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novak977: For anyone with just a bit of elementary education in video recording there is no issue.
This is not pixel peeping - this is way worse - in normal shooting situations, regular panning, and moving, there is no clicking.
Only if you start shaking it - or moving it quite dast teh way you would normally do, you would here the sound.
I have few hours already with it, and never heard a click/
I will fix it, too, but mostly for the resale reasons. And I am sure it will be a proper fix as Sony doesn't need this kind of PR.

This point is completely moot. It's a design flaw and it doesn't require quick or wild movement to produce the "click".

I've you somehow managed to receive a camera that's performing better than the average in terms of "clicking", you should be happy, and you should NOT take advantage of this fix that is intended for those having a problem. You're kinda contradicting yourself, not only in terms of not having the problem but still fixing it but also by defending Sony and then still waste their money.

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