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  • Created discussion thread One final Goodbye.
    In light of the recent news, I just wanted to say, THANK YOU, to each and everyone of my friends here.   I have spent many hours of my life on this website, talking and conversing with many of ...
  • Replied in Goodbye DPR!
    And the WEIRD thing I noticed, was that we have at least 4 NEW members here in this forum today.   Talk about weird.
  • Replied in WHY?
    If Amazon does not need Dpreview anymore, so be it.   Is Amazon simply going to close the domain?  Why would they do that?   Sell it, and maybe some of the Management here can purchase it back for ...
  • Feel free to post the photo that you need help with, and then tell us what you would like to have done to it.   I am sure you will get several members to offer their assistance. And, welcome to ...
  • One of the first things I learned many years ago from a book by Katrin Eismann was to take each photo separately and look at it.  Find the things I wanted to change, or what the client wanted ...
  • Not saying this is the best way, but it is how I export my photos from my iPhone. What I do is create a folder on my Computer, (Macbook Pro Laptop) and simply import the photos from my iPhone to ...
  • You are welcome also.  :)
  • Very welcome.  Glad to help.
  • HOW TO CREATE “SHINE” OR LIGHT IN PHOTOSHOP This technique is used to add a shine to jewelry, or adding light to a window, or even a light fixture to give the affect of adding light, (or shine). 1. ...
  • https://phojoe.com/age_progression/
  • Replied in CA
    I am not Jack Reacher either, nor do I star in Movies, (even though I do like his movies). I have just stolen his character to appear on this wonderful website. He hasn't sued me yet, or sent me a ...
  • Replied in Photostick
    I have all of my photos cataloged in Folders, and usually by YEAR and then event.  Many of them I also have "Tagged" so that I can easily search for specific photos if I am in a hurry. They are ...
  • Replied in It's Personal-
    I corrected the last sentence in my original comment.  :)   Since I have NO reason to dispute your comment at all, it is best just to correct mine.   LOL
  • Replied in It's Personal-
  • Replied in It's Personal-
    I consider the bottom photo as "Art" as defined, because it was most likely legally painted on the building.  The other two are "graffiti" as defined, because I can almost guarantee you they were ...
  • Of course you are correct, I was just speaking from a Photography level of expertise. Enthusiast, Amateur, Intermediate, or Professional.   Clearly there are different levels in each category also, ...
  • Art is subjective, but I would not consider this art.   Just my personal opinion though.
  • Talking about Photography makes you a Photographic Enthusiast. Taking photographs, makes you a Photographer. Using your Photographic equipment to the fullest and best extent of it's capabilities, ...
  • I went to a Mac years back, and have never looked back.   I have a MacBook Pro 16" monitor, that is my one and only computer.   I live on it.    :)
  • Replied in Photostick
    I back up all my Photo's on TWO external Hard Drives.  Both 1TB hard drives.   I do this because I never want to lose my photos.   I do not use a Photo Stick. If you do not have your photos in ...
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