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Boomanbb: Speaking only for myself, I love the new app. I can now upload smart previews to the cloud from my laptop and desktop and later I can access them from my iPad. While I realize some don't want to ever pay a subscription model for anything, I accept that I already own several items that are subscription model (alarm system, cell phones, my house, etc) and they all cost far more that 10 dollars a month.
For those who have no problem with this, its a great deal.


they do say limited time offer - suggesting a price increase - also if we knew what the increase is, it may be ok for some of us. There is a potential for increase up to $19.95 - their one App price is that much. Once you have used for a year, they are betting switching will be painful enough that you will accept the new price.

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wonder how much they would charge for the uglification of the Fuji X-E1

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On article Fujifilm Canada offers sneak peek at X100 firmware (47 comments in total)

more today from Fujiguys

#11 Corrected AF Frame option now available in setup. Displays additional AF frame to reduce parallax for close up shots via OVF #Fuji #X100

#12 focus zoom using command level now possible in the post-view mode when "Image Disp" set to continuous (LCD/EVF) #Fuji #X100

#13 When image ratio is set to 16:9, correct 16:9 frame lines will now appear in OVF #Fuji #X100

#14 IQ improved in Velvia/Astia mode (shadow tone) when DR is set to 200%/400% #Fuji #X100

and then the following tweet

"Slapped... Ouch..... :-( et tu brute? radio silence............"

:) no more updates i guess

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great shot - something about this tree gives me the feeling of connectedness in an avatar (the movie) like way

well done!

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