNikon. I've not recommended Fuji to anyone, yet, but that's surely a matter of time.

I give advise all the time. and a am frustrated that no one is listening to me ALL THE TIME

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junk1: Honey, why do you have 10 cameras? Because Richard told me there is no perfect camera!

how many angry spouses did write to DPR because of that, i wonder...

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Lee Jay: This is why I have SLRs. They do everything well. Great ergonomics, great viewfinder, great autofocus, great speed, great responsiveness, great flexibility, great image quality. Every other type of camera is a sacrifice. For example, picking on the first camera mentioned in the article, the A6000 has the worst ergonomics of any camera I've ever held and also has a terrible viewfinder.

@Vit Adamek maybe he doesn't want to stuff it into his jacket?

some months ago i would have advised strongly against DSLRs but now... whatever floats your boat i guess.

@Lee Jay
speaking of sacrifices - The point that you see every other type of camera as a sacrifice - and not your camera- should make you sceptical

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turvyT: Interesting article, well written. However, I think that pleasure of use and functionality are relevant only to a very reduced percentage of camera buyers. Many folks buy cameras because they make them feel good, regardless pleasure and functionality. Cameras, nowadays, have something in common with clothes or cars. Many people have off road vehicles and never go off road. They just feel more powerfull with a huge all terrain vehicle to go get their kids from school. There is also the gratification and empowerment feeling that comes from brands. I think that cameras' market is more irrational than rational.

i would have agreed. but some of my friends bought into the expensive 135 canon or nikon line (aka fullframe, i don't like the term)
I felt like this, that they bought 4x4 vehicle for a sunday ride down into town.
but they actually make use of the benefits and embrace the gain in functions.
don't judge other people, even though they might have more modern or more expensive or just more cameras than you.

free yourself :) and not the others

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papa natas: ok, let's see about "BEST"
SONY a6000: puny screen pixel count for it's price and hoopla.
NIKON D5500: so, but so poor video quality.
FUJI X-T10: I no LONGER look at FUJI as a serious camera manufacturer ever since that horror story about FUJI laughing at customers who were trapped with their X-10 model "ORBS"
Camera manufacturers stopped being COMPETITIVE about 10 years ago.
All they offer & sell now is NOVELTY and LIMITED over priced progress.
PHOTOGRAPHY is a religion.
Camera manufacturers are the sects.

uhm. okay.

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JL Auch: Would love a "Ricoh GR Pro" kit.

Slightly larger interchangeable camera, with built in EVF (or even better OVF with electric overlay), small compact flash, and 28, 35, 50mm. Premium build (weather sealed).

I would settle for a GR III: More megapixels, much improved auto focus, built in EVF (again would actually prefer OVF with electronic brightlines), 28mm and 35mm versions, Auto Iso in manual (with cap ability to cap ISO in manual and TAV.) Flip screen (not fully articulated).

I would buy 3 instantly.

which we don't want. we want what the GR is. Retractable lens which is offers a superb 28mm FOV.
Hell, we don't even want more than f2.8!
there are honestly people out there who propose to bring a faster lens to the GR like 1.8 or 1.4.
Thats the point where I love the manufacturers to not try to cramp big numbers in the camera but instead be reasonable (and payable)

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you think the ricoh is sharp compared to the others?

instead of the leica, add the DP1 Merrill!
and then, add the Canon 5D mkII or whatever for comparison (they used a 85mm lens on that, to be fair...)

anyway, DP1 wins, hands down... But i would still buy a GR instead of a Coolpix A, X70 or evenb DP1.

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darvil77: GR cameras (I or II model) are still the best and most convenient choice for those interested in a 28mm fixed lens compact.

Leica Q wins on full-frame, more megapixels, stabilization and viewfinder, but loses (slightly) for optical quality an (hugely) for its price, since it's almost 8 times more expensive than the Ricoh. And it's also bigger and heavier.

The new Fuji x70 doesn't look like a very promising candidate, since it will sport - if I'm right in understanding - the same 16mp sensor of the X100t (which has already lost many tests against the GR) and the lens quality will be hardly as good as Ricoh's. It also lacks the hybrid viewfinder, which has so far been the major selling point (besides the external look...) of the Fuji X series.

uh am what? my x100t produces nice images. until now, I didn't realize i have to tolerate "silly X-Nonsense"

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rsf3127: Nice camera. But you can get cameras with EVF, better video specs, more megapixels and an AA filter for less money.
Sony A6000 comes to my mind. It suffices to put it side by side in the comparison tool to see that it delivers better IQ.

i would favour the GR for its compactness and the interface. the 6000 ist for me to much of a computer.
in terms of stellar 28mm eqv. lens - or lets say around 18mm - I give you the Sigma DP1.

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kadardr: My everyday carry cameras are the either Nikon Coolpix A or Nikon 1 V2. I am more into color, that is why it is not a GR. And actually the two together was costing me as much as one GR. (refurbished and/or demo model). The success of the APS-C GR is very much coming from its tradition, and its wellknown use by Japanese masters. But for me the future replacement of my everyday carry is more an X70 than anything else. Very promising features, unobtrusive style and coming with the IQ of the XT1.

let me say I agree with your choice and am very intersted in the x70. I own a x100t and love the sensor. I also have a nikon V1 as carry around.

now: the coolpix was initially more expensive than the ricoh on release as well as the V2, which was introduced with an abominable price tag (and no body-only option).

since the ricoh is now available used for 350-450 in my region, I would favour the GR above the V2 and Coolpix A for its handling. In comparison to the original prices of the Nikons, even the GRII seems reasonable!

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coody: Since Fujifilm X-Pro1 is not good, the Pro2 will not be good very much. Fuji X-T1 and E1/2 are good but they are a little old, especially E1/2.

not good? in what way? no central viewfinder?

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Ruy Penalva: Horrendous! Maybe Fred Flintstones buy one.

i feel the same with my DP3M.

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Al Valentino: Wonder why fuji eliminated the Panorama features from this camera? It can be very useful and exists on all other models :(

you are kidding, right?
people who buy this most likely will do their panoramas with a nodalpoint adapter
what I want to say: no in camera software for that! computers will stitch the panorama

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Peiasdf: OMG, DPReview still have that old studio scene. I thought it was consumed by a great London Fire when DP moved to Seattle. I love that setup as every camera I have got for the past 13 years was tested on that and similar studio scene. I always check the watch face, Africa on the globe, battery, coin on Martini bottle and tree on Bailey's bottle to see improvement in new camera. I always think one of these day I can read the small fonts on the coins that's still fuzzy lines even to 800E.

gee, how often did i had to read this?

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