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Vaughn T.Winfree

Lives in United States Jacksonville, FL, United States
Works as a RT(R)(CT)(MR), CT / MRI Tech and Photographer
Joined on Aug 4, 2002
About me:

With the current technology available regarding digital, a photographer is only limited by his or her imagination.

Current equipment used: SOLD ALL OF MY DSLR EQUIPMENT...
SONY NEX-7 has become my main camera and has replaced DSLR technology. Zooms are OK, but I love shooting primes.
Having more fun with my NEX-7 and P&S cameras than I ever did with the big DSLR's and huge L-Glass...I am back to doing what I love. Going out on WALK-A-BOUTS in different locations looking for anything that would tell a story one moment in time.
I prefer shooting landscapes anything near water. I enjoy taking pictures of people in real life open settings.

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Fort Clinch lower tunnel. Hand held 1/20 sec. No crop. Using the electronic level and rule of third grid is all I need to get a perfectly lined up shot.

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bobbarber: No OVF and no EVF = forget about it

There may be some IQ improvements, but who cares? These cameras are so much overkill for what most of us do. You can make great 8x10 prints with a 1/2.7 sensor under the vast majority of conditions. I made greawt 8x10 prints with a Kodak 2 Mp point and shoot. That's not even talking about the great compacts with 1/1.7 sensors, or all of the cheap second-hand m43 on the market.

So the argument gets down to usability. In the film days, IQ was identical between the most expensive and least expensive DSLRs, but you paid for viewfinders, f.p.s., etc. We're at that point now with digital. I don't need an extra stop of low light that makes absolutely no difference to the prints I make. I need a camera that I can use. A camera that is responsive, easy to frame pictures in bright sunlight, etc.

Frankly, this camera seems awesome, but limited to the screen, I'll pass.

They still dont get it...... It still needs a built in high resolution EVF...

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I enjoyed reading this and I certainly agree and appreciate bad weather days. Clear blue skies are boring. Everyone shoots those kinds of shots. Light rain and foggy days add a new dynamic to the image..Overcast days that seemed washed out to the eye can turn out to be some breath taking images when post processed. I prefer bad weather on certain coastlines as well. Easier to get a balance of highlights and shadows when overcast....

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Great article.. I was a Canon DSLR owner, 10D, 20D, 5DMII with L-Glass. My biggest complaint was the size and weight if the DSLR to be able to have high quality images.. The NEX 7 changed that for me. The NEX-7 with a 24.3 MP APS-C sensor and high resolution EVF was perfect for my shooting needs. The size is right for hiking and long walks in rough terrain. Now that the NEX brand is being changed, I look forward to seeing what SONY does next with a NEX-7 successor. I don't care what they call it just as long as it has a high resolution APS-C style sensor. To me it's the perfect balance of getting the most bang for the buck... To enjoy FF to it's fullest, the lenses will be expensive and larger than the APS-C system. Therefore, I hope to see a NEX-7 successor real soon.

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I miss the birds and what they were capable of doing.. They built the ISS and NASA was a great place to work for when I was there. I sat in that very comanders seat before at Launch Pad 39A in the vertical position of course. It was a great era and I was sad to see it go... I feel like we have fallen behind on space exploration and what we could be accomplishing now. I can only hope that private companies can get things going in the right direction in a much faster pace... Space X is doing a fantastic job thus far. I am glad I was a part of it....

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