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On article Nikon D500 versus D750: Which one is right for you? (324 comments in total)
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DavidNJ100: For the D500, the best choice is Sigma lenses. They may not quite match the best full frame Nikon lenses, and they weigh nearly the same, but they are less expensive and Nikon doesn't really have top-tier APS-C lenses.

For the D750 there options. The Nikon options are pricey. However Tamron has a great range of zooms for a moderate price and Sigma a great range of full-frame primes.

One note, you can blow up or shoot in DX mode on a D750 or D810. On the D810 that virtually eliminates the crop sensor reach advantage.

You won't get the same buffer for sports/wildlife though on a D810 shooting at 36MP. As long as you can live with that. I find my D800 quite ok for sports photography, but then again I don't shoot long bursts, so it depends on how you shoot.

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On article Nikon D500 versus D750: Which one is right for you? (324 comments in total)
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MHT: I've been trying to decide between the D750 and D500 for months. I shoot primarily landscapes but also everything else at times and I can only justify one (expensive) body.
I've been leaning towards the D750 but didn't anyone else find this a bit disturbing:
"...the D500 provides an electronic first curtain shutter option, which allows landscape photographers to ensure vibration-free images – something that can be a challenge with the D750."
Is the "challenge" met by the firmware update, turning off VR when tripod mounted, locking up the mirror, or something else?? The last two are my common operating practice but a statement like that certainly deserves more of an explanation! I get why the D500 may have an advantage but wouldn't this "issue" affect portraits and pretty much anything other than moving targets? If I buy the D750, how do I go about meeting this "challenge" I wonder?

As deliverator posted above, with my D800 I always use mirror lockup and a tripod when taking landscapes, and then vibration can be totally managed.

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On article Nikon D500 versus D750: Which one is right for you? (324 comments in total)
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Pat Cullinan Jr: I wish Nikon, and Canon too, for that matter, would offer a full-frame mirrorless camera, because I never really loved noisy cameras or bulky bodies. I could also go for lenses offering good old automatic diaphragms but lacking auto-focus, if of course a suitable reduction in price were to be had. Giving up auto-focus isn't so awful, provided you don't have to stop down manually, ugh.

I agree, I definitely think a mirrorless FX body would complement my kit nicely and save me some considerable back pain / achy joints into the bargain!

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On article Nikon D500 versus D750: Which one is right for you? (324 comments in total)
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GarysInSoCal: Nikon shooter for almost 30 years... I own both... shooting with the D750 for over a year... with the D500 for alittle over a month. Both focus amazingly well in very low light... with a very slight nod going to the D500, In low light portraiture, studio work and stronger pixel depth... the D750 gets my vote. In sports and wildlife... with it's cropped sensor magnification and great dynamic range... the D500 gets the checkered flag. It all boils down to who, what and where you're shooting... and what your priorities are. And DO NOT buy cheap, crappy lenses for either one of these cameras. The strong resolution of both these sensors DEMAND quality optics.

The cheap crappy lenses remark, I would be a little cautious on. I own a D800 which has an even more high res sensor, and one of my cheaper lenses actually performs surprisingly well with it - that's my 70-300, and I think you can find some quotes from other reviewers stating similar. What I'm trying to say is sometimes Cheap does not mean crappy.

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Flashback: If we could just get some water there, coupled with a few packets of seeds, we'd have it up and running.

Maybe send a fleet of water tankers now, so as to ready the planet for future generations.

Those seeds will need to survive night time temperatures of -100c... thats 10c lower than the coldest recorded temperature measure in the Antarctic, and look what grows there (with an oxygenated environment)... On the plus side daytime temps can reach +20c at the equator...

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Paul B Jones: As carrying around an 800mm f/5.6 lens is my main form of exercise, I am not sure that this is good news at all.

just wait for the back pain to start, you'll soon change your mind...

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Julian: This article covers a bit more detail (I posted this yesterday in one of the forums).

If you listen to the podcast in the above link:
1) The lenses work very well at the visible wavelengths
2) The lenses are very thin.

Link | Posted on Jun 8, 2016 at 10:59 UTC

This article covers a bit more detail (I posted this yesterday in one of the forums).

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On article Heavenly bodies: Nikon D810 & D810A field test (111 comments in total)

I really enjoyed this vid, thanks DPreview once again! Keep up with these vids that draw us into new and fascinating areas of photography.

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Personally I'm fine with these charges, as you are paying for qualified judges to spend time and effort reviewing your images.
Plus its not really very expensive if you think it is - then just enter a single image. $10 these days is not a lot of cash.

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jackpro: Wow time to sell up & jump on this drone gig 4k & obstacle avoidance at that price unbelievable😂

The trouble is that regulations vary everywhere, and the drones are becoming so common place, and capable of flying at the same altitudes as commercial aircraft, there is a real danger there.
If its not possible for drones to fly near airports, but the pilots are reporting them less than a wingspan away, then what use are the regulations anyway. The firmware protection sounds like a sensible measure for this device, but not a universal one.

Link | Posted on Mar 2, 2016 at 11:30 UTC
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jackpro: Wow time to sell up & jump on this drone gig 4k & obstacle avoidance at that price unbelievable😂

Last week a pilot reported a drone within a wingspan of his aircraft landing at Heathrow, whilst I'm very pro aerial photography, people should not fly these things anywhere near airports! Its just a matter of time before there is a major incident, and then I fear that the regulations you are seeing today will be dwarfed by what will follow.

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On article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review (2614 comments in total)

This looks like a really interesting body. Good to see some more competition in this area, especially with other manufacturers busily raising their prices...

Link | Posted on Feb 18, 2016 at 07:59 UTC as 522nd comment
On article Nikon releases D500 4K UHD sample video (203 comments in total)
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coody: Not practically useful because of its limited recording time.

The D5 recording time is fixed in the latest firmware upgrade - so its also now 30 minutes.

Link | Posted on Jan 22, 2016 at 07:30 UTC
On article A classic reinvented? Domke Chronicle Review (110 comments in total)

I bought a new lowepro bag where the strap had plastic clips, and the biggest problem with them is the noise they make, really not good if you are trying to shoot in a quiet environment. Fortunately I had saved my old strap from my previous lowepro back - which had solid metal clips, and that is the one I now use with the new bag...

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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D5 (409 comments in total)
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joyclick: weight is no issue to the targetted users.
There will always be a bunch of them who will moan and whine,essentially wishing easy life with no sweat

Ha! Just wait until you get older and the back problems start...
Not that I'm against the D5 at all - from the specs looks an awesome piece of kit, perfect for the professional photojournalist, just too heavy for my back - and I don't have an assistant to carry my stuff around - awaiting someone to build a drone robot that will carry all of my gear for me...

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FM1978: The one mistake Nikon made in going from the D700 to the D750 was to drop the separate AE-lock and AF-on buttons, an important pro-level feature. Yes, you can reprogram the Fn button in the front of the camera to do this, but its not the same thing. I'm not sure why Nikon removed this nearly central feature of its pro cameras. It would have made the D750 ergonomically perfect in demanding shooting situations.

I agree, it makes it harder to focus and recompose, one of the reasons I was happy I went for the D800.

Link | Posted on Dec 9, 2015 at 11:41 UTC

I'm not sure how unique this design is as I bought a similar designed pair of gloves from Amazon not so long ago for £20... They weren't neopreme though - and I think it would be worth paying extra for some extra protection, but with this price I think they are starting at the high end of what people will be prepare to pay.

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On article PIX 2015: Chasing light with Joe McNally (37 comments in total)

Always really enjoy listening to Joe speaking, almost every word is a gem. Thanks for posting DPR!

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On challenge Football or is that Futbol? (1 comment in total)

What about rugby football? ;)

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