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    Sadly (or gladly!), via Google , 20058B seems to be nothing more than a refurbished 200-500 / 20058.
  • The room was full of pregnant women and their partners.  The Lamaze class was in full swing.  The instructor was teaching the women how to breathe properly, and informing the men how to give the ...
  • Nothing more than that really needs to be said.
  • (1) Sometimes the lens design is soft (weak) and results are poor. (not many top-brand lenses in this category any longer and by top brand, I don't mean just OEM)
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    Sure, and "Reading this article and seeing the images produced what's not to like ?" comes across as troll-ish. Umm, read further. About 'good enough' IQ, that's personal. Small sensors perform ...
  • Hi Sarah.  You have posted some nice images.  You should be confident you can produce some lovely prints -- or a lovely print -- for the auction.  Your budget will influence how many prints, what ...
  • Replied in One correction
    It was an interview with Sony, not Sigma. Other than that, while I appreciate the notion of raising awareness wrt other products/ product development, yes, it seems some simply wish to reinforce ...
  • David, why the infatuation with mirrorless threads in the Nikon FX forum the last few weeks? While I don't read every post, you seem eager to put mirrorless on one imaginary pedestal and knock ...
  • Hi Jeff. If a special tool were required for AF-FT, surely Nikon would sell it as an accessory. It's nice that a cottage industry has arisen to help shooters AFFT their gear but there seems to be ...
  • Yes and yes. (1) D800 : 2-10 images (page 195 in the manual) (2) D610 : 2 or 3 images  (page 160 in the manual)
  • Hard to say "regularly as needed" or "only as a last resort" but sometimes it's the only way to get a shot so you gotta do what you gotta do!  I chose 'regularly as needed' but I can go for long ...
  • Replied in P900 autofocus
    If you have returned the camera, it's not possible to test to determine if there was an issue. In the manual, there are these two sections that may hold some relevance: AF Area Mode and Autofocus ...
  • Replied in Cute!
    Very sweet, Augustin.  I took a look at the earlier thread, too, and enjoyed both.  As always, nice use of the camera's versatility!  Regards!
  • Replied in Okay but...
    You are making this more difficult to diagnose than necessary. Shooting with contra light and not providing EXIF -- among other things -- doesn't help diagnose the issue. One of the easiest ways to ...
  • Replied in Update
    The VR is tremendous. The 16MP P900 is capable of resolving -- add qualifying statements here -- slightly more than my D7200/200-500+TC14EIII=1050mm eFOV but I can carry it in one hand... with ...
  • Replied in Update
    Good lens choice.  Pass on the FZ200.  I sent you 2 pms to explain.  Out.
  • As Mako says, you can find links to the mods in the header of each forum; just click on the link and go from there. Before you pm a mod in any forum, check to see if they're still active. If you ...
  • Especially in this forum. TAP should mean one thing only: Tamron TAP-in Console. The first time I saw TAP in reference to you-know-who, I though what the h&ll is that all about? I still cringe when ...
  • Replied in need more info
    Without exif info, it's hard to tell. Could be a dirty sensor, dust in the air, flare, or ghosts.
  • Replied in Great!
    Glad to hear!  Keep in mind, it's not perfect (same as every piece of equipment) so don't forget to have your crying towel handy when OpticsEngineer returns!  LOL   Regards.
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