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'Chocolate box' Swiss villages will no longer appear on chocolate boxes it would appear.

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It's amazing how viewable such low MP pictures still are - yes I wouldn't want to go back but sometimes I feel we are a bit 'greedy' in our demands of our cameras 17 years on.

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If you're running Windows 10 and use Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Opera DON'T bother you can't download the apps from Playmemories even if you are prepared to pay because the download software just goes through a constant loop of installing then telling you its not installed on your PC. Common problem on the Sony Network Community Forum apparently.

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tedwill48167: Initially, this technology was created for Alzheimer's patients in the UK.

The research showed that these patients would forget significant amounts of their lives even in a few short days. With the cameras, they remembered as much as 85% when presented with photos of their day.

This technology has amazing potential for people who suffer from memory loss.

As my dad has Alzheimer's I can say that in the very early stages it might be helpful but at the stage he is now he lacks comprehension to switch his TV on (he used to an aerospace engineer who worked on building Concord and Airbus) or to follow a newspaper - so a very small window of opportunity sadly, what I do for him is convert all his old slides to digital so I can show him things from 40 or 50 years ago in my youth and those he often does remember.

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Sebastian Firtman: Mmm, You need look : :)

Too bbbbbb expensive, at £100 or $148 I might just buy one on a whim but at $279 your having a laugh.

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I agree with Maltytasker, come on all you sad people get over yourselves and enjoy a light hearted photo, maybe that's his style - nought wrong with being an individual.

They certainly made me smile and as someone who suffers from severe depression thats enough for me!

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madeinlisboa: OMG. CC is already out, not by subscription, if you know what I mean. They are sinking faster than I thought.

Of course it won't stop piracy cause the guys who crack code also write half the code. A frustrated pirate will not add a $1 to a revenue line because you make life more difficult for them.

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(unknown member): Due to Adobe's recent announcement, I searched for alternatives, this is my new workflow, mostly to spite Adobe:

Thumbs Plus by Cerious Software (long time user)
SageLight Photo Editor (never heard of it until a month ago)
Tiffen DFX (longtime user)
Perfect B&W by OnOnesoftware (new user)
Perfect effect by OnOneSoftware (new user)
GIMP (the PhotoShop version, just began testing it)

I downloaded and tried Corel's PSP Pro X5, used it a long time ago when it was owned by JASC. The new version seemed slow and unstable on my quad-core desktop, but I suspect they will be motivated to make improvements.

I tried to buy a code for Sagelight and ended up $39.95 out of pocket cause I never got an unlock code- don't touch it with a bargepole!

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On article Adobe releases subscription-only Photoshop CC (397 comments in total)
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Andrew Symonds: The main reason for adobe to release the PS CC from my perspective is to stop piracy, as it is an essential amendment for their economic survival. Although the cloud-storage feature is pretty impressive, it will help only those Creative Media minds that are always on-the-go.

Stopping piracy does not increase sales by 1$ because casual user "pirates" would never buy the software before and wont now.

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Stu 5: Stunning... really? The lens is a heap of junk. Look at the edges of the cityscape photos compared to the centre. Even at very small sizes it is very noticeable. A decent sensor mounted behind a dreadful lens. The lens might say Zeiss but there are phones out there from other brands with better optics. Really not going to be able to make the best of this sensor until Nokia improve lens quality.

Stu if you want a Zeiss lens of real quality you'll probably need 2 arms to hold the phone to your ear. Personally for non-independent sample I think these are pretty good and being able to keep a battery holder/adapter in my pocket as well makes this a good proposition.

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Linking this into the debate on Adobe CC proposals and pricing - this is what should frighten Adobe and other "giants" - open source whether for camera control or image manipulation is excellent software - and whats more people work on it for love and enthusiasm and that is always a better task master than purely for moola.

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PhotoHawk: I am against buying CS as a service (in the cloud). It is very much in Adobe's interest to have me work with CS in a subscription model and very much not in my interest. Adobe can artificially create a "burning bush" by making new features available only in the cloud but frankly all they will do is alienate me and I'll find an alternate such as Capture One for example that recognizes that not everyone wants a software as a service model.
Frankly I think Adobe is a getting a bit too pushy and is putting long term alienation of its user base at the altar of short term profits.
But then most of us have been saying that for years.

As someone said earlier upgrade lightroom for the RAW manipulation and then put it back in your existing version of PS.

Although i dare say adobe will close that loophole if they see revenue slide!

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jerrith: Well, actually there's only one group of users to blame and that's all those that copy the software and don't pay license fees at all. Those are the one's that make companies like Adobe look for ways how to make sure there are only legal versions available and thus turn to something like the cloud where you can't use your illegal copy of the software anymore.
It's a sad fact, but it's us legal users who willingly pay for a great piece of software engineering that take the fall for all the thieves out there. For every legal version in use there are multiple illegal versions downloaded. If nobody used illegal software, companies would be able to drop their price easily as they could sell more copies. But hey, downloading software isn't stealing, right? YES IT IS!!

99.99% of illicit use will never move on to a revenue stream for adobe because either a) they can't afford it, b) they are not looking for commercial use or c) other alternatives can do most of photoshops things they need.

Maybe it would be better for adobe to extend student licencing into a "non-commercial" licencing offer to attract new paying users?

But seeing as they are "pricing" solely for fat profits I can't see them changing until revenue stagnation or even decline is evident to them.

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When you have 11 or 6 employees - the luxury of a "Director of Communications" is one you can do without lol

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