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odpisan: Sorry, but in galery I do not see one single photo as evidence of very reliable & fast AF. Souch photos I can make with my old Sigma 70-300.

This lens trounces that old Sigma in so many ways...

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Very nice set of images.

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I have several Pentax bodies, but find myself grabbing the K-70 and a couple of select lenses in a small Lowepro bag most every day to have with me for shooting opportunities. Also, astro and low light are a definite win. It's a great camera and produces excellent images, plus it's just fun to use.

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Benoz: Just ordered my K-70. It's going to be my 'perfect' tool for my macro shooting with tilting screen, focus peaking, nice colors and more magnification than my K-50 (which is going to my daughter).
I very much like these images and considering they are all SOOC and taking into account the so many easy to use adjustment the camera has for personal taste I think they are great!

Love mine, and yes it's a macro monster!

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keeponkeepingon: Wow.

THis would be the perfect lens for my K01.

The 40mm kit is great but wow would be more flexible while still not being huge like the kit *ist DL lens I've been using when the 40mm won't cut the mustard.

Thanks Pentax!

(Now get working on that K-02 upgrade!)

My K-S2 has replaced the spot in my camera collection that my K-01 bodies used to fill, and I ain't looking back! This kit zoom is really grand, as well.

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I have a Tamron 17-50 2.8 which I've been very happy with for years. But... I'm buying this lens to largely replace the Tammy as a general walk-around lens. The WR, extra range, and especially all the super images I've seen from it supersede the slow part for me. Also it's pretty sharp wide open, from all accounts. Can't wait!

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