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Sergey Borachev: The main problem is a conundrum for those who also need a smartphone and also like to shoot photos. Do you get this camera and sacrifice on the features of a smartphone, like application, ussability, etc? or do you get a good smartphone like iPhone or Android phone and sacrifice on the camera features?

Or, I suppose, also this. Get both a good smartphone and something like a RX100, XZ-1/2 at a lot more cost in terms of weight and money but get all the best?

I think I will wait for an Android version of this camera, from someone else, since Nokia will only be using Microsoft os, if not Symbian. Story of its failure.

@Sergey Borachev

Have you effer tested the 808?
I came from an Samsung Galaxy SII and sold it for the 808.
The 808 is a full smartphone!!!

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