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Nikon v Canon... for all but the rare few, if your cam body is getting a little long in the tooth I suspect getting the latest DSLR body which your lens collection will be compatible with is likely not going to get in the way of the quality of your output. The brand zealots should be grateful the competition in DSLRs exists and remains strong.

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DanCart: I really dont get it, why is it that Apple refuse to add an SD card slot to their device ? Its a joke in this day and age that you have to start fiddling with plug in accesories to transfer photos, come on Apple show some common sense !

Own 2 DSLRs but don't own an SD card. There are so many Apple devices out in the marketplace with that proprietary connection Apple uses and third-party adapters galore abound. If you want to use it for uploading, how big a deal is that really? Regardless of Apple's motivations, if you want to use that SD for additional on-board device memory, the card would ideally need to be fully embedded into the iPad which is too much internal real estate most likely anyway. If there wasn't a zillion or so of those Apple sockets out there, this proprietary connection would frustrate me too but that is not the case. I have gone full circle... started with an Apple II, switched PC to not be locked-in, still using Win7 64 bit desktop but now find myself returning to Apple (phone, pad thus far) because I am tired of some of the issues around an "open" computer ecosystem. I see it as a pick your poison proposition, I'll live with the shortcomings over the freeforall going on in the name of "open".

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