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Ex film (mainly OM1n) shooter. As well as amature photography I did many years ago do product photography, including macro, as part of my work.


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On article OM System OM-1 review (1801 comments in total)

I object that they have used the model designation that was originally used on my much liked OM 1n. I still have it and used it extensively in Asia where I lived in the 80’s.

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On article OM System OM-1 review (1801 comments in total)

Bit annoying that this marketing company has taken the model designation of my first SLR to denote a camera range. My OM 1n, that I still have, did good service when I was traveling extensively in the 80’s while based in Singapore.

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With my Element Big Traveller Manfrotton made an effort to comply with current trends by having an ARCA head plate. But the plate screw heads protruded by about 2mm so you cannot slide camera on like my other equipment – has to be fully open to drop it in vertically. While Manfrotto’s response was disappointing my solution, not available to most, was to get a friend with a lathe to machine down screw heads so they were flush. Also I can only fit it into supplied bag if you reverse the ball head which is very tedious. Suppose it was to get the headline overall length down.

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So the T3 gets “dramatic autofocus improvements” whereas my, same year of release, H1 gets “Fix of a minor bug during shooting”. I had thought that the initial X series major functional improvements to compensate (mask?) for the original very poor new product introduction (e.g. my original X100) had finished but obviously wrong. But then again I suspect the H1 is treated now by Fuji product management as an unwanted child…

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Nice camera but my remote never worked

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Surely your strap line is wrong “Cinema5D is black with part two of its documentary..” I.e back not black? Sloppy journalism.

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While being a dedicated Fuji shooter since I acquired the original X100 on its initial release (adding XPro 2 later) I have some liking for Ricoh – thought the controls on my ten years + ago GX100 to be well thought out at the time. I maybe old school but a supposedly professional reviewer of cameras who is proud of not using a physical shutter speed dial somewhat reduces the value / veracity of the review. No I am not stuck to totally manual all the time – I often use the 100F with ISO on front command dial and program shift on rear dial.
Putting this aside find the GR to be a very compromised camera – no EVF not even a clip on like GX100, no flash, very limited battery life.

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So what about focus stacking fo my Pro2 as a finale update!

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Drone users should expect a very harsh response from the highly organised aviation industry let alone the government both pushing for draconian new rules. The UK totally banned hand guns very quickly after Dunblane despite a long established owner base.

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By temporary they mean until the issue has been fully investigated and resolved. DJI does not state "The company suggests users follow the guidance of the CAA ‘out of an abundance of caution’ as the notice is not guidance but UK law. If you read the press release DJI are in fact advising customer to consider delaying non essential operations... out of an abundance of caution.

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At the end of the day it is all a matter of taste but I just don’t like the winner’s van Oosten’s two monkeys – almost like a painting. The others are mostly very very nice – sigh.

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Yes manufacturers generally vigorously defend their market even if dangerous to people – the tobacco industry denied the link to cancer for many years. DJI though appears to take it to another level using the same strident and dictatorial language that the Chinese government……… No I would not want to see any draconian bans on drone use.

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MannyZero: Best film, was the Eastman Movie Film that DALE LABORATORIES (Hollywood, Fl) offered that yield prints, negatives & slides from the same film. It was a marvelous compromise. NO, I do not want to go back to shoot with film that has to be sent to be processed to a lab. First of all nobody will like to deal with the waiting period to see the proofs that now we see instantly after the take.

My film days while fun was not so rose tinted – living in Singapore in the 80’s we had to endure the quick processing labs for tourists - they used to put print machine on max crop to avoid accusations of having blank edges – had to keep all subjects central!

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I have read better explanations esp with the term being wrongly assigned by the industry to digital cameras in the early days.

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macker: Thank you Fuji for all the firmware updates.
My one disappointment! Front/Rear Command Dial and setting the full ISO range will not apply to the X-Pro 2 Why? Surly it can’t be that difficult to include above In the May updates.
Please, Please include from a devoted/dedicated Fuji User.

Mackey I 100% agree - setting of ISO by command dial for my new X Pro 2 is top of my list and can't understand why it was not included. Like you I am a dedicated Fuji user - I still have my very early and dispite initial issues much liked X100

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stevo23: They mentioned that the ISO can be passed to the front dial. I would love to do that on my X-Pro2...maybe they can make that happen?

Yes having just transitioned from a very early X100 to Pro 2 find the combined mechanical ISO dial a pain even though I very much like the general Fuji "thing" of being manual. I sent Fuji a polite email requesting a change so ISO can be changed electronically and had a fairly polite reply - more people request this the better

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