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Perfect image :-)

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Panasonic and Olympus are a mirrorless strong rivals, nikon and canon can still produce DSLRs, nothing else.

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MrTaikitso: I echo this. And whilst this may sound like heresy, in March 2012, I walked around Chicago with a Samsung Galaxy Note 1, using it for everything, from a city guide to a camera. (I was between owning a Panasonic GH2 and Sony NEX 5R that I have today, so had no real camera at the time.) Anyway, whilst I don't have time to upload any pics now, the images produced by the Note were outstanding for a phone. When I browse through my photos (from all cameras), without pixel peeping, I cannot even tell which camera took what. Of course, handling, optical zoom etc are vital to take photography seriously, but the quality of sensors & lenses even in phones is now pretty good, never mind this amazing Fuji.

Re compact pro quality cameras, I think that Sony should have something interesting to say in September of this year regarding the FF NEX. Something tells me it will be the first camera to potentially drag pro photogs away from Nikon/Canon, unless the latter fight back. Battlestations!

Hello, I agree with you, I was always DSLR enthusiast but now I am using new FZ200 model and the quality of images provided by fast and accurate zoom with light 2.8 is incredibly high.
So I must say that FZ200 will be me second camera but the first will be rather GH3 instead of heavy and big DSLR models.
Such a way :D

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Reggie Garg: Wonder why Panasonic does not mount the Leica 2.8 on such a camera! If it fits into a $500 FZ 200, cost wise, it would make a great package at < $1000 with a 4/3" or another>1" sensor. That should cure the IQ gripe once and for all.

I think this would be too easy for us - customers.
They spent too much money for producing so many lens and having just one lens with light 2.8 and range from 25 to 600 is not a good option for having a daily business with consumer world...

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well, I am coming from Eastern Europe and nobody tell me that we have such a way of work like in Asia :D

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it is a perfect image, feel the balance made bu the fisherman...

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what for? I am sorry but I do not understand that so popular idea of making everything on 3D printers, I hope this will be absolutely not possible to make a human being using 3D printer... Once again sorry for my criticism but I will never not understand those ideas... just to make sth for nothing.

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Imagine what happened one second later...

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Great picture :D

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Just one word:

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If you want to spend really exciting holidays, go to Ireland... I am still missing so many interesting places full of incredible island plants :D
The pictures are great however maybe little fixed to be better than natural colors ;-D
Anyway - Ireland is a fantastic place!

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great idea, great final effect - She has a magic skin :-)

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I really like that, it's just a natural photo and that's it.

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Lea5: I don't understand those photographers who love to shoot dramas and want to get famous with it. I had intervened, trying to cool down the guy. Doing nothing and shooting the whole drama and releasing the images would make me a a..hole! That's my opinion.

I agree.

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Interesting :D

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The only comment is: we are all living in the very interesting days... every single day may bring something much better and more amazing than brought yesterday :D

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really great image...

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