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  • Ok, this has all been great info. The QR plates are not identical but they have the same width and are, somewhat, interchangeable. They fit within the clamp and the safety pin but don't inspire a ...
  • You said you were not unhappy with the image. That's a good place to start. What elements do you like or dislike? What/how can you enhance/minimize those elements? Without thinking what to change ...
  • The plates do not fit each other's clamp. I'll check more and report back. I may look into swapping one of the ballheads for compatibility. The tripods themselves have been great and I would have ...
  • Replied in GX85 vs EM5.2
    I have the GX85. It's a great, small camera. I've not had any complaints against the viewfinder. The two-kit lens deal can't be beat. I had the EM5.2  but sold it when I bought the EM1.2.  The ...
  • One is Vanguard BH-50 ballhead. The other ballhead is Sirui C10S. I like the features on both tripods. For a travel tripod, nothing comes close to the Sirui.
  • And if you have heavy lens you should support everything by the lens' tripod mount. The EM5.3 seems like a fine camera. I would happily recommend it.  I would not recommend suspending the camera by ...
  • It's too bad that stupid people are allowed to roam free.
  • If it wasn't for social media millennials would have to whine in person! (I can't recall who said it first.)
  • You should buy two. After all, if you're asking for financial advice from internet strangers ...
  • I hit Post prematurely and you replied (quickly) so I couldn't edit. Thank you. Here's my complaint: I have two tripod-ballheads by different manufacturers. Both say they are Arca compatible. But ...
  • Created discussion thread What is Arca Swiss?
  • The micro43 forum has a lot of reports about the 100-400. I gave up on getting a good copy. Fortunately, Olympus has a 100-400 coming out in a few weeks so we'll have more options.
  • Replied in Why?
    Why are images being randomly posted in Open Talk? How do they help others improve their photography?
  • This is a good reason why drones should not be allowed to fly over public lands.
  • Ha! Thank you for quoting my post because now it can't be edited. But I'm sure the DPR crowd can figure out what I meant. Alternatively, you could have PM'd me so I could correct the error.
  • Like others here, I do not use nor recommend non-OEM (third party) batteries. Their reliability and consistency is too erratic. A bad battery won't just ruin an image. It can destroy your camera ...
  • Someone gets suddenly rich and then they turn to drugs.
  • DPR posts influence buying (and other) decisions. On a daily basis people ask for advice on gear. There you go. I'm not talking solely about user reviews. I'm talking about all user content. Just ...
  • get a new EM1.2 for $900 (current Olympus deal).
  • Replied in Why upgrade?
    Why did you sell it? I upgraded from the EM10 to the 5.2 to the EM1.2 over the course of a few years, as I slowly figured out what I wanted to concentrate on. I've been happy with all, but the ...
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