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On article Canon USA drops prices on 31 high-end L lenses (56 comments in total)

Kind of curious why they don't build a 2.8x extender. Not that the quality is amazing but folks are constantly trying to experiment with various parts to combine 2x and 1.4x. Seems just logical to see a 2.8x in the lineup.

Anyway very interesting on the above list what prices fell a lot and what fell by far less. No shocking news to anyone here I'm sure.

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On article Opinion: Bring on the 70-200mm equivalents (347 comments in total)

I spent hours just yesterday researching this very lens topic. It's amazing how entirely I agree with this article.

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On article Opinion: Bring on the 70-200mm equivalents (347 comments in total)

In response to "why" the Sigma 50-150 became heavy, you need to look at the optical and build quality. They believed, and probably correctly for any lens in excess of 1K USD, that the buyers of such a lens would expect some level of optical and build excellence. So they went for that along with a superb Image Stabilization system. Honestly the weight is liveable. The size being smaller is fantastic. If the rumour mill holds true and they come out with a current generation of that lens I'll put my money on the table and buy one.

I find it very funny that people look at a heavy lens that replaces a lighter one and say "why so heavy?" and then when a later lighter one comes out where the optical quality degrades they say "why did you make it worse than the older one?"
Performance Optical and IS
Compatible with 1.4 adapters for slightly more reach while still excellent F4
Durable build (because you won't want to buy multiples of this lens)
Some sealing vs light weather and dust

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